Crypto Success with Mainstream Media PR: GhostDAG’s 24H Surge

In the dynamic world of cryptocurrency, staying ahead in the market requires innovative strategies and impactful media presence., a forward-thinking player in the crypto space, recently leveraged a comprehensive marketing package from CryptoVirally to achieve remarkable success. This case study explores how the “Business Insider + Mainstream Media PR + Awareness Silver + Crypto PR” package (see report below in the article) played a pivotal role in’s success and rapid ascent. Read this article to understand best the positive impact crypto marketing services bring to any crypto-related project.


The Story of serves as a platform for KAS’s early adopters. Believing fervently in KAS’s potential to rise as a top 5 Cryptocurrency, it aspires to become a leading mining entity. leverages its extensive Ethereum community network to enhance the KAS ecosystem. The team implements strategies like mining KAS, raising social engagement across several media platforms, and organizing awareness campaigns.

Moreover, the GDAG ERC-20 token allows users to mine KAS seamlessly without leaving Ethereum. Ethereum’s widespread use and popularity permit more miners to contribute to Kaspa’s expansion.

The reward system for mining is not limited to contributing to network scalability but also includes enticing benefits. KAS’s recent listings on premier CEXs demonstrate institutional adoption, potentially raising the token’s demand and value. Consequently, this could lead to increased rewards for miners and token holders.

Regarding growth potential, Kaspa’s relatively new status provides ample opportunities for evolution and growth. Many traditional ecosystems on other chains remain unexplored on Kaspa, making it a lucrative area for expansion and growth.

Details about and the KASPA ecosystem can be found on the project’s website. Obviously, they are also present on social media: X (Twitter)  and Telegram.


The Game-Changing Package

Press Release Powerhouse opted for our most sought-after package, tailored to maximize exposure and credibility for their success. Part of the dedicated “Limited Offers” section of the CryptoVirally website, there are best-buy bundles, with discounts of up to 70% discount! By far one of the top best-sellers, the “Business Insider + Mainstream Media PR + Awareness Silver + Crypto PR” package includes:

  • Press Release on Business Insider & Mainstream Media: A guaranteed feature on prestigious platforms such as Business Insider, APNews, MarketWatch, MorningStar, Benzinga, Yahoo Finance, and up to 12 Yahoo international versions, DigitalJournal, StreetInsider, and InvestorObserver.

Business Insider Publication


  • Awareness Silver + Crypto PR: An additional layer of publicity for the Press Release (PR) written by the CryptoVirally team. This time, focusing on crypto-centric channels to amplify’s success and presence in the relevant market.

Sometimes things sound too good to be true. Who can actually think that you can get up to 70% discount on bundled services? And who tells you that for $2000 you can get 1 Press Release (PR) article written and published on “Business Insider + Mainstream Media PR + Awareness Silver + Crypto PR”?

Well, the best way to see what you get for the price you pay is to take a look at the actual report here.


Seamless Purchase Experience

The team was particularly impressed with the streamlined buying process. The ease of adding the package to the cart and checking out, coupled with diverse payment options like bank transfers, credit/debit cards, PayPal, and crypto payments via XMoney, significantly enhanced the customer experience. The automated invoice delivery system added another layer of convenience. All these trustworthy guarantees combined with the reviews shared on Trustpilot made taking a decision very easy.


The Success Story

Immediate Impact

Post-implementation of our package, GhostDAG witnessed a 24-hour surge in market presence. The meticulously crafted press releases resonated with their target audience, resulting in increased website traffic and heightened interest in their offerings.’s success is no simple coincidence, it’s a result of well steady marketing effort.



Building Credibility and Trust

The exposure on esteemed media platforms established as a trustworthy and influential figure in the crypto world. This visibility not only attracted new clients but also cemented their reputation among existing stakeholders.


Why CryptoVirally?

Expertise in Crypto Marketing

Without a doubt, our in-depth understanding of the crypto market allows us to create bespoke marketing strategies that resonate with both crypto enthusiasts and novices. Our wide array of services, including influencer marketing, social media campaigns, and comprehensive SEO strategies, are tailored to meet the unique needs of each project. With over 150+ ready to buy packages, each with clear details and transparent pricing, it’s easy to do your own research and choose the service you consider best.


Visible Results

Obviously, we continuously upgrade our strategies, so they deliver tangible outcomes. The case is a testament to our commitment to driving results, showcasing a significant boost in web traffic, engagement, and conversion rates. Other clear success stories and case studies are always shared directly on the website. Each story describes in-depth the services acquired and the various positive results earned by each project.


Conclusion’s decision to partner with CryptoVirally for their marketing needs led to an impressive surge in their market presence and credibility. This case study underscores the effectiveness of our comprehensive marketing packages in the ever-evolving world of cryptocurrency.

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