February 12, 2023

Social Platforms With the Ideal Algorithms for Promoting Crypto Projects

Ever since the internet launch, the number of social media platforms has increased from zero to over 100. As a result, social media networks have been a major communication channel and an avenue for trade. For instance, some recent statistics show that as of 2020, about 50 million micro-businesses use Facebook in advertising and marketing their products.

It’s no doubt that social media is a highly effective marketing tool. Since the introduction of cryptocurrency, advertising has been done via social media. From the announcement of the project development, every startup installs social media networks to begin early advertising.

However, what are the best social media networks for advertising cryptocurrency-based projects? Keep reading to get more details.


Twitter is among the top ten most popular social network platforms owing to its many implanted features. Currently, the platform has over 192 million daily active accounts. Therefore, Twitter is one of the best marketing tools for any upcoming crypto project.

But how can you optimize the use of Twitter to market new crypto projects? Generally, you need to leverage the features instilled in the Twitter platform that can help you optimize your marketing. One of the important tools is the hashtag(#) feature, which helps start twitter campaigns. Using hashtags, you can start campaigns that will help market your product.

Moreover, you can check the trending hashtags and use them when posting something online about your business. You can also get the assistance of top Twitter influencers who can help advertise your products to their fanbase. Influencers can use @mention features to mention your project’s page, thus increasing the number of persons visiting your page.

Generally, when using Twitter, you can easily access a huge community and, as such, market your products easily.


Medium is a social networking platform designed to provide great blog posting options for its users. This platform allows the user the ability to add their accounts on the platform. As a result, users can get followers who read their content regularly. According to some statistics, Medium has almost 100 million active users.

Crypto projects can create Medium pages and share all information about the projects. For instance, crypto projects can give information about their token economics, presales, new services launch, and updates about the projects.

Giving updates about the new crypto project, the milestones the project has hit, and the future can help marketing. Unlike Twitter, Medium allows users to post very long articles describing, informing, and analyzing successes and goals.


Telegram is among one of the best social networking platforms having millions of users and monthly visitors globally. According to some statistics, the platform has almost 500 million users in 2021, and the usage rate is continually increasing. Therefore, it is the best platform for building a great user community behind a project.

Almost all new and popular crypto projects have one or multiple Telegram accounts, thus ensuring they reach the wide crypto community. One of the popular Telegrams options for building community is the Channel and groups features. Telegram groups can host 200 thousand members. Therefore, creating a telegram group provides your project with the opportunity to access the very big crypto market.

The channel feature is another great option provided by telegram, capable of broadcasting a message to many people at once. There are no limits in the channel option; therefore, your message will reach the optimal distribution.


Reddit is another top-rated social networking platform commonly used for crypto projects. This platform has an average of 1.5 billion users with a total of 430 million monthly active users.  Accordingly, Reddit has around 52 million very active daily users.

The number of visits on the platform makes this platform a great tool for marketing crypto projects. In addition, many projects have Reddit accounts where they post regular blogs about their projects.

Reddit acts like a forum where people can discuss and share more information about a particular project. On these platforms, users can discuss a specific project.


Discord is another platform for social communications. Until now, Discord has been able to garner over 300 million registered accounts, and the numbers are rising very fast over the years.

Currently, many investors in the crypto and non-crypto world have been using Discord as their marketing alternative. Accordingly, crypto developers use this platform to give information about their projects.


Social networking platforms are excellent marketing tools; every new crypto project must utilize this advertising method. This guide has looked into some of the most popular social networking platforms for advertising crypto projects.

The five mentioned platforms, including Twitter, Telegram, Medium, Discord, and Reddit, have vast followership and many crypto followers. Therefore, leveraging the platforms will help your business get mainstream adoption very fast. However, using social media platforms also requires optimization skills; it’s best if left to professionals.

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