TV Interviews

Our crypto marketing services company is proud to offer a unique and valuable service – TV interviews for those in the cryptocurrency industry.

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Benzinga Interview
Benzinga Online and Social Media Video Production Interview
Benzinga Interview
Original price was: $15000.Current price is: $10000.
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Fox5, NBC and CW Miami
3 Different interviews Fox5, NBC and CW Miami
Fox5, NBC and CW Miami
Original price was: $20000.Current price is: $18000.
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Bloomberg TV
Bloomberg TV Interview - 6 PM EST on Saturdays
Bloomberg TV Interview
Original price was: $25000.Current price is: $23000.
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Fox Businesss
Fox Businesss Interview at 10:30pm PST on Mondays
Fox Business Interview
Original price was: $25000.Current price is: $23000.
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How does the TV interview work for a crypto project?

The interview process is split into 4 simple steps: locking the interview and broadcast slots, preparing the storyboard, recording the interview and broadcasting. Everything will take place within 7 days.

How does the interview take place? Is it recorded or a live interview?

The interview is recorded, it is not live. Usually, the interview takes place via Zoom. However, we've had projects that went in the studio to record the interview, as they were near by.

Will I get the questions in advance or am I able to propose questions?

Yes. The interviewing team will work closely with you to ensure the storyboard is a smooth as possible.