February 12, 2023

Which Crypto Projects Have the Best Crypto Marketing Today?

Crypto marketing is one of the most vital yet complicated tasks for any project creator. Getting the right marketing strategies requires thorough research. Many crypto projects fail because of poor marketing strategy selections. However, some other projects are successful because of their choices of blockchain marketing strategy. This guide explores six successful crypto projects with the best marketing strategies.


The crypto project with the best marketing strategies at the moment is Dogecoin. The tenth-largest crypto by market cap attracted a massive user base, especially between 2021 and 2022. This network has a near-perfect marketing structure.

Doge launched to capitalize on the concept of memes on social networks like Twitter and Reddit. As a result, millions of people have managed to see the coin and invest in it.

Moreover, Doge enjoys the support of the famous multi Billionaire Elon Musk. In mid-2021, Musk joined the Dogecoin Foundation, which focuses on Doge developments. Musk has continued to post about Doge on his social pages, causing more traffic to the network. Even more recently, Musk announced that Doge could be used to buy Tesla merch. The positive news is an excellent cryptocurrency marketing tool that boosts website traffic.

Axie Infinity

Another project with the most exciting marketing technique is Axie Infinity. Launched in 2018, this crypto gaming network has a large followership of over 1 million players daily. It has 800k members on Discord and 953k followers on Twitter.

What afforded Axie infinity such popularity within the crypto space? It’s the flawless promotion strategies that have given them such popularity.

Axie uses a free grassroots marketing structure where participants sell the game tickets (Axie creatures NFTs) to new users, making profits. This helps ensure that the community participates in increasing the user base. Using its community to market ensures that Axie gains a large userbase without spending a single cent.

The network’s social networking pages are also helpful in marketing. The team keeps in constant communication with their community.

Binance Network

Binance Network is another project with top cryptocurrency marketing strategies. The network had well over 28 million users in October 2021. The network combines many marketing strategies, most of which appear to be effective.

First, Binance has community and marketing managers globally who focus on creating region-specific content. The managers ensure that the social media, chat groups, and other Binance communities align with the network’s mission. Since Binance has customers in over 180 countries, using marketing managers in different countries optimizes marketing techniques.

Binance uses its global Twitter page, which is active with new posts every few hours and 9 million followers. Their CEO Changpeng Zhao also uses his massive influence to market the project.

Binance also posts excellent educational and search engine optimized content to attract many investors to crypto.

Cardano Network

Cardano, the 6th largest crypto by market cap, has a massive impact within the decentralized crypto space. Cardano has around 3.5 million users, with 1.5 million followers on the Cardano community page and a little over 800k on Cardano’s Foundation page.

So, how does Cardano attract such massive numbers? The Twitter pages are Cardano’s main advertising routes. You can get a continuous flow of information about the project on those Twitter pages.

The Cardano developing team IOHK and the founder Charles Hopkinson are also constantly speaking about Cardano on their media pages. The network’s marketing managers track feedback and analyze it to offer an optimal social marketing structure.


Coinbase network has also been a significant influence on the crypto space attracting a userbase of over 73 million users. So, how did Coinbase grow so fast to dominate the crypto market?

First, Coinbase’s original web page is fully optimized for search engines. If you search the words’ buy bitcoin,’ the Coinbase exchange page appears as one of the top sites in the search engine. The SEO on the Coinbase website makes it easy to find the exchange.

Secondly, there are thousands of articles written about this exchange. Some of those many articles are sponsored written content for the network. Moreover, Coinbase uses other techniques like referral programs and reward opportunities to attract investors. Combining SEO, reward, and referral programs optimize Coinbase’s promotional structure.


Ethereum, the second-largest crypto by market cap and the most prominent Defi host, is another successful project with great marketing strategies. Ethereum’s blockchain marketing strategies can never be downplayed.

Most Ethereum marketing is done by Mr.Vitalik Buterin, the project’s Co-founder. If you follow Mr. Buterin, you will realize that he constantly talks about their project and upcoming developments.

At the moment, Ethereum enjoys most of its marketing from Defi and NFT projects building on it. However, Ethereum also has educational resources which are suitable for crypto marketing.

Author’s Take

This guide explores the whole idea of crypto projects with excellent marketing strategies. Doge, the largest meme coin, has some of the best blockchain marketing strategies. Musk, one of the KOL around Doge, constantly posts about the coin, increasing traffic to the project. Axie Infinity’s marketing options involve the existing project users. Cardano uses social media marketing, while Binance and Coinbase focus more on optimizing their websites for search engines.


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