February 12, 2023

The Ideal Demographic to Focus on When Marketing a Crypto Project

Consider the case where you plan to launch a new crypto project soon, or you already have one running. You might already be making your effective marketing strategies but are unsure of the best ways to market. What’s more, when promoting a crypto project, there are many things to consider, including the ideal demographic for marketing needs.

Identifying the ideal demographic is understanding the target audience and the best way to reach them. But what is the ideal demographic for marketing an ICO project? Well, Millennials. To elaborate on this, a read of this guide will help you promote your ICO projects to Millenials.

Market in Top crypto Accepting Countries

The acceptance of crypto assets is increasing at an accelerating rate globally. However, the population distribution of persons interested in crypto assets is not equal in every continent. Therefore, when considering the right demographic for crypto project marketing, you must understand where most of your customers are located.

Also, understand the legal requirements and the adoption rate of crypto in many jurisdictions. In Africa, for instance, Nigeria is taking the lead with the highest number of persons adopting crypto assets, with about 32% knowing crypto. Other countries adopting crypto include Japan, Germany, the US, Vietnam, China, India, Peru, Turkey, and the Philippines.

When thinking about the crypto marketing demographics, you must consider where cryptocurrencies are most commonly used. Europe has the most significant number of crypto users, and the knowledge about crypto is increasing. Therefore, when considering the market, ensure your strategies can reach the European market.

The gender demographic is another factor to consider, with males having much more interest in crypto. Recently the female population has accepted crypto at a fast and increasing rate.

Market your Projects to Millenials

When looking to sell a new ICO project, the best population section to follow is the millennials. The population comprises young individuals born between 1981 and the 2000s. Millennials have been increasingly interested in the crypto space.

According to a Bloomberg report, almost 30% of persons between 18-34 would prefer investment in Bitcoins to stocks or bonds. Over 40% of the millennial population have heard something about Bitcoin. Other statistics show that 20% of college students have been using their loans for Bitcoin purchases.

Generally, marketing to the millennial population will attract users faster. Therefore, you need to ensure you focus most of your crypto marketing on the younger population. Young minds need to be educated about cryptocurrencies to make better decisions going forwards.

Millennials and Internet Access

Global internet access is increasingly growing, with billions globally getting access to the internet. The biggest group of persons with internet access is Millennials.

Currently, all crypto projects and blockchain applications leverage the internet. For instance, most of these projects have websites, phone applications for both Android and iPhone devices. These applications all use bandwidth to provide services to the general crypto community.

Millennials take a big chunk of the global population using social media platforms today, spending about 150 minutes daily on the internet. About 84% of persons aged 18-29 years use social networking platforms. Contrarily, only 45% of persons aged 65 and above years have used social media. Therefore, the best place to attract the millennial generation is by using social networking platforms.

You can use the popular ones like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or the most popular ones in a particular country. For example, the platforms above are not used in China. Therefore, looking at those statistics, it’s clear that millennials’ internet access is the best demographic to focus on when marketing crypto projects.

Millennials and Technological Knowledge

Young minds are also currently having the best knowledge about computing. For instance, young minds are more interested in getting the best devices with the best specifications to fulfill as many tasks as needed. Moreover, millennials understand computing and digital technologies better than the elderly.

When it comes to cryptocurrencies, some knowledge of the computing world is required. For instance, running nodes, staking, participating in exchanges, etc., all need access to a smart device like phones or computers. Therefore, focusing on the millennial group will help you market and increase the number of users of your platform.

Final Word

After looking into the crypto world and the population demographics, it’s clear that millennials are the best age set to focus on for your ICO marketing. Millennials can better use the internet and participate in crypto activities. Even more, it’s easier for a millennial to understand digital currencies than the older generation. Their knowledge of computers and digital devices makes them an excellent ready market for crypto products.

When marketing, you need to focus your energy on suitable geographic locations, i.e., countries without bans and countries with fast adoption. Only by identifying the best crypto selling point will you effectively market a crypto ICO project.

However, doing all the work by yourself can bring about less desirable results. If you want perfect results and outstanding engagement, look at our marketing services to get in touch with professional blockchain technology marketers who can help you identify the right population and proper advertising techniques.

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