February 12, 2023

How to increase your crypto telegram community?

Telegram is now among the leading instant messaging platforms worldwide, thanks to its unique features. And it’s also the fastest growing social network today, with over 400 million daily active users around the globe. In other words, those numbers are only going up. What does it mean for you as a Crypto Telegram user? Well, you get an ever increasing number of new followers every day. It simply means you could eventually reach out to hundreds or thousands of people at once.

The network’s promotional capabilities are not yet fully developed; however, it’s still very efficient. But how do you start gaining attention on Telegram? How do you increase your community size? Is it possible? Here are some of the tips you can employ to increase your crypto Telegram community;

First Impression Matters

A thriving Telegram community signifies a growing interest in your cryptocurrency project. For those who are “window shoppers,” a quick look at their chat history can help determine if they should stay or unsubscribe. And from that, we learn that one of the most effective ways to impress new users is by showcasing a stream of quality engagement.

To create an irresistible first impression, you should ensure constant engagement. For instance, see to it that three to four of your team members are active on the Telegram page at all times across critical time zones.

Another good idea to employ is greeting new members with a welcoming message, helping them feel at home and get to know your team. Use surveys and polls to gather feedback to encourage discussion and improve the group’s engagement.

One unmentioned yet very important tip is to reduce bad actors. Research shows that 22% of consumers say they would leave a brand’s Telegram community after having a distressing experience such as trolling or bullying. So, it is essential that you look out for signs of spam and trolling in your feed to prevent losing members.

Create a Community Atmosphere

The best crypto communities are built on the idea that everyone should be involved in the project’s vision. If members feel they are contributing to the project’s success, they are more likely to participate in its development, while if the flipside occurs, you are on your own.

Your engagement strategy should help build a community. It should allow you to connect with your audience, share valuable content, and fix the loopholes identified by your community. In addition to being genuine, you should also be able to communicate with your members freely and transparently.

There are some ways that you could create a sense of culture in your Telegram group. These include slogan competitions, meme competitions, incentive contributions, and chat one-on-one.

Optimize Engagement

Essentially, the role of a community manager is to nurture a dialogue. That usually involves distributing an essential piece of content relevant to the topic. For instance, you can share an article about a current event related to cryptocurrencies. By bringing up the latest events, it allows the members to find a common ground for discussion. At the same time, they can keep up with the latest news hence keeping your platform relevant and value-loaded.

You can spark a conversational engagement by asking questions, sharing content, engaging in discourse, and finishing with thoughtful questions. One-sided conversations are often boring, and customers in every kind of business only want one thing to be heard, which is why we say that the customers are always right.

When you ask for feedback, it shows your audience that you care about their opinion and are committed to their goals. You’ll also be able to keep track of their feedback and improve the project’s performance.

A well-designed niche community is more valuable to its users than a universal group. A universal group is loaded with information that is not exactly attractive to all users. On the other hand, a more niche community, for example on bitcoin, will only have members interested in bitcoin and the information shared will mostly regard bitcoin. Notably, you can create multiple communities to enable you to reach out to different audiences and improve the quality of your content.

You can also elevate some members’ engagement level by appointing them as community ambassadors. These individuals can act as ambassadors for your community, acting as both inclusive and conversation-starters. They can help you build strong relationships and distribute important content with your members.

Share Useful Data

Although discussing various aspects of cryptocurrencies is important, it’s not as necessary to talk about blockchain products or the entire industry. Instead, engaging content should remain focused on topics that are relevant to the members of the community.

Having right data is everything in the crypto space; it all comes down to what applies where and what time. Take a look at buying and selling cryptocurrencies. Both can bring millions of dollars in profits, but they can also sniff off as much when done with the wrong information and time. Investors appreciate even modest revenues and sharing such information with your community will allow them to trust you and become regular users.

Inform the public about your project’s progress by releasing announcements. It is imperative for investors to be always aware of a project’s details. If you’re late with something, you should let the community know.

Maintain a Good Attitude

A welcoming attitude creates the ideal environment for everyone. Moderate the conversations in your channel to remove those who are abusive and insult other users, which is also another way to encourage very respectful and sensitive conversations within your community.

Hire a Crypto Marketing Agency

You might want to hire a crypto marketing agency to increase engagement. Agencies such as Cryptovirally will do social media marketing for you to ensure that your Telegram group has more followers. These agencies get the job done and allow you to receive professional help to facilitate the growth of your brand.

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