February 12, 2023

Top 5 Best Ways to Get Your Crypto Project Out to the Public

Today, there are thousands of crypto projects competing in different industries in the cryptocurrency space. Bitcoin, the oldest crypto project, has notably seen tremendous growth in the user base and coin’s value.

Estimates indicate that there are currently over 100 million Bitcoin users globally. Gaining such a large audience is a process and, of course, requires well-thought-out marketing strategies.

Every new project developer that succeeds in their ICOs must design an effective crypto marketing campaign for their crypto startups. Read on to see the five best ways to get your cryptocurrency project out to the public.


A podcast can help one reach a large audience without necessarily moving to their physical locations. Crypto project owners can use ordinary podcasts, although adding the visual element could bear more impact. Studies show that humans are visual creatures, and 30% of the human brain is devoted to the eyes.

That said, a video podcast is even a more powerful crypto marketing option. Of course, you will need to create a compelling title for the podcast and make sure your content is relevant to the cryptocurrency industry.

The initial episode can be more about an overview of cryptocurrency or your project’s niche. The podcast shouldn’t be too vague and, at the same time, should not overemphasize your crypto project.

Additionally, you can post video podcasts on YouTube, and this increases your audience base. CryptoAdventure.org provides much of the necessary details about cryptocurrencies, but real crypto enthusiasts are looking for worthy crypto projects everywhere. Potential fans could be browsing for podcasts like yours on YouTube.

Currently, YouTube has over 2 billion users, so it’s a powerful platform to help your project reach the crypto community.

Guest Interviews

Some renowned financial technology experts run video blogs or podcasts, where they hold interviews with scheduled guests. It can be a good place to start your online marketing campaign. All that is needed is to secure an appointment as a guest to a cryptocurrency-related network that aligns with your project and engages an existing audience.

It would help to take some time to review their style of interviews and see how suitable they are for launching your project. You can contact the series via email or other suitable forms, and remember to focus on detailing what you can do for them first. The benefit should be mutual so showing excessive interest in marketing your new project could attract negative feedback.

Social Media and Websites

According to recent reports, about 60% of the world’s population is using the internet. Social media seems to be the greatest reason behind increased internet use, with social media users exceeding 3.8 billion people globally. These statistics make social media platforms invaluable tools for marketing cryptocurrency projects and reach the broadest audience.

Besides, the world is going digital, and social media platforms are among the most powerful online marketing tools. Facebook, which is among the most popular social networks, has multiple pages and groups where discussions about blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies, IPOs, and ICOs happen.

These groups and pages provide an excellent channel for interacting with a part of the cryptocurrency community, build trust, and promote new projects. Project developers can also share links to their websites with crucial information about the project where crypto enthusiasts can log on and learn more.


Lately, there has been a boom in cryptocurrency events, including conferences following the industry’s rapid growth. Cryptocurrency-related conferences provide project developers with an opportunity to meet a large audience that is passionate about crypto projects.

Recent event marketing statistics show that most marketers recognize the importance of in-person connections, even as the world turns digital. Marketers argue that in-person events have a significant impact on business outcomes.

Conferences support such connections and the building of relationships that can significantly influence cryptocurrency adoption. Teams with new crypto projects can assume prominent roles in major meetings and use the opportunity to launch their project and demonstrate project features and benefits.

Cryptocurrency Visionaries, Experts, and Ambassadors

The cryptocurrency industry has many influencers, educators, and ambassadors, all experts in the field. Some of them are renowned individuals trusted for their knowledge and expertise in cryptocurrencies and other crypto projects. Some also serve as freelance consultants and can be quite useful in steering new cryptocurrency adoption.

Crypto project teams can, therefore, look for popular cryptocurrency influencers and teachers and sign an agreement. The cryptocurrency community trusts them, and an ambassadorship for your brand will significantly spread awareness about your project.

Influencers and educators can also use their social platforms that most probably have a large following of cryptocurrency enthusiasts to promote your project to the public.


The cryptocurrency space is currently on the hype as one of the most profitable investment options. At the same time, it carries a reputation for insecurity following the rise of scam ICOs and mass hacking. However, cryptocurrency projects are still coming up.

Investors only need to exercise diligence and read the signs of deceptive ICOs. Project developers have the challenge of presenting their cryptocurrency projects to the public and create the right impressions. The launch is critical to the project’s success, but developers can take confidence in the above five ways of unveiling their projects.

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