February 12, 2023

Tips for Creating a Successful Crypto Viral Marketing Campaign

Do you know that viral marketing is one of the most effective marketing strategies, especially in the digital world? Crypto viral marketing campaign is a fantastic method of generating traffic for cryptocurrencies. Over the years, viral marketing has gained popularity due to its positive effect on business advertising.

Viral marketing relies on an audience to generate a product or a service message. The service reaches its full potential when the public shares information about a product. Viral marketing requires reliable platforms like social media. Below are some of the tips for creating a successful crypto viral marketing campaign.

  1. Creating a Podcast 

Podcasts are useful because they allow you to reach out to many people without meeting them physically. For example, Coin DMZ provides cryptocurrency information, and the CEO of WAX Token co-hosts the program. Avoid being too broad when explaining a particular topic. Engaging your audience one on one helps form a more personal connection with your brand.

  1. Designing Unique Branding

Selective marketing sets a product apart from the competition. For example, altcoin’s success in the market is because its branding is towards a particular subculture. A strong branding requires one to keep the brand’s logo, website, and promotional products consistent. Using a distinctive logo or visual theme helps set the product apart. Consistent branding informs the audience of your dedication towards a particular set of values.

  1. Doing an Airdrop

Airdrops, mostly used by blockchain-based decentralized systems, is an effective marketing strategy. The technique is a promotional strategy used to spread awareness about cryptocurrencies. You may send free coins to current holders of crypto wallets,  and in turn, they advertise your product. To qualify for a gift,  clients need to have a minimum number of coins in their wallets.

Alternatively, the client is required to perform a specific task, such as sharing about the cryptocurrency on a social media forum. An excellent example of an airdrop website is EOS Drops. When you attract more people, you draw a larger community that becomes more willing to buy coins from a well-established base.

  1. Conducting Interviews

A guest interview on a video blog is an effective way of reaching your audience. The good thing with video blogs is, the audience is already interested in your product. Doing an interview means you don’t need to build your audience from scratch. This method requires one to familiarize themselves thoroughly with the topic. As a result, when preparing for the interview, you don’t need to over-rehearse the subject such that it comes out as a scripted lecture during the interview.

One needs to consider the quality of equipment for the interview. A good interview requires high-quality recording for both the video and the audio.

  1. Join a Conference

Giving your product exposure through conferences is an effective marketing strategy. Platforms like DevCons allow cryptocurrency enthusiasts and developers to meet and exchange ideas in person. Such platforms give your product more exposure and help you gain more knowledge as you interact with other business persons.

Bring handouts detailing your cryptocurrency goals as well as promotional infographics such as stickers and branded writing materials. You can also sponsor the event. Financing such a conference makes people associate the value of your product.

  1. Social Media

How someone communicates information about a particular product on social media determines the difference between its failure and success. Social media platforms help build trust between you and your community. Below are some of the online channels where somebody can advertise your product.

Facebook/ Twitter

Through Facebook and Twitter groups and pages, one can engage the audience through comments. This platform helps build trust between you and your community.


Telegram channels have gained popularity over the years. Somebody can create a channel for your community where you will help them create a viral marketing campaign.

  1. Design an Excellent Reliable Website

A reliable website may be the foundation of a viral marketing campaign for your cryptocurrency. Opening a great website requires expertise. Therefore, you may need an expert to help in creating one. Your website should be easy to navigate and contain all the necessary information you need to convey to your community.

This platform helps developers convince their audience to invest in their coin and helps the developer state its benefits. The website also can help explain the future of the currency.

  1. Use Affiliate Marketing Strategy

The affiliates send traffic to your website or blog in exchange for a commission. Professional affiliates may know more people than you and have more networks. Therefore, it is crucial to secure a  reliable associate to advertise the currency.

  1. Exploit Influential Market Users

Well respected expert users in a community may help in your marketing campaign. Providing information about your product to these people may turn them into advocates for your product. Additionally, expert users provide valuable expert feedback on product functionality. The insiders share information about the product, thereby enhancing social networks.

Identify expert users and develop a program to provide them with extra expert support. Help your team to build an ambassador program around them.


Looking at crypto viral marketing campaigns, it is evident that it is the future strategy for advertising any business. Some successful business owners have already adopted viral marketing as a strategy to enhance their businesses. Viral marketing seems like a worthy investment considering the current technology advancement for business owners in general.

Viral marketing will soon take over in the advertising world. As a result, both small and big businesses should focus on the service for maximized benefits. Combining the tips above with more insights from Crypto Virally, you will create a successful crypto viral marketing campaign.

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