February 12, 2023

How to Launch a Fruitful STO

Since the introduction of the concept of blockchains, there have been significant advancements in the financial world. One benefit of blockchain technology is that it’s the center of cryptocurrencies like BTC, ETH, LTC, and others raised through ICOs.

The latest trend in the blockchain world is the introduction of Security Token Offering (STO), which are tokens backed with a real asset. Experts are already suggesting that 2021 could lead to the most significant growth in the STO world.

You are probably among the innovative developers who want to launch a new STO, but you don’t understand the complexities of the crypto space processes. Keep reading to note what to do to ensure you launch your STO successfully.


As in any other business, the first step to launching an STO is idea generation. Often generating an idea requires lots of brainstorming and comparing different facets, creating a desirable investment that falls within the legal bounds. It would be best if the idea is;

  • An introduction of an original concept in the crypto world
  • A solution to existing problems
  • Has a way of gaining value, i.e., how does it gain value?
  • Posses attractive attributes

After identifying the project, the investor should draft a whitepaper addressing the new STO’s different aspects. The things you should cover include the business model, technical aspect, legal disclaimer, product details, the team members, and advisors.

Moreover, it’s at the preparation stage that the STO website is created. When creating this website, consider making it usable, convenient, and highly reliable. Consequently, ensure your project’s website adheres to the KYC and AML procedures.


At this point, you practically introduce your STO to the market to increase the awareness of the tokens. The aim of this is to increase the attention of your STO before releasing it to the public.

To introduce the project, you need to take advantage of websites that list STOs. Moreover, there are several things you are supposed to do at this point;

  • Choosing a partner exchange- It’s crucial to make partnerships with a reliable crypto exchange. There are exchanges currently designed purposely for security tokens and are regulated by the SEC. Due to that, users will enjoy top liquidity even though security tokens are often not so liquid. The exchange chosen should align with AML and KYC.
  • Moreover, during the Pre-STO stage, it’s essential to look for the best custodian platforms to provide asset collateral for your security tokens. Among them include Coinbase and Prime Trust, offering fiat, real estate documents, and collateral.
  • Start the creation of the security token. At this point, you have to prepare a funded Metamask account and create an account on Polymath. Create the token symbol and commence the creation of your new token.

Marketing the STO

Before the STO, you need to conduct heavy marketing of your STO. The reason some STOs fail immediately after launching is the lack of adequate marketing techniques. Marketing helps in identifying the target audience and making them aware of the new project.

It’s easier to market an STO than an ICO because investors trust STOs due to their tangible asset backing. Among the best ways of marketing include SEO, social media PR, and reviews.


At this point, the Security token officially launches live on the best exchange platforms. The company now sells its tokens and raises funds.

You need to make sure your investors (the crypto community) are pre-informed of how to access the token, making it easy for them to participate in the new token sale. Moreover, there should be a direct link button on the project web page, directing the investors to purchase the tokens.

You must have a predetermined contract of the expected value for the crowd sale and each token’s value. However, you need to do much more than setting the value; you need to connect and assist the investors. Here is how;

  • Leverage social media platforms to communicate to the community
  • Have an emergency helpline number to make it easy for them to contact you
  • Have forums to update the audience about the project

Post STO

Finally, at this point, you need to start by building your product as the support for your new security token. Make the product as easy to use as possible, and prove to your new investors how this product relates to the token and blockchain.

It’s essential to keep the product’s support as good as possible in the post-STO period, making your team accessible 24/7.

Final Word

The first step towards launching a successful STO is doing thorough preparations and generating an idea that will attract investors without second thoughts. Often, ideas are supposed to be solutions to existing problems in the market or the introduction of new inventions. In the Pre-STO stage, you need to identify partner exchanges to give the token liquidity, find a custodian platform and start creating your token.

When launching the STO, you need to ensure you have adequate support for the investors to achieve your crowd sale target. Marketing is vital just before you launch the STO to increase awareness and attract the right audience.

To effectively market your STO, you need assistance from the best, most reliable platforms, and that’s where Crypto Virally comes in. The platform is majoring in marketing crypto businesses to increase the adoption of the crypto world.

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