February 12, 2023

Top Crypto Marketing Tips

When launching any business, it’s evident that every owner always thinks about making their sales profitable. One thing that always comes to mind is getting more people to buy the product at the best price possible. However, attracting people to trust a new product can be quite a task; thus, every business needs to consider using some of the best market strategies for reaching out. Crypto projects are no different; they should all try to leverage the best marketing strategies to increase their adoption.

But what strategies are best in marketing ICO and crypto projects? Keep reading to find out more.

Social Media Advertising

Social media’s impact on advertising is one that can’t be overlooked. Networking platforms have proven to be the best advertising tools of our time, with the crypto world being one of the top beneficiaries of social media advertising.

The most commonly used social media platforms in the crypto world is Telegram and Twitter. Almost all crypto platforms have a telegram group/channel where they communicate on a person to person level with their clients.

Telegram channels help inform the community of the latest updates, while at the same time, the community updates the developers of errors or bugs in the platforms.

Twitter is an efficient social media platform for advertising crypto work due to its hashtag feature, which helps start campaigns. A crypto platform can start campaigns on social media to advertise its product.

Bounty and Airdrop Campaigns

Bounty campaigns are highly beneficial in multiple advertising levels. It primarily is a process where a crypto platform invites third parties to participate in several activities on behalf of the project.

For instance, bug bounty programs are designed to identify bugs in developers’ software to work on them. In return for completing the given activities, the users are rewarded with coins. Mostly these programs center on technical activities.

On the other hand, airdrops involve distributing free tokens to those who register for the airdrops. In return, the users increase awareness and inform others of the great opportunities.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is among the most productive advertising strategies of our day. It involves taking advantage of influencers, persons with large numbers(millions) of followers.

However, using influencers in marketing crypto projects requires examining the influencer choice and their ability to explain the project well. The influencer must illustrate how the new project will affect their daily trading needs to the crypto community.

The developer needs to talk to the influencer and give them all-around details about the project without damaging its reputation. In addition, an influencer who has already shown past interest in the crypto world should be most preferred in ICO marketing.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is another common way of advertising any ICO project. It involves using third parties to complete all your marketing needs, and in return, they earn commissions from the number of sales made.

Take, for instance, cryptocurrency; the affiliate party may advertise to their friends or others and receive commissions on their affiliates’ profits. Affiliate marketing is quite common in the crypto world.

Leveraging Crypto Calendars and Publications

Things often happen fast in the crypto world, and if the investors are not prepared, they may lose out on ample opportunities. As such, many platforms choose to keep an up to date calendar of the projects they plan to release in a particular year.

As a developer or owner of a project, it’s essential to keep the crypto community aware of what you do and the next thing you plan to do. Failing to inform the community early enough about the project may prevent it from getting the required attention, thus deeming it obsolete.

Early information will leave the community well prepared for your product’s release. For instance, are you launching your project’s tokens’ public presale soon? Have you made the entire community aware?

Take advantage of websites that help provide calendar services, including CoinMarketCal. It’s crucial to provide monthly updates and reviews on what you have achieved on your calendar for the month.

PR and Media

Publish press releases of your project on crypto news platforms frequently to ensure the product reaches a wider audience.

There are reputable news publications that are great for marketing the ICO product. Through such websites, you can enjoy the benefits of great exposure and a broad reach.

Final Word

In conclusion, advertising a crypto project to speed up its adoption is hard, but it’s one thing any project developer cannot leave to chance. It’s a serious task that requires serious attention to details about the market and leveraging the best advertising strategies.

Among the best advertising strategies include social media crypto publications, airdrops, bounties, and crypto websites. One can get the best exposure in social media since over 2 billion social media users are today. Leveraging influencers and affiliate marketers is another way to ensure your project gets an accelerated adoption rate.

Another tool that can help all investors and developers in their crypto marketing needs is Crypto virally. It provides services like press releases, viral marketing, community management, project marketing, content awareness, graphic, and web design.

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