February 12, 2023

Top ICO and Cryptocurrency Marketing Strategies

ICOs are relatively a new venture and are snowballing due to the development of new cryptocurrencies. 2017 was a breakthrough year for cryptocurrencies, with close to $6 billion raised from various ICO projects. About 430 successful cryptocurrency projects amassed this amount.

Despite the vast impression ICOs left, not every project emerged triumphantly. Only 48% of ICOs were able to hit their weak point in 2017. There are currently over 1,500 cryptocurrencies, and more and more cryptocurrencies are emerging.

It has increased competition and made it increasingly difficult for new cryptocurrencies to get their soft copy. An effective ICO marketing strategy is a necessity to promote an ICO and reach its target market.

  1. Designing a Great Website

A great website should be the foundation for your ICO marketing strategy. It will impress your target audience. So, before starting your ICO, make sure you have a well-optimized website.

Plan the layout of your site. It should be easy to navigate and have a simple design that allows the visitor to get as much information as possible in the shortest time. A website containing many unnecessary details tends to fend off visitors that will hurt your ICO marketing.

  1. Social Media

Social media is an invaluable tool for the success of an ICO marketing campaign. The difference between ICO failure and success lies in how you communicate the ICO to your target audience.

Social media platforms offer massive opportunities to promote your ICO project and build trust with the community and potential investors. Common online channels where you can market your ICO include Facebook, Reddit, Quora, Telegram, and specialized forums.

Most social media platforms don’t require a lot of capital to manage, so it’s suitable if you’re on a budget.

  1. Press Release/Media Outreach

Once your base is ready, you should get prepared for your first PR and media approach. The press release technique will exceed your reach (depending on your ICO and your social media presence before the press release).

Many media houses and publishers write specifically for crypto and exchanges. It will help you reach a potential audience who is specifically interested in your currency. But this will make holes in your pocket because such events are usually expensive.

  1. Airdrops

As you know, tokens and airdrops are becoming more common over time. To price, issuing several free tokens to investors, the project also increases the token’s real-world presence.

Additionally, airdrops are very popular with investors and are a great way to get people interested in the project. Of course, the more free tokens you provide, the better chance your community will have to develop from scratch.

  1. Bounty Campaigns

Bounty programs include providing incentives and rewards in the form of free coins for individuals to complete tasks. If successful, this program will be essential in promoting your ICO. These icons create awareness of your ICO.

It is important to control the rewards program because too many free tokens can give your ICO a lousy image. On the other hand, few tokens may not motivate people to help you with your marketing campaign.

  1. Email Marketing

It is a form of direct marketing. Depending on the quality of an email campaign, this can produce tremendous results. Email marketing involves sending targeted marketing emails from specific people to introduce your new product, offer, etc.

It is an excellent strategy for spreading information about your new coin. However, you should first create an email list and only include people who might be genuinely interested in your product. One can then hire an email marketing service or software to get started.

  1. Interviews

If you do a simple Google or YouTube search, you’ll find that many influential people have a significant number of followers. With that in mind, capturing the audience’s thoughts on an existing channel can be much more useful than trying to attract followers for your channel.

Simultaneously, it is not a rush hour process, and a project is more likely to be received by dealing with an influential person before offering an interview. However, it’s essential to realize that these are usually successful situations where the influencer has something to discuss, and the project receives valuable information.

  1. ICO Listings

Several top-level websites list ICOs. Placing your ICO on such a website will give you high exposure and coverage of your ICO. Some of these websites offer free placements. However, if you want full range, you can get fee-based posts on popular websites.


ICOs are a relatively new company as compliance with these regulations is a very critical issue. Every ICO must meet the requirements of a potential customer for one to invest in it. If you want to be successful in this area, make sure your ICO follows all SEC guidelines from the start.

It will help you make your ICO strategy successful. To promote an ICO, you need to choose a combination of ICO marketing strategies that work for you, and one takes time and in-depth analysis.

Take some time to determine which one is the best on websites such as cryptovirally.com, which offers exclusive content on cryptocurrencies. Also, make sure your ICO is reliable and appropriate.

Lastly, ICO and cryptocurrency projects must make every effort to keep up with the times and maintain a community presence. Attend meetings, take calls, answer questions and make connections. There is never a single reason for a project to succeed; it is the will to stick around.

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