February 12, 2023

Best Crypto Websites to Guest Post

Are you a crypto enthusiast with vast knowledge about the crypto space that you would like to share? Also, do you lack a platform to express your opinions about the crypto world, predict prices of coins like bitcoin, or even state opinions about the crypto market’s relevance? Well, all things considered, crypto guest posting is your solution.

Guest posting involves writing content for another independent website to attract traffic to the website. Often the content aims to advertise, guide, or introduce persons to a new brand or service. Guest posting platforms aid the people who have opinions and critiques about the crypto market but lack a medium or a website to discuss their issues.

It is a common practice in the crypto world, with many crypto websites taking advantage of this model to boost their SEO rankings. But what are the best websites for guest posting services? Keep reading to find out more.

Crypto Adventure

Crypto Adventure is one of the most popular cryptocurrency websites. They recently announced their new crypto guest post feature: a self-service platform is designed to help cryptocurrency businesses and publishers reach crypto communities at an affordable price.

With this portal, Crypto Adventure makes it easy for companies and publishers to get their message out and connect with potential customers.

Here is how the process works:

  1. The first step users must complete their registration.

  2. The second step is to choose the package that fits the user’s budget and needs.

  3. The third step is writing the post, including all relevant topics related to crypto projects, trends, activities, and more.

  4. The fourth step is the approval stage. Usually, this process takes up to 12h.

Crypto Adventure is a great way to get a message out there and drive more traffic to their website. Thanks to its low prices, simple registration process, and flexible packages, anyone can benefit from this platform’s popularity.


Coinsutra is one of the most prolific crypto websites, providing some of the top-quality crypto resources to help rookie and experienced crypto users. This platform regularly updates its content to ensure the information displayed therein will help the crypto enthusiasts. It was initially planned to be a bitcoin-only portal, but it became more apparent that crypto news is necessary for the business.

Here is a guide on the content they accept for guest posting;

  • Crypto guide, analysis, and tutorial;
  • The articles should be 800+ words;
  • The write-up must contain highly informative content.

The platform pays good money for people writing jobs. Even more, it is easy to apply to write for coin sutra by applying using their email address.


Coinfomania is a crypto-focused platform launched in July 2018 to cover daily crypto updates, news, guides, reviews, analysis, etc. Firstly, the platform gives up-to-date information on currencies including BTC, ETH, XRP, the general crypto world, and blockchain technology.

Coinfomania aims to provide quality content, improve its reliability, and assist investors in their decision-making.

The platform offers guest post opportunities, a community that has proven to be fast-growing. However, there are strict guidelines found on their page of which every guest poster has to adhere to before submitting their posts.

  • Posts are strictly blockchain and crypto-related;
  • Guides should have a 700 minimum word count, while news should have a minimum of 300 words;
  • The content has to be unique;
  • Content should be well structured, with zero grammatical errors;
  • Simple short sentences, paragraphs, subheading, and bullet points are their formatting way;
  • Send the documents using Google Docs.

Coin Info

Coin info is another crypto news and reviews platform designed to better things in the crypto world. Equally important, it provides guides and crypto platform reviews, as well as even more analysis to increase the information supply.

This platform also provides guest post opportunities for every writer globally. The platform has a whole community of bloggers, fans, followers, and vast numbers of subscribers.

The platform provides paid guest posts opportunities with the following guidelines;

  • Unique, gripping, written in perfect English;
  • Content should be blockchain-related, including crypto assets;
  • Top-quality articles.

To apply, send a sample of some of your best works to their email address at [email protected].

BTC Geek

BTC Geek is a crypto blog designed to cater to the bitcoin and crypto community’s needs as a whole. Altogether, the platform, which was launched in 2013, has been publishing news and expert opinions over the years.

  • Among the guidelines for writing for BTC geek include;
  • No rewritten content;
  • The articles have to belong and take an in-depth analysis of the market;
  • They accept introduction posts and essential guides;
  • Crypto and BTC-related content only.

To start writing for BTC geek, you can send them an email at [email protected].

Block Publisher

Block publisher is a crypto and blockchain news publication platform designed to add value to the general blockchain community. Basically, Blockpublisher focuses on crypto projects from startups, analyses what they are working on, and reports on the use cases.

To bolster quality, Block publishers set editors in almost all publication sections. The platform also supports guest posts when they adhere strictly to the following guidelines;

  • The article should be written in English;
  • The minimum word count is 1200 words;
  • The article must be highly informative;
  • Only original work;
  • The write-up must have images;
  • The write-up must cite and Credit all the information sources.

Guest Posting on Crypto Adventure

Cryptoadventure.org is an excellent platform to try for guest posting services. Explicitly, it provides a wide array of services, including the content marketing package for guest posting. The site will unquestionably help you with all your advertising endeavors.


The art of guest posting has been a source of advertising and money-making opportunities for the writers. Undeniably, many platforms provide the services, and the write-up has discussed a few of the best platforms for guest posts.

Most of these platforms set these guidelines on their website on a page dubbed, ‘Write for us.’ However, to take advantage of these opportunities, a user must carefully adhere to the guidelines, including the articles’ lengths and quality.

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