February 12, 2023

4 Skills Every Crypto Marketer Needs

Blockchain technology unlocked a world of tools and opportunities for global economic development. While providing opportunities for higher specialists like software engineers, data scientists, and other developers, blockchain still creates gaps in the smaller supporting roles like marketing. Cryptocurrencies are the technology’s primary financial tools that have made a wave as the best investment and trading options. The demand for them is rising every day, but despite the fact, crypto businesses are all over the internet with marketing campaigns. If you are a business looking to set up a marketing team for your crypto project or an aspiring crypto marketer, here is a quick tip on every crypto marketer’s skills.

1.  Determining What Customers Value

A product or service is more likely to dominate the market by delivering what customers want and in the best way possible. Marketers should not present or design products based on what they think customers want. Instead, the ideal marketing experts should have insights for identifying what users consider valuable and help the development team embed it into the product or service. Simply put, people will only buy what they need.

The market usually contains a mixture of people with different demographics, some of whom are potential users. The users have different levels of passion for the project and find it more valuable than the speculating group. In any case, they are all customers and deserve fair treatment. However, a great marketing expert should distinguish the different groups of customers available. They should also provide insights for the integration of all their needs in the final product.

Such skills prove useful in market segmentation and targeting since the marketing team can focus more on the most valuable segments.

2.  Networking Capabilities

If you lack sharp networking abilities, you may not realize your marketing efforts’ desired outcome. Networking is a useful aspect for marketers and individuals in other careers and even in business. It involves reaching out to individuals, organizations, forums, and communities and building meaningful relationships. Crypto marketers need to be good at creating virtual connections since most crypto marketing campaigns run virtually.

Excellent networking skills will benefit crypto marketers in various ways. You could get referrals, opportunities, connections, build confidence, and gain positive influences from networking forums and networking activities. Remember, all these will be opportunities to promote the crypto project to people who can spread awareness.

3.  Understand the Fundamentals

In any marketing, you will want to tell your audience how the product or service works. Crypto projects are based on blockchain technology which is relatively complex. Without a proper understanding of the protocols, marketers could find themselves in an awkward position when they can’t explain the product features and functionalities.

Yup founder and former Columbia Blockchain Club President says that even at job interviews in crypto-related companies, one thing you will surely hear is how Bitcoin works. Some of your audience may have heard about the project already but not necessarily the finer details. Therefore, Crypto marketers should be individuals who can grasp even the most complex aspects of the products or services they advertise.

4.  Effective Communication

Marketing is about presenting a product to the masses and explaining its use so that the audience recognizes its value. However, it’s not just about showing the product characteristics, but how well you can do that. Besides, we all know that effective communication is essential in marketing that not everybody can master.

Cryptocurrency projects have the challenge of convincing the masses about their authenticity. The situation mainly follows the rise of fraudulent schemes right from the ICOs to some crypto tokens. The advertising team needs to gather the facts and incentivize word of mouth to win the masses’ trust. Simultaneously, sounding too promotional or presenting the project as too good could also raise suspicion among the audience.

Therefore, communication should meet the standards of effective communication, and at the same time, achieve its particular marketing goal of creating value. Most crypto marketing campaigns happen virtually, which means a lot of promotional content creation for different platforms.

Marketers should put themselves in the audience’s shoes and empathize with their situation. That way, they can know the right language to speak to the masses and unlock value for the product. They also need to distinguish their audience and their comprehension levels. Knowing the difference helps them know where to go technical, especially when explaining detailed aspects of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies.


Crypto marketing work may seem relatively straightforward, mainly because it happens behind the screens most of the time. However, marketers need to know that it still has its technical and analytical bits. Besides, the world is fast-changing, and the traditional marketing methods will not work anymore in the digital era, at least not for digital coins and blockchain.

All crypto marketers need to have a deep understanding of; the cryptocurrency space and its projects, possess digital networking and communication skills and unlock the value of crypto projects. Without these critical skills, marketing efforts may not be a success.

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