February 12, 2023

Effective Ways of Promoting One’s Crypto Projects Cheaper

The number one priority for any crypto project developer is making sure their project become successful. One of the primary catalysts for project success is a good promotion of one’s products or services. The case is not much different with cryptos. With over 6500 different cryptos in existence as of September 2021, just having good use cases won’t cut it. Prospective investors and users need to know about it first before engaging with the project. Promotion can, however, turn out to be quite a costly undertaking if not properly strategized. Read on to find out effective ways to promote crypto projects cheaper and effectively, being efficient and cost-effective.

The More Effective Crypto Promotion Ways

The traditional advertisement is quite effective but can cost an arm and a leg. If one opted for avenues, they’d be going for billboards, Tv adverts on major stations, publications In major news sites, and hiring promoters to do on-field marketing. The costs associated with such avenues could most likely overshoot the cost of developing the project itself. Below are the less costly but significantly effective ways of marketing cryptos.

Contracting Crypto Marketing Agencies

The names Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance exchange, etc., have undoubtedly made their mark in the public’s minds. Yet, not all credit goes to the likes of Bloomberg and the New York Times. That’s not to say these major news channels haven’t been instrumental to their popularity.

Crypto agencies are the less talked about yet critical aspect of the blockchain world. Such platforms offer comprehensive marketing services to crypto projects at a fraction of the costs charged by the more mainstream marketing agencies.

The firms offer a wide array of services that help in bringing cryptos closer to the public. Services such as public relations, data assessment for the project’s development, and publications through articles such as reviews are just part of what they have to offer. The largest benefit of such platforms is that they reach the targeted audience for cryptos more effectively.

Social Media Influencers

Cryptocurrencies are digital assets. It means that for one to enjoy their services truly, they have to be online. All associated supporting infrastructure such as mining using ASICs, crypto exchange platforms, and transferring the assets to wallets require one to be online.

Therefore, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the primary target market maintains a strong online presence. Such people are always keeping tabs with the ongoings via several social media platforms. They’re increasingly shying away from mainstream media due to its increasingly biased reporting nature.

So what better way to target this crucial market with the highest probability of engaging the project than via social media? Here is where social influencers come in. They have a large number of followers and tend to utilize the figures to market products.

The costs they charge for promoting a product or service are significantly lower than what mainstream advertising firms would. Yet, they are highly effective in reaching the markets.

Social Media Pages and Pop-Up Ads

As explained earlier, most of the crypto market can be characterized by a strong online presence. Getting to users where they spend most of their time is the most effective way of promoting crypto.

One could simply open a social media page that advertises their project on various social media platforms. It costs nothing but time to set up a Facebook, Instagram, or Tiktok business page, so it is definitely worth exploring. It also helps in giving further information regarding the project that may not have been captured by influencers or crypto marketing agencies.

In addition to a social media business page, one could advertise using pop-up ads on all these various platforms. While they come at a cost, it is significantly lower than what traditional advertisements cost. Pop-up ads are effective in driving traffic to one’s business page for further information.

Project Websites

A project website is another very cost-effective but crucial means of promoting one’s crypto. It has very strong advantages that make it a must-have for any crypto development team.

To begin with, it costs very little to set up a project website. Hiring a professional to do it is the most common way, but one can do it by themselves. Several website-building platforms enable one to go at it at meagre costs, with amazing results.

Second, project websites have the most comprehensive information about one’s crypto than any other promotion platform. It is the main reason why adverts by crypto marketing agencies, influencers, and social media web pages use it as their landing platform.

To add to that, a project website is also the most customizable aspect of crypto promotion. Its background colour, writing font, pictures, and videos can all be themed to reflect the coin. It creates a more legitimate and official aura that better explains the project visually. The first impression from a project website can last up to 6 months in the customers’ minds.

Project websites allow for fast and efficient feedback gathering from prospective customers. One can easily check the traffic to the website and gauge If it is effective or not. By incorporating a place for customer feedback and reviews, one could easily know what the market thinks and where to correct it. Good reviews or complaints being solved promptly attract even more investors to the project.

Take Away

Promoting one’s crypto project is undoubtedly one of the most crucial parts of project development. It requires considerable time and energy to ensure the public knows as much about the project as possible.

Nevertheless, the process shouldn’t gobble up too much of your resources since money is a scarce commodity. The cited promotion methods in the article offer the best balance between promotion costs and their effectiveness. Even better is when a developer integrates all the above four seamlessly. Top crypto marketing agencies like Cryptovirally offer and integrate all these services while adding branding and community development to crypto projects. It could help solve all of one’s promotion needs under one platform.

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