February 12, 2023

Top 20 Cryptocurrency Websites

The cryptocurrency market experiences several changes within a day. Some of the occurrences could cover topics dealing with regulations, price movements, or the launch of a new project. As an investor, it is necessary to keep monitoring the activities taking place in a crypto market. Gaining insights allows individuals to make informed investment choices. As such, users need a convenient website where they can access informative crypto-related content. Today, there are thousands of digital asset websites available for the crypto community. The sites answer any crypto subject that a user may want to grasp. In that regard, the article will highlight a top 20 Cryptocurrency Websites, examples of crypto websites available on the internet.

The top includes:


CoinDesk began its operations in 2013, four years after the launch of Bitcoin in 2009. The platform’s mission plans on delivering crypto data and news on one website. Users also have access to live price movements of various crypto assets. In terms of numbers, CoinDesk has an average of 13M viewers in a month. What’s more, the website consists of more than 50+ journalists who publish articles on the crypto industry.


Cointelegraph is a news media platform that handles matters on crypto news and upcoming fintech trends. The website captures news from the centralized and decentralized financial systems. According to Cointelegraph, users may start adopting decentralization in the coming years. Thus, its editorial team focuses on providing unbiased crypto news as well as insightful research material. Cointelegraph also works on giving crypto-asset reports and their impacts on the global community.


The third crypto-based website is BeInCrypto, which came to light in August 2018. BeInCrypto covers topics dealing with the fintech sector and cryptographic technologies. In most scenarios, users encounter misleading content, which ends up surfacing throughout the internet.

BeInCrypto’s services aim at providing transparency in every article they publish. Furthermore, the platform allows users to report any inaccurate information that it may have covered before. It also supports a press release section that advertises the launch of new crypto projects.


Glassnode allows users to receive on-chain metrics from popular coins such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. The website displays relevant economic information related to the crypto ecosystem. Glassnode acknowledges that collecting blockchain data from multiple sources can be a tedious process.

On top of that, users may also incur high operational costs. Through Glassnode, users can get data on an exchange’s trading volumes and the crypto holdings on addresses. It also exposes individuals to the number of new/existing digital wallets in the crypto network.

That way, users can leverage blockchain insights to examine the current status of the digital asset market.


CoinMarketCap works as a crypto price tracking website launched in 2013 by Brandon Chez. The platform monitors data from 12,000+ digital assets, exchanges, DeFi, and the NFT market. CoinMarketCap’s goal is to make virtual currencies visible by offering quality and factual insights. Asides from tracking crypto data, the website supports a large glossary section. Glossaries enable researchers to access definitions of various terms in the crypto sphere.


CoinGecko extends similar services to what CoinMarketCap offers. The website’s mission is to run as an independent source offering genuine crypto data. It targets displaying digital asset information while maintaining a neutral ground. Moreover, the analytics network participates in gathering on-chain metrics and monitoring various open-source designs.


One of the most insightful and informative websites that thoroughly explores news pertaining to crypto is CryptoAdventure. The website empowers beginners and advanced crypto traders with crypto guides, reviews, and news. Users can research the different types of crypto tools/platforms they can use in their investment activities.

CryptoAdventure divides its articles into various sections, which range from DeFi, exchanges to digital wallets. There is also a crypto news section whereby readers can get the latest stories from the financial market.


Cryptonews operates as a global media resource led by Gediminas Klepackas. At the website, users gain more knowledge on the headlines unfolding in the market. The news segment hosts several articles that deal with Bitcoin, Ethereum, DeFi, and blockchains. There is an additional category that guides traders on the various types of exchanges. Cryptonews also publishes crypto-related videos whereby users can watch and learn new concepts.


CryptoPotato was launched in 2016 by a few crypto enthusiasts. According to the site, users need to build their knowledge with transparent and quality crypto articles. CryptoPotato works on giving insightful material from an investor’s perspective. Crypto guides are other items that the platform offers to its users. Here, the audience can read about Bitcoin and other existing digital assets.


Decrypt made its way into the crypto sphere as a news source in 2018. The website has an overall plan of clarifying how the decentralized network functions. There is a news category that shows real-time market activities in the digital asset economy. On top of that, Decrypt publishes editorial reviews of different crypto products.


LunarCrush applies a unique approach from other virtual asset websites. Here, users leverage data from the global crypto community. The platform has over 200M social posts, with an average of 200,000 posts gathered daily. Lunar’s dashboard monitors the trader’s preferable coins and displays the community’s outlook on the asset. Thus, users receive market and community data from over 2,000 digital currencies.


Unlike LunarCrush, Santiment blends social, development, and on-chain data for users. It gives an accurate situation of an asset’s market activity. Once users access the information, it becomes easier to make proper investment decisions. Santiment also includes specialized tools which investors use when reacting to market trends. A watchlist feature is available to inform investors of any developments taking place in a specific coin.


Messari is a crypto data platform founded by Ryan Selkis. According to the network, the crypto industry has massive data which usually remains inaccessible. Messari’s mission hopes to change that situation by allowing transparent and straightforward access to information. The website runs a research segment that provides extensive crypto and blockchain articles. Moreover, there is a news section that shows the source of the report.

The Block

The Block is a New York-based website that reports the activities taking place in the crypto economy. Here, readers can acquire the latest digital asset developments on a 24/7 basis. Furthermore, it gives an insight into how cryptocurrencies relate to governments and the traditional financial system. Webinar events are also available on The Block’s Youtube channel. The events involve participation from various industry players discussing several crypto subjects.


As the name suggests, CoinMarketCal provides users with a calendar of upcoming crypto events. The website also allows users to access past digital asset events. As such, investors receive alerts on occasions they can attempt to maximize profits. CoinMarketCal further includes real-time cryptocurrency news pieces for its global audience.


Coinspeaker works as an informative news source for FinTech, blockchains, and cryptocurrencies. On the website, researchers obtain up-to-date prices of over 3,000 digital assets. Additionally, the platform carries almost 250+ guides and more than 18,000 news articles. Moreover, there is a crowdfunding lineup presenting any running, upcoming, or past ICO event. The token sale section also gives highlights on STO and IEO events.


Next on the list is Blockonomi, a crypto website launched in 2017. Blockonomi provides readers with insightful articles to better understand the digital currency industry. It further presents its audience with unbiased reports on the crypto asset economy. What’s more, the website publishes tutorial videos explaining different crypto concepts to viewers.


Skew operates as a London-based crypto website offering real-time analytic data. On the site, users can customize their dashboards to meet their needs as investors or traders. Users get to select from 350+ charts available on the platform. When trading, most users might need to know the current status of crypto exchanges. Skew works on retrieving information from exchanges based on their current liquidity and trading volumes. That way, traders can determine the most appropriate platform to exchange digital assets.


CryptoCompare is another digital asset site with an overall goal of educating users on cryptocurrencies. It designs a comprehensive list that shows the best exchanges and mining platforms available today. CryptoCompare also displays a list of crypto gambling platforms and the best wallets to store digital currencies. Furthermore, a guide section is present on the website for interested researchers.


Coming in last is Bitcoinist, a crypto-based portal with informative material for the global community. The website participates in publishing up-to-date news articles on cryptocurrencies. Bitcoinist further works on giving analytical price data for different virtual currencies. Moreover, a “How To” section explains the appropriate steps to take when performing several crypto activities.

Final Thoughts

From the examples above, crypto websites offer users an easy time when navigating through the emerging industry. It can be a difficult moment for users to gather data on digital assets on their own. The reason is that the virtual currency market experiences significant changes every day.

Hence, keeping up with every market activity can be a challenge to investors. Using crypto-based websites empowers the crypto community with real-time data on the digital asset economy. An additional site that extends similar services is CryptoVirally. The platform mainly works as a marketing agency for new digital currency projects.

Besides advertisements, CryptoVirally publishes insightful blogs discussing multiple subjects on the growing ecosystem. For more information, contact CryptoVirally to receive quality marketing services for your project.

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