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Every writer has come across the acronym SEO at some point, but many aren’t sure what it implies. If anyone had the challenge to write an online crypto article about Non-Fungible Tokens, every literate person could give it a try. But if we did a random search, very few of these articles, if any, would make it to the first page of google. So why would all these articles not make it to the top page? Surely, they can’t all be made up of fake or baseless stories. The key reason behind this phenomenon is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). A writer should tackle several aspects to ensure their article pops up faster. Read on to find out how to make great SEO friendly crypto articles.

Make the Title SEO Friendly

It all begins with the title. If the title is off, so is the rest of the article. The first thing one should consider when drafting the title is that it shouldn’t be very long. A short and precise title is what is needed. It is wise to limit its length to a maximum of 12 words, though 5-10 words would be perfect. A cumbersome title is a major put-off. If a writer considers a certain phrase or piece of information as vital, they should move it to the first or second sentence of the introductory or abstract section.

To make the title even more SEO-friendly, it should feature the article’s keywords. For a 10-12 word long title, the writer should strive to have the keywords within the first half of the title.

Make the Introduction or Abstract Relevant and Optimal

An article’s introduction or abstract section is the part that prompts a reader to delve further into the article. Part of it will be visible on the web search page, usually just about the first 2 sentences. If a writer wants to make their piece SEO friendly, this section is important, especially the first two sentences.

For starters, any essential findings and keywords should appear within the first two sentences. Moreover, the important findings create a call to action from the reader’s perspective and legitimise the abstract. On the other hand, the keywords make the article more SEO friendly since it features the words being searched on the web consistently.

In addition, the section should have keywords anywhere between 3 to 6 times. Their presence must come naturally, not in a forced manner. In addition, the section’s purpose is to show the articles’ purpose. It should have clarity, expressing key facts in a precise manner.

The Body Must be Well Articulated and Optimized

The body is the meat of the article. It explains all that the heading and introduction/abstract sections have hinted at. Great care must be taken into account when writing the body. An SEO-optimized body creates a friendly article for web browsers and readers. Tips to creating a good body include the following;

Key Words Should be Featured all over

After repeatedly talking of keywords, it should be clear that they’re a vital part of SEO friendliness in an article. They have to appear throughout the piece.

One could also replace keywords with key phrases, which are a combination of words. Their appearance must come naturally to give the article a good flow.

It Should be Structured Into Titles and Subtitles

Cryptocurrency words can appear gritty and challenging, especially for new readers. Having one long paragraph with all the big words lumped in it is a huge put-off. The human mind gets bored easily and thus needs some distraction.

The easiest way of breaking monotony is by structuring the body into titles and subtitles. Each of these sections explains a certain difficult word, and it creates a flow of information that isn’t strenuous to the eye. That is how SEO-friendly articles start taking shape.

Long Sentences Without Punctuations Should be Avoided

Some articles can leave readers gasping for breath. Yet, they may be quite short and well structured. The culprit in such an instance is very long sentences.

Using a crypto example, one may be required to review the Dogecoin crypto and its performance. An easy way is splitting it up into 3 sentences that are for lines long, each explaining a specific bit. Punctuations are also good ways of letting readers catch a breath.

Hyperlinks for Difficult Phrases or Important Data are Crucial

The crypto world has all sorts of big words and important reference data. To ensure that readers aren’t left wondering what is meant by a word, hyperlinks are important. They also make further research on an interesting statistic easier for the reader.

For illustration purposes, 46.04% of all Bitcoin miners are in China. The country is, as a result, a major market for ASICs. Without the hyperlinks, the first two sentences in this paragraph are difficult to grasp. The hyperlinks make that bit SEO-friendly.

The Article’s Length Should be Optimized

Recently, search engines such as Google and Bing prioritise long articles, but with high quality. A short piece finds it hard to break it to the first page because it probably misses some information.

The body determines the length of an article. Therefore, a crypto writer should ensure the article’s length is long enough, with the body grossing at 800 to 1200 words. However, a writer must avoid Fluff at all costs because it dampens the article’s SEO

The Article Should be Well Wrapped Up

An article might be enjoyable to read, with all the above followed. Then it just ends abruptly, leaving the reader in limbo. A conclusion is important since it acts as an article summary.

The part also prompts the reader to reflect on what they have just read. A writer may also give their opinion or perspectives regarding the article in this bit.

In Summary

SEO-friendly web pages that have good backlinks will consistently rank higher in Search Engines. Crypto writers should arrive to have their articles well-optimized since it bodes well for them. A well-ranked piece that makes it to the first page of a search engine gets more visits. For instance, Cryptovirally provides the best SEO oriented articles with a flow that makes it easy for any party to comprehend.

To get an article on the right path to SEO friendliness, a writer ought to follow the key points raised in the article. There are other additive steps to be taken, such as checking for plagiarism, readability scores, and grammar editors. But all the additive steps are only helpful if the key points are in place.

Recent statistics show that there are over 4.8 billion internet users in the globe today, with over 700 thousand new users daily. Many of these people use the internet for financial activities like marketing, window shopping, and researching services. Most of the researchers consider only the first page of Google results. Thus, all businesses often want their web pages to be on that first page. For that to happen, the business web page must be optimized for search engines. Crypto projects, too, need new customers and, as such, need high SEO rankings. But how can they optimize for search engines? Here are a few SEO tips for all cryptocurrency projects.

Mobile Optimization

This is probably the most important thing you need to do for your webpage to rank higher than others. Most of the online traffic today is mainly from mobile devices. That’s possible since many people today have mobile phones they use every time.

Sometimes, because of the increasing need for mobile efficiency, Google penalizes websites for not being mobile-friendly.

Even though crypto websites are often complex, try to ensure that it’s optimized for phone use. When creating the web page, make sure a mobile phone user can access every end of the service.

Keyword Research and Use

One of the most important things to consider when optimizing your webpage for SEO is thorough keyword research. There are common words like bitcoin, crypto, Ethereum, and Doge mentioned daily on social media. It would be good if your article contained such words. However, to optimize the website for search engines, you need to research the trending, most used keywords.

Of course, getting the keywords is not easy, but you can leverage the tools used for research. Among them include Ahrefs, SEMrush, Moz, Keyword Hero, and answer the public. So, you want to ensure your crypto website ranks high, do thorough keyword research, and use the words in your content.

Backlinks to Authoritative Sites

Another critical thing to do when optimizing your website for SEO ranking is backlinking. Backlinking may seem like a simple task, but when not done right can have a dire impact.

When linking your content, especially crypto-related, consider working with highly authoritative crypto and financial sites. There are tonnes of reliable sources of information for crypto projects. The most common are Coindesk, Cointelegraph, Coinmarketcap, Coingecko, Investopedia, Forbes, Business Daily, and many more.

One thing you need to avoid is linking to untrusted sources. Untrusted sources often receive bad google rankings, and that can also affect your site.

Other sites include Twitter, Reddit, Quora, Discord, Youtube, and other social platforms with crypto information. When working with a project like bitcoin, please link to the source page,

Regular SEO Auditing

The second thing to do regularly is auditing. Auditing involves checking the performance of the website and working on areas that have problems.

Basically, in SEO auditing, you want to check every content in your project’s web page to ensure perfection. That could involve looking at individual pages of your webpage to see the number of visitors.

Furthermore, you need to check for broken links. Often, broken links may cause google systems to lower your web page rankings. Broken links are errors on the website. Thus, if there are broken links, please, recreate them. You can also use tools like Google Analytics, SEMrush, SEOptimer, and Moz Pro to audit the website.

Social Media Presence

You cannot ignore the impact of social media on cryptocurrency and blockchain-based projects. Twitter and Reddit specifically have been vastly used in the past to reach as many people as possible.

Social media does not directly affect SEO but can affect other factors with an impact on SEO.

Ensure your posts on social media are always up to date, with the latest news. Furthermore, leverage trending information to increase the popularity of your brand. Use the trending hashtags when posting on social media, and in the same post, provide your project link. An up-to-date social media page is good for your website.

Use Video Content

Another thing that helps your site ranks high is using visual content, pictures, and videos. Today, people prefer watching more than reading. Youtube has millions of daily visitors ready to watch videos.

In fact, because of the high demand for video content, most video contents rank first spots on google SEO. Hence, Using video content will help in improving the website SEO rankings.

Top User Experience

Ensure your website is easy to use for everyone, both new and experienced people. That involves using easier language and making services easy to access. A user-friendly(UI) website enhances user experience(UX), translating to more website visits and high SEO ranks.

Final Word

The SEO practice has been growing recently, with every project aiming for the top rank in search engines. Crypto projects are also following the same path as they all want to attract more loyal users. This guide explored a few ways a crypto project can ensure its website ranks high.

Another solution for SEO rankings is Cryptovirally. The project majors in the promotion of crypto projects through different channels. They are very successful and experienced in SEO and social media marketing services. They have worked with many projects to succeed. You can work with them to boost your crypto website ranking in the search engines.

The life and success of every crypto project depend on the community behind it. Every project looks to its community to expand awareness about its product. Most of these communities are on social networks. And Crypto projects may find members on social media platforms like Reddit, Twitter, and Telegram. But, the big task remains: How To Manage Crypto Community Effectively. Mismanaging your community could have negative effects on the project. For instance, some members could exit the community.

Furthermore, you could experience a reduction in the number of visitors to your website.  Thus, all crypto projects must adopt proper community management practices.

So, what are the best community management practices? Keep reading as this guide explores the best ways for a crypto community manager to succeed in their role.

Engage and Respond to Community

A vital thing to do when running a crypto community is to engage with them. Engagement involves getting feedback from them. You can ask them questions from which you may act based on their responses.

You can also ask your audience to forward their questions and opinions through social media. Responding to their queries and concerns raises your level of engagement with them.

As the community manager, you should be a regular in the social networks. It’s best to check for new comments at least once every day.

Another way of increasing community engagement is through listening to podcasts and youtube videos about your project. The idea is to know what the community says about you and maybe take action. A successful social media community management program is responsive to users’ sentiments.

Moderate The Comments

As a community manager, you’ll have to moderate the comments on your communication platforms. That’s important in avoiding spamming. Such statements could include malicious links, fake accounts, etc. Ignoring these posts projects an image of an uncaring social media manager.

Thus, you need to be very active and filter out such comments. Read the comment section daily, and delete spam comments. Use the available comment moderation plugin provided for social networks.

Be Fast to Respond to Complaints

Comments and complaints could make or break your business. The comment section can have people complaining about your business or services. Since most crypto discussions are always on Reddit and Twitter, taking too long to respond may affect you negatively.

If our project has an application in app stores, read the comment and review section. You can get real complaints from your users there.

Additionally, you can get a lot of insights into your project on TrustPilot. This platform allows crypto users to review projects. These user reviews and grievances can help you to improve your services.

Thus, it would help if you read the reviews on all social media platforms. If it’s a criticism, please take your time and respond to them. Your customer service ratings vastly depend on how you react and solve complaints.

When responding to complaints, please ensure you use a personal tone. For instance, if Angello sent the complaint, address the response by starting with “Hey Angello.”

Work with Influencers

Having a community eases your marketing. So, as a community manager, you should interact with social media managers to bolster marketing and post your products.

Yet, marketing effectively in social media takes more than just posting your product. It involves working with the most influential people on social media(influencer marketing). Yes, it might cost you. But, influencer marketing is one of the best ways of building your community.

The influencers often have hordes of followers. One comment from them could easily send your entire project viral. This way, they may affect your project instantly.

Monitor Individual Communities

The work of a community manager involves looking into each of the small communities making the project community. For instance, you might have communities on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, telegram, Reddit, and quora.

Each of those communities has specific requirements. You must ensure that your project meets those. That calls for working closely with that platform’s community manager. If it’s Twitter, work with the community manager.

Send People to Your Web Page

Your community helps you to increase sales. Yet, that can’t happen if you don’t direct people to your website. Thus, it’s good to direct people to our project web page.

You can do that successfully by posting the links repeatedly on the project’s social networks. Ensure you remind people after each of your posts to visit your page. By doing that, you increase the chance of getting more traffic to your website.

Final Word

This guide has looked into the best way to manage a crypto community effectively. Proper community management can help ensure more visits to your webpage. For you to have success, you need to engage, respond, and monitor the community.

However, another vital thing to do is work with professionals. For instance, Cryptovirally is a platform dedicated to helping upcoming crypto projects grow. It provides marketing and promotion services, including managing the crypto community. Work with them for effective crypto management services.

Cryptocurrency blockchains are always evolving to try and maintain their relevance in the crypto world. However, some also do so to gain more market share and boost their market capitalization. This evolution is termed a fork. It can be defined as an alteration of a blockchain’s protocol used by software to validate transactions. As they do so, this fork may be slight to validate previously invalid transactions, known as a soft fork. But where there’s a radical change in the blockchain protocol, it becomes a hard fork. The article shall look into the necessity of having updated marketing campaigns in such a scenario.

About Hard Forks

A hard fork refers to an extreme alteration done to a blockchain’s network protocol. Such a fork usually results in validating previously invalid blocks and transactions, with the reverse also being true.

To occur, there must be a unanimous agreement by all miners concerning the creation of a hard fork. Both hard and soft forks are initiated by developers or the blockchain members as dissatisfaction with its current functionality. They may, however, do so as means of raising funds for new tech projects through crowdsourcing.

General Repercussions of a Hard Fork

When a hard fork occurs, the number one repercussion is that it necessitates all nodes to upgrade to the latest version of the software protocol. The nodes of the newer version will not accept the older version, while nodes that aren’t upgraded reject the new rules. This results in the creation of an entirely new and separate blockchain.

The second consequence is the debacle for miners’ activities. After a hard fork, miners must choose which blockchain they are to carry out their mining activities. While all miners agreed upon the consensus on forking, both blockchains exist, hence creating the choice issue.

Another key repercussion is functionality and security differences. After a hard fork, the newer blockchain usually enjoys better security, higher privacy, and more functionality functions.

A common occurrence in most new altcoins is that users realize the old blockchain is outdated and hence migrate to the newer blockchain. On the other hand, older ones tend to remain the more popular blockchain even after several hard forks. For instance, bitcoin is still by far the most popular cryptocurrency even after several crucial hard forks.

Pros for Market Campaigns for Hard Forks

Proponents have several arguments that necessitate crypto projects to carry out updated marketing campaigns after a hard fork. These include;

Sensitizing Current Users

The norm in the industry is that after a hard fork, users soon realize that their current blockchain is outdated and make a quick but gradual shift to the new one. Unfortunately, several of these users may make the migration by joining the bandwagon, not knowing just what it is that has necessitated their migration.

With updated marketing concerning a hard fork, users would be sensitized to just what is on offer in the new blockchain beforehand. Furthermore, it would mean that the choice to migrate or stay put would be majorly made after users weigh their options.

Outline the Gains With the New Blockchain vs the Old One

Several hard forks have occurred under the radar, with blockchains whose names closely resemble each other. However, the differences between the two blockchains are not easily deciphered by many new investors in the crypto space.

Such a situation results in the new blockchain losing in on investments thanks to the flaws in the first blockchain. Yet, it may have been a hard fork with the specific aim of solving these issues.

A comprehensive updated market campaign would help outline the benefits of this blockchain over the older one to investors. It may end up attracting more investments thanks to such a clear-up.

Could Result in Strong Crypto Price Gains for the New Blockchain

Hard Forks usually try to address some key issues with the current blockchain. For example, the resultant blockchain is often billed to have better functionalities, more latest technology, or more robust security features.

Such key upgrades are usually quite attractive to whale investors. However, such investors move huge volumes of liquidity around, hence tend to affect prices adversely.

A good updated marketing campaign would increase the probability of the new blockchain bagging whales that weren’t interested in the previous blockchain. This would have upward pressure on its asset price, hence a boost in its market cap and liquidity.

Cons Against Market Campaigns After Hard Forks

There are two major arguments against updated marketing campaigns being a necessity after a hard fork is unjustified costs. They are;

Unnecessary Expenditures on Advertising

The first argument against such marketing is that it may not be justified. After a hard fork and the creation of a new blockchain, the details regarding the gains of the hard fork are usually already public knowledge.

Miners have to all agree on the change to the consensus before a hard fork, hence the public nature of the details. The specifics will naturally sift through to the general crypto world.

This means that an updated marketing campaign will be unnecessary since the details will more or less get to the market.

Could Result in Crypto Price Crashes for the Original Blockchain

An updated marketing campaign that details the gains of the newly created blockchain is a double-edged sword. While it serves to advertise the new blockchain, it has the potential effect of soiling the name of the former blockchain.

The details of such an advertisement would include outlining the specific advantages the newly forked blockchain has over the old one. It can end up dissuading investors in the former from continued hodling of its native coin.

If investors, especially whales, start migrating in masses to the new blockchain, there could be a huge price crash in the original one. This would severely hurt investors who choose to stay put.


Hard forks usually result in a high divergence in the original blockchain, resulting in the creation of an entirely new crypto blockchain. It is, however, a little controversial whether an updated marketing campaign with regards to the hard fork is the right way to go.

Sensitizing current users on the details of the new blockchain as well as clearly outline differences between both blockchains to the public would be of great use. It may also advertise the new blockchain but to the detriment of the original one. The small cost you may incur in a robust crypto-marketing campaign may be as well fully justifiable.

At launch, every crypto project aims to reach as many crypto users as possible in service provision. However, the task is not always easy. First, the crypto space is new. Very few people understand the use of cryptocurrencies; the few who do fear investing in the crypto space. As such, it should be the goal of every developer to know how to attract new customers. Of course, the most common way is by investing in heavy marketing campaigns. However, there are some simpler, less costly tips you can take to market your project. Here are a few crypto marketing tips that’ll help you attract customers organically.

Have a Social Networking Account and Be Active

One way to bring people into your crypto project is by creating a social networking account. Social media has been one of the most critical tools driving the growth of crypto. In fact, because of social media, coins like Doge have acquired immense user support in less than a decade.

Thus, social media is the first and best tool to attract millions of users to your project. But, to attract people on social media, you need to be very active. So, how can you enhance your activity on social networks?

To Attract customers, you need to post and comment about your project regularly. If social media users often see your posts, they’ll have an interest in getting more information. Hence, you might increase your web visits.

Listen to Your Existing Customers

While striving to create a new customer base, some projects tend to forget their existing customers. The promotion team may decide to put all their energy into advertising in new places and platforms. Yet, the most important thing for a crypto project is the existing community. Thus, as an advertising manager, ensure you keep your efforts on your customer base. How?

Foremost, you need to always talk to our project community users. You can ask your customers about the quality of your product and service. Let them tell you where you need to work and improve your particular services.

After getting feedback from your users, please work on improving the areas of issues. If it’s something needing serious planning, put it into your road map. Work to please your customers, and always communicate with them on social networks.

Educate your Customer Base

Education is another vital aspect to consider when enlarging your community organically. It’s a step that every crypto project should consider. The Crypto space is a highly complex and relatively new industry. As such, not many people know much about crypto.

Focus your energy on educating your customer base on what services you offer. However, you shouldn’t intimidate your customer base by making crypto sound extremely complex. Instead, use simple language to understand and let them know why they need this service.

Find a New Audience

This involves getting new people in need of your services. In this case, you don’t focus your search on the crypto space. Rather you focus on the people who have no idea about crypto.

Statistics show that millennials, especially the younger ones, are the highest crypto consumers. While you strive to find a new audience, target the millennials who’ve no idea about crypto. To get them, you need to be where they are, i.e., events, colleges, and online.

SEO-Related Techniques

SEO-related techniques apply in almost every type of digital marketing. They help increase the visibility of your website and project in the crypto space. Therefore, that’s a technique you also need to master. Top SEO techniques include keywords, using videos, and ensuring the website is user-friendly.

Reward the Users (Slightly Costly but Effective)

Rewarding loyal customers is one of the most effective ways of increasing your customer base. Often, projects may organize events whose goal is rewarding their existing customers. Sometimes they may give free tokens through airdrops and bounty programs. When carrying out the bounty programs, you must plan well and get the most accurate number of tokens to issue.

It would help if you didn’t aim at creating a large community at once. It’s better to have a small but loyal community instead of a large disloyal one. Furthermore, you can offer giveaways like electronics and tickets for events as rewards to your users. Also, take advantage of public holidays to send customers goodwill messages.

Final Word

Building a good community for your crypto project needn’t be difficult. All you need to do is simply marketing that targets a specific group of people.

To draw and lock customers, you’ll need to include education programs, pursue new audiences and use reward schemes. Besides, you have to listen to your existing customer’s sentiments. Furthermore, use social media platforms and SEO techniques to create your customer base effectively.

While most of those techniques can work well, you need professional assistance to make them more effective. That’s where CryptoVirally comes in. It helps upcoming and existing crypto projects create a good community behind them. They provide services like SEO, social media management, PR, and others which help expand the community. Work with them and see your project succeed.

For companies in the crypto industry to expand and thrive, cryptocurrency marketing is essential. For a developed country, more advanced marketing methods are involved due to technological innovations and changes in consumer habits. In ICOs and cryptocurrency ventures, building a cohesive and efficient marketing plan is even more critical if you want to attract users from such a country. In the past two years, the cryptocurrency industry has been expanding exponentially, and thousands of crypto companies are now appearing everywhere you look. However, if you have startup crypto, there are so many rivals that you must stand out from. We have compiled marketing strategies in this guide to promote digital currencies use in developed countries. Take this guide as a starting point for advertising your cryptocurrency and for hitting the right target audience.

Display Ads

Display advertising is an excellent way to advertise goods and services on other prominent platforms through various paid advertising methods. To elaborate, an ad appears on other authentic websites or applications on one’s phone in an advertising campaign, in the form of a picture, text, audio, video, flash, or a flyer.

You can publish a teaser on using your crypto coin and publish it on smartphones through advertising strategies through some related sources online. Data about your digital currencies are available to people who use these websites or applications. When something is eye-catchy, it always attracts curious folks, and hence startups may publicize their cryptocurrency through display advertising campaigns.

Bitcoin Communities

You should think ahead of Quora or Reddit if you are marketing to a more technological advanced audience. For example, the Bitcoin group is a union of digitally-trained crypto coin, technology enthusiasts. Promoting the coin for a group directed towards cryptocurrency is a sure bet marketing strategy!

As for the Bitcoin community, several other groups allow new coin offerings and promote them further. You must find useful websites first and be an affiliate to promote a new coin. Participate and build their trust during ongoing discussions. Once you do, members will discuss your cryptocurrency in a space. Remember, the older the community is, the more coverage you can gain for your dedicated target audience.

Social Media Advertisements

Social media is at your disposal for everything you want.  From finding your old schoolmates to making new professional contacts, social media can cater to everything, whether you talk to your best friends or know the living situation of people. In the same way, you will promote your coin online using social media. Take Google Plus support or build a Facebook page and regularly begin to write about your digital currency. More people are encouraged to join and remain up-to-date.

Additionally, other social media sites such as Instagram, Linked In, or Twitter could help you sell your coin. You can only establish different accounts for a single purpose, and only the digital currency is advertised. One can create a cryptocurrency audience with a profound social media Marketing Strategy. You can use a company to create crypto coin advertising strategies for Youtube, Pinterest, or Reddit too!

Email Marketing Campaigns

Another type of direct marketing is Email marketing. Email marketing campaigns among marketers are becoming more known widely as more consumers are going digital. The quality reflected in every email touches people, and that is why your one email will work for you.

You have to make a list of individuals with a genuine interest in digital currencies for an accurate and impressive email marketing campaign. Make sure your emails talk a lot about your coin but remain straight to the point.  If they are uninteresting to read, your whole email marketing campaign could come crashing down.

Publish Major Events on Calendars 

The main aim of any marketing strategy for cryptocurrency is to maintain and engage current audiences and attract new investors. It cannot be easy to control and track every development in the crypto space because it continually grows. Investors usually use calendars to follow the project activities of an organization to remain ahead of the competition. That is why businesses must do the same thing.

You can publish on major websites about your crypto-calendar; the initial coin offerings (ICO, IEO) or security token offers to mark milestones or monthly updates. It will facilitate investors’ awareness because they value accountability and monitoring of public communications by internal staff.

Press Releases

Investing in a press release is crucial for every successful cryptocurrency. Many blogs and companies out there in cryptocurrency are actively looking to write about new projects every day. These publishers generally have a highly developed and particular audience that directly fits the ICO and cryptocurrency target market.

It is straightforward to make a press release, but it takes you extra time to write a decent cryptocurrency press release. Make it unique and precise to your crypto. It would be helpful if you also kept the language simple. The cryptocurrency industry is already difficult enough to grasp without tossing a ton of crypto terms on your press release to make it convincing. Breaking your news in an easily digestible way would allow you to distinguish your project from many startup crypto companies that often throw obscure jargon into the industry.

Networking on LinkedIn

In each industry, networking is essential, but it is even more critical for an unrecognized project in an emerging market such as blockchain. It would be better if you had some connections, and LinkedIn is probably the most powerful way to do this.

Indeed, team members in an ICO can automate the process of targeting potential sponsors and influencers of Linkedin with valuable resources such as Linked Helper.

Linkedin users respond intensely to messages and are vulnerable to cold posts or questions from people they don’t know. LinkedIn has an advantage over other social media sites. You need to maximize LinkedIn’s networking capabilities if you are a newcomer in this industry.

Hire A Cryptocurrency Marketing Company

Hiring a professional crypto marketing firm will save you a lot of time and resources you could have used to try various methods that may or may not work.

An expert crypto marketing firm, on the other hand, has a tested marketing plan to aid in the taking off of your crypto and make it popular in the digital world so that you collect more funds or get more traders to purchase your currency.

Our platform offers complete preparation, installation, and configuration of your marketing campaign, social media channel posting, and dedicated campaigns and advertising banners, including airdrops.

According to coinmarketcap, thousands of crypto assets and projects are available today, thus causing stiff competition in crypto. Every other month, more wallets, exchanges, mining, trading bots, and many new projects arise, aiming to provide top services. However, very few projects successfully hit mainstream adoption. The main reason behind the lagging success of many crypto projects is poor advertising options. Some crypto platforms choose advertising networks that don’t follow the necessary guidelines of any legal and successful advertising. This guide will highlight some of the basic regulations and rules that an advertiser must adhere to when marketing crypto projects. Understanding these regulations will help crypto project developers choose the right platform for their project advertising.

Honesty is a Must

When marketing any products, honesty on the part of the project endorser is a must. In some cases, projects select endorsers who give out false information since they have not used the product. However, when selecting an endorser, it’s essential to choose a person who has used the services to provide reliable information.

When talking about honesty, users should understand that providing misleading information is prohibited. Misleading information is any information that in entirety or partially is a lie. Crypto projects in some jurisdictions can face legal charges for dishonesty.

No Purchasing Pressure to Customers

Pressuring customers to buy your products or services is a violation of the person’s decision-making process. Generally, a consumer should, on their own, decide to or not to purchase the product based on the merits of the products.

As such, when advertising, ensure you leave the purchasing decision to the service buyers. Pressuring customers to buy your products or services even in the crypto world can have severe legal consequences.

False Limited Offer or Bait Advertising

Advertising based on limited offers is generally a good marketing technique. However, if the limited offer advertising is based on a false premise that the products will be available only for a short period, it becomes illegal. On the other hand, Bait advertising involves luring people to purchase a product at special costs.

However, the products or services in question are unavailable at the time. Instead, it’s a marketing scheme to attract people to your website or shop. In some jurisdictions, consumers can sue crypto businesses for giving out false advertisements. Some businesses could be forced to pay enormous fines for providing false advertising options.

Misleading Comparative Advertising

Comparative advertising techniques involve the comparison of two products proving how one thrives over the other. However, in some cases, the advertisers may start making misleading comments about a particular product to prove how poor the services are. In that case, they are doing false/misleading comparative advertising.

When advertising, if you use misleading information about a competitor – that is wrong and, in most jurisdictions, illegal. In other jurisdictions, a crypto project can sue the advertiser for the wrongful presentation of the product.

Price Advertising Limitations

Businesses or platforms are allowed to sell their goods at a loss, especially when getting rid of old, less profitable stock. A merchant can sell the products at a loss and use the funds to get new products.

However, there are some limitations to price manipulations. It’s illegal for a merchant to reduce the prices of products or services to kill off their competitors (predatory pricing)

Guidelines for Privacy and Security

Laws of Privacy 

Different countries have implanted different regulations on how to advertise and market your products online. Generally, the laws and regulations differ based on the jurisdiction. However, one thing that has remained a constant in all the regulations globally is the privacy policy.

Adherence to the user privacy policy is very crucial during marketing. Every platform, while marketing its product, should ensure that customers’ privacy is of top priority.

Security and Cloud Storage

Marketing the platform should also provide maximum security to the details of the client. The most popular way of protecting your client’s data is using the SSL mechanisms to ensure a good connection between the service provider’s webpage and the clients.

If you are using online-based storage, i.e., cloud storage, you have to assure the average users that their data will be stored safely and conveniently. Generally, a crypto business needs to use the best storage facilities with an excellent reputation to assure investors of their privacy.

Moreover, since some platforms collect information, they should stipulate the type of information they collect, protection policies, and sharing policies.


As the online business industry continues to grow vastly, the need for advertising has continually increased. However, some platforms providing advertising services tend not to follow the required guidelines set by different jurisdictions of healthy advertising. Most platforms use illegal advertising techniques that provide misleading information to the average product buyer.

Some crypto marketing platforms are also using the wrong advertising practices, including misleading comparative advertising. Some tend to compare the services they deliver to the services provided by some of their competitors, and in some cases, implant lies to sell more.

Our platform is esteemed to provide top advertising services by capitalising on all aspects of marketing strategies including social media.

Marketing has always been an important part of any business growth, with any upcoming crypto project conducting serious marketing campaigns. After a few months, the project marketers always relax in their marketing role. They often think that since the project has already reached popularity, it’s unnecessary to continue using funds in advertising.

However, to enhance continuous growth in sales of your already popular crypto project, it’s important to keep on advertising. The advertising techniques will change as the business grows in popularity. This guide will discuss the popular ways of continuously advertising your project even though it’s already well known.

Reward Loyal Customers

After some time in business, the managers can know the loyal customers of the services you provide.  Loyal customers are a very important part of any crypto project; their continuous support will help bolster your platform’s growth speed. Therefore you need to identify loyal customers and reward them for their loyalty.

Some platforms choose to give out a bonus like cash, gifts, or sometimes crypto assets. Rewarding loyal customers will make them feel the need to advertise the products to their friends and family.

Invest in Explainer Videos

‘How-to’ content and guides are an important tool in marketing both a new product and an already popular product. Since you want to attract new investors, it’s vital to create short videos or content that guides people to use the service.

Normally, excellent YouTubers and marketers who have used the products are the best options for ‘How-to’ videos and blog posts.

Bounties, Airdrops, and Affiliate Marketing

Airdrops, bounties and affiliate marketing techniques are very popular ways to market upcoming and already popular projects. Bounties are campaigns where the platform rewards the users a number of tokens for completing small tasks like reporting bugs and reporting issues in marketing and customer services.

Airdrops are commonly used in crypto, where a crypto project sends some tokens to users’ addresses. The consumer on their end advertises the project on social media or other platforms. Affiliate marketing involves providing customers with an invite code.

If any of their friends use the code to register for services, the loyal customer earns a percentage of their income. When done to an already popular project, these three techniques may have excellent results, including high turnovers.

Maximize on Your Selling Point or Product

In crypto, some projects may be having multiple services or products that they provide. For instance, a crypto network could be providing exchange, wallet, and staking services. It’s vital to market each project independently and vastly.

However, after some time, the project manager could realize that one point/service of the firm is giving better results than the others. For instance, the staking option could be giving more results than the exchange side. It’s important to continually market the unique selling point of the project to increase the project turnover.

Optimize Your Crypto Business on Social Media

Social media platforms are increasingly growing their potential as marketing tools, with hundreds of thousands of businesses registering into social media. Now more than ever, it’s easier to access customers from almost all corners of the world.

Crypto projects are currently using Twitter and Telegram as their main social media platforms for marketing. Every crypto project in the making ensures they have accounts of the two social media platforms. However, if these accounts are not active, then social media would lose its meaning in marketing.

Therefore the marketing manager should ensure they have a good social media manager who will keep the page active. Keeping the page active involves continuously posting updates, asking for ideas from the community, and holding forums.

Regular Reviews on the Progress

Since project marketing aims to increase the adoption of your project, you must continue reviewing your marketing styles to see their effectiveness. After some time, a particular marketing strategy may start losing productivity. For instance, the turnover or number of new customers could reduce, showing that the marketing efforts are futile.

Therefore, it’s crucial for the crypto project owner and marketing manager to regularly review the performance of the marketing techniques. If they notice that the techniques are not adding value to the project, it’s better to let them go. The regularity of your project review depends on the particulars or the products you give into the market.


This guide has discussed the best ways of ensuring you market your crypto products and optimize and boost sales. For instance, you can reward the loyal customers for their continued support, and in return, they could invest more and inform their friends about the platform. Bounty, airdrop, and affiliate marketing campaigns are also important marketing tools.

Since social media is one of the best advertising alternatives, ensure you optimize your crypto business on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, and Instagram. Also, make sure you tell your people about your selling point by focusing your advertisements on the section. Regular review of the marketing strategies will help you optimize your advertising and increase your sales.

When it comes to projects in the crypto space, users anticipate various blockchain functionalities to maximize their profits. On the other hand, projects look forward to delivering valuable tools and products to the developing financial world of digital assets. However, certain aspects may lead these projects into a merger deal. The overall goal is of expanding beyond their current scope. A merger is a voluntary partnership between two companies/projects into one entity.

A merger’s success is determined by the type of terms both companies agree on, which in most cases, ends on equal ground. So what do you do if a crypto project you’ve invested in is caught up in a merger?

Actions to Take in Case of a Merger

Once your favorable crypto project collaborates with other ecosystems to become one, you can take the following approaches:

Evaluate the Outcome

Customers estimate what they stand to gain after the integration procedures. Crypto projects operating independently can charge more, especially if there are limited competitors in the market. However, a merger saves the customer’s hard-earned money since the products and services in place will go for a cheaper rate.

Customers also experience newer functionalities that were not available initially when the crypto project operated separately. The merging event may introduce new features such as a cold storage system that stores the customer’s funds in an offline location.

Secure Asset Fund for Users is an additional option that may be included during the merger. SAFU measures ensure users recover their crypto assets in the event of a hack or any event leading to losses. Customer service grows exponentially after a partnership since more representatives will act on the customer’s complaints.

By evaluating such outcomes, the customer can deduce the positives emerging from the crypto mergers and leverage them to encounter minimal risks.

Research on the Collaborating Entity

It is crucial to find out more about the entity coming on board, in terms of who they are, their past performances, and reputation, just to mention a few. Usually, customers prefer investing in an entity that brings mutual benefit to the table.

For instance, customers may hesitate to operate in a crypto platform with inadequate security mechanisms, malicious developers waiting to pump a project, dump it afterward, or continuous conflicts with financial watchdogs.

If the entity intending to onboard a crypto project displays such features, users will refrain from engaging with it as no one would want to incur financial losses in the end.

On the other hand, if the new project has a positive track record, customers will definitely rely on the merger. This is because they are fully aware of both projects’ potentials they can bring if combined under one umbrella.

Monitor How the Merge Handles Competition

It is common to see customers switch from their go-to crypto projects to other projects amid a merging event. Competitors seize this opportunity to capture customers who are skeptical of the partnership by offering lucrative deals such as improved APYs, lower gas fees, convenient lending terms for crypto loans, and much more.

To mitigate this issue, the newly founded project needs to persuade and clarify to users that the changes will only be minimal. Moreover, the crypto project can assure customers that the services they usually offer will not be interfered with in any way.

Look Out for Any Announcement Material

Before and after a merger, an announcement will usually be published to keep every customer in the know. Effective communication is essential during a crypto merger since investors feel confident of where the partnership is headed.

Projects that focus or address more on an investor’s interests ultimately attract new and existing customers. Moving forward, the merging crypto projects will understand the customer’s pain points and communicate solutions during the integration decision.

Types of Mergers

Crypto projects opt to use various forms of mergers, including:

Concentric Merger

A concentric merger takes place when two crypto projects in one market offer different yet related products. In a concentric merger, the crypto platforms aim at bringing more users onboard. This is done by combining their products and services into one network.

Horizontal Mergers

Here, crypto projects that are direct competitors decide to fuse their functionalities under one name. In essence, the two ecosystems have similar offerings and customers but decide to join hands to boost market shares.

Conglomerate Mergers

Under this merger, crypto platforms with entirely different activities collaborate to expand their products to more customers beyond the current state. Typically, it takes place between projects in distinct industries and different locations.

The Demerits

Monopolistic Power

The newly established crypto firm may start exercising monopolistic powers, leading to an increase in prices for consumers. This situation is evident, particularly when the platform has a broader market share and limited competition.

Diseconomies of Scale

Efforts to empower the crypto project’s team may become futile after partnering with another platform to become one. The level of control may grow to be uncontrollable and power clashes can happen, a factor that would affect the project’s operations. Once the crypto project’s team realizes they are just part of a robust ecosystem, their drive could decrease significantly and negatively impact the platform’s performance.


Generally, crypto projects indulge in mergers to widen their activities in the market. However, users have to be on the lookout for any changes that will emerge as a result of the partnership.

As displayed above, combining into one platform presents its downsides which may negatively affect the investment plans of an ordinary user. On the flip side, it could lead to the introduction of new products or improved services and response rates.

Here we offer crypto projects extensive ready-to-buy marketing services which aim at creating awareness to potential investors.

Over the years, the succession of crypto projects raised concerns for both miners and crypto investors. In addition, in the current digital era, cryptocurrency security and the inheritance process have long raised concerns.

Take, for example, the Quadriga case in the early quarter of 2019. Over $100 million worth of BTC was lost due to the founder’s death, Gerald Cotton. He alone had the password to access the assets. As a result, the whole project was crippled, and the platform users also lost their investments.

You might be wondering how this can happen and how well to avoid it. Well, the answer is a lack of an inheritance plan. Having an inheritance plan eliminates such occurrences from happening. If you are a crypto asset owner, making such plans can save your successors a great deal of work, time, and money in recovering them. Also, this limits the cases of crypto assets getting lost.

A quick read through this article can aid in familiarizing you as a crypto enthusiast on specifics of crypto security, accessibility, and succession process for digital assets.

Cryptocurrency Security

Another Futurism article explains a scenario where a miner lost his life in a plane crash in Chico, California, and left behind Bitcoin assets. After his passing, the crypto miner’s father decided to find ways to access the assets, managing to piece together the Bitcoin stash information. Regardless, the decentralized nature of the asset made it impossible to access the crypto wallet.

A digital asset like Bitcoin operates using blockchain and is initially considered a public ledger technology. Transactions made through blockchain technology are ledger entries that are cryptographically verified and later signed to assure security and prevent fraud.

The Bitcoin address, a digital wallet, stores an individual’s bitcoin primarily kept secret, and each wallet holds a 64-private key used in signing all transactions. Moreover, this assures that no other individual can gain access to the wallet. Therefore, the succession process should involve getting the beneficiary a copy of the private key, although it is not a safe strategy.

Other assets like Ethereum 2.0 are also secured by Proof-of-Stake (PoS) mechanism that replaced the initial Proof-of-Work (PoW) mechanism.

The assets have proven highly secure, and the succession process proves necessary in the case of uncertain death. Though these cryptocurrencies might sound very safe, they are not as great as they sound when one dies.

The Succession Process 

To effectively ensure the succession of crypto projects, it is highly recommended to follow strategic steps to do it right. In individual assets or company assets, these three steps allow the successors to access the crypto projects easily. The steps include:

Step 1: Engaging the successor

All successors in the planning process should be fully aware of the planning procedure, which should be done in a timely fashion. The earlier they get involved, the more influential the process will be. Identifying a competent successor is the first step in engaging stakeholders. Beneficiaries for individual crypto owners should be trusted allies or family members. They do not necessarily require a background check, just your trust in leaving them your assets.

Step 2: Simulation process

Patience in selecting a reliable successor assures fair inheritance of the assets. For individual assets held by an owner, your successor should be knowledgeable in the cryptocurrency field. They can better understand how to best access, secure, and invest in digital assets. The important understanding here is by having similar assets and knowing how they handle their cryptos. As such, this considerably generates confidence in the beneficiary named.

Step 3: On-boarding the successor

The final step is getting the successor onboard and in line with the succession planning. What happens after naming the successor? Well, between the period of succession planning, taking advantage of the time before succession is vital. For example, a successor of cryptocurrencies needs to get familiar with the assets in place and know how to maintain them.

Cryptocurrency Estate Planning

The top-notch digital currency security presents various challenges involved in cryptocurrency estate planning. In light of this, the most secure way of ensuring beneficiaries inherit the cryptocurrency is by listing it to an individual’s will. The strategy primarily indulges using clear descriptions of the digital currency in a will, describing the digital wallet, device access points such as computers and smartphones. Even the wallet backups need to be included in the will.

Also, leaving the cryptocurrency in a trust ensures the minimal chances of its loss in the event of death. It also ensures security from scammers and hackers and avails the cryptocurrency to a trusted party that manages it. Transferring individual property to a trust is the primary method of the creation of a living trust. It makes a much easier process for the beneficiaries in discovering the cryptocurrency since the digital currencies do not leave much of a paper trail.

However, using a trust implies that the cryptocurrency is documented and the owner makes effective plans in its succession. Another advantage presented in employing a trust in cryptocurrency estate planning is the assurance brought in avoiding the probate process that is primarily a requirement of the law. Using a trust avoids the costly expenses used in acquiring the individual assets left behind in death and includes the crypto investments.


Crypto projects prove to be among the most secured investment projects with their decentralized nature. Regardless, the values of these crypto-assets in the markets increase and reduce depending on various factors. As such, having exchange value and considering them as a storage of value makes it necessary to place a succession plan in death.

A trust account proves to be the best strategy to follow since access is limited only to your beneficiaries. However, this is only after the loss of life. Securing assets is crucial since they represent your digital wealth. Succession plans work effectively in securing future scenarios of loss of life.

One should also ensure their beneficiaries are familiar with the crypto industry and use the assets left behind. Such information is vital, and you can access significant pointers and helpful tips through our service page.

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