February 12, 2023

Best Crypto Social Media Platforms to Advertise Crypto Projects

Social media platforms are essentially single points of contact for massive customer bases. The weight of how much we use them in our daily lives signifies why they are a good choice as a medium for crypto marketing. And since blockchain and crypto projects live on the internet, there’s no better avenue for advertising them than social media.

Helping crypto projects take advantage of the social space are influencer marketers, who, studies have shown, provide much higher levels of trust than typical sponsored media.

A successful advertising plan should involve identifying the platform that’s a right fit for you, and engaging crypto social media marketing agencies to help grow your visibility in that space.

Twitter, YouTube, Telegram, Discord, and Reddit are the most popular platforms for promoting crypto brands. This short guide will help you figure out which one among them best suits you.


Discord was initially created for gamers who wished to hold conversations while they played. Interestingly, this is the same demographic from which crypto draws a large chunk of its community, and it’s probably why many crypto developers, marketing firms, and investors in initial coin offerings (ICOs) were so quick to jump onto Discord.

The platform is an excellent site for finding accurate information. Blockchain projects rely on them to build communities where issues can be discussed, questions asked, and real-time data shared.

You can set up a public server or a private community server. Both allow you to sell your product while directly educating people about your project.

You can also join other Discord servers to start a conversation about your crypto project. There are Discord servers that artificially inflate the value of a token. You can also participate in such pumping channels to increase your token prices if you wish.

Being part of giant organizations with like-minded people can help you draw the attention of your target audience to your project.


Reddit calls itself “the front page of the internet” for a reason. According to statistics, the platform has over 50 million active users daily and over 1.5 billion views every month.

Due to its stringent guidelines, privacy-friendly sign-up process, and unique subreddit features, it draws precisely the type of audience interested in crypto and blockchain technology. And to back this up, a ‘Reddit Recap’ estimate from last year indicated that the word ‘crypto’ was mentioned more than 6.6 million times in 2021.

Additionally, for more than ten years, even when crypto was still relatively unknown, the platform played host to over 500 active crypto communities.

According to the Reddit Recap, users on the platform created 366 million posts in 2021, a 19% rise yearly. The social network also had over 2.3 billion comments and 46 billion upvotes as of the end of last year.

So, what makes Reddit a good fit for crypto marketing? Well, the platform makes it easy for crypto marketers to interact directly with users and hodlers of virtually any cryptocurrency. And because users gather in subreddits created especially for them, it’s possible to target a particular crypto group in addition to being able to reach a broader crypto audience.

Reddit also has an effective upvoting system that can be pretty handy in promoting your content. Additionally, the platform provides a valuable insights tab below your post, which helps analyze engagements. It includes information such as the number of views your post has received and the upvote rate.

All in all, Reddit promotes only helpful information while avoiding irrelevant content, and this makes the platform appealing to crypto marketers.


In late 2017, when crypto was just beginning to break into the cluster of services dubbed as ‘mainstream media’ , Telegram became the go-to place for projects looking to build communities. Five years later, it’s still as popular as ever.

Almost all crypto projects still use Telegram to build a closed community. Several of them even have multiple channels for different project participants. It’s still the preferred platform for ICOs and airdrops, and developers also use it to keep their communities updated in real-time.

According to data from Telegram, the network has over 550 million monthly active users and 55.2 million daily users.

Telegram’s standout feature allows users to create groups and channels. Channels don’t support replies, while groups do. This allows crypto projects to separate communication into different categories depending on whether or not they’re looking for a response from the community. For instance, they can publish important news and announcements on their channels and have general discussions in the groups.

Telegram groups can have a maximum of 200,000 members, making it possible for projects to grow a large community in one place. The platform also supports hashtags and mentions to maintain good communication in those huge crypto communities.

A feature allows group admins to pin messages at the top of group chats. Marketers can use that feature to pin important information and ensure that everyone in the group, including those just joining, don’t miss out on things like airdrops or ICOs.

Combined, Telegram’s features make the platform an excellent choice for crypto projects seeking to actively cultivate their community.


Twitter is another popular crypto and blockchain social media platform. The micro-blogging site enables crypto companies and project creators to quickly and directly reach out to a huge follower base.

About 500 million tweets are published on the platform each day from 217 million active users, and a fair percentage of that is crypto-related. All of the biggest influencers and opinion shapers have Twitter accounts. Following crypto entrepreneurs such as Justin Sun, Vitalik Buterin, or Charles Hoskinson can provide you with first-hand information and even direct comments from key people in the industry.

Twitter is where crypto firms post their accomplishments, updates, and press releases. The platform allows advertisers to send brief messages of up to 280 characters to thousands of followers.

Twitter makes it easier to use hashtags to boost the reach of your posts. Hashtags classify and categorize subjects and start conversations.

Furthermore, Twitter allows you to respond to crypto or NFT followers in real-time, and you can like, comment on, or share tweets. Critical tweets can also be pinned to your brand’s account, making them visible to followers.

Another important Twitter feature is the Twitter thread. These are a collection of interconnected tweets that you can use to share an idea that won’t fit 280 characters. Tweet threads help to generate interest in a project’s story.

There are professional services that can help you grow your Twitter followers and increase your influence in one of the most important social media platforms for crypto.


Nothing quite supports long-form video content like YouTube. The video-sharing website is an excellent way to provide material that educates, connects, and informs the crypto market.

Statistics indicate that over 2.6 billion people use the platform at least once a month, with YouTube users accounting for 25% of global mobile traffic.

YouTube is best for hosting any extended footage that discusses your product because visual is much simpler to consume than text.

Furthermore, YouTube videos are incredibly simple to connect to from other channels and are available throughout perpetuity.


Crypto marketing might be difficult for many. Figuring things out on your own can be a daunting and costly procedure. But you can engage a top crypto marketing agency specializing in blockchain marketing. Such professionals are continuously devising effective ways of leveraging social platforms to assist ICOs, NFT projects, DeFi projects, and other crypto ventures to grow swiftly.

Visit Cryptovirally.com for more tips on how to get the best of your crypto project social media marketing campaign.

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