February 12, 2023

5 Things an NFT Website Needs

An NFT Marketplace website is an important hub for painters, art lovers, auctioneers, and painters. These marketplaces have presented great opportunities, especially when art museums and gallery doors are closed from organizing auctions and in-house artwork selling.

The NFT marketplace is without a doubt lucrative, and it’s up to you to think of how you can profit from this trend. One such opportunity is coming up with an NFT marketplace. In 2021, NFT sales totaled $24.9 billion, up from $94.9 million in 2020. The purchase and selling of NFTs have led to the advent of entirely new websites, and NFT marketplace design is ultimately a new task for web designers and developers.

If you are looking to design an NFT website, here are five things that are a must-have for an NFT Website.

About Page

The About page provides basic information about your NFT website. Visitors who go to this section have various questions, but their main objective is to find out why they are on that site or need to be on it. This section may also be referred to as “About Our Company,” “Our Story,” or “Our Vision.” Some businesses also choose to include a roadmap on this page to inform the visitors about what they can expect.

A good website is a key to ensuring your project is successful and well marketed. Yes, you may have a massive community. Still, if these followers visit your website to buy and have an awful experience, they will not buy. The “About” section is where you have to wow your audience. It should tell people who you are and why they should invest in your project.

Your NFT website About page should answer these 5Ws:

  • Who are You?
  • What do you do?
  • When did you start creating or selling NFTS?
  • Why should people trust or invest in your project?
  • Where are you?

Meet the Team Page

When visitors go to your site and click on the “Meet the Team” link, they would like to feel what your team is like after browsing through this page. Typically, your most vital asset in business is your team. This page is sometimes referred to as an extension of the about page. It’s all about introducing your workmates or employees to the visitors. The factors contribute to the success and development of your project.

This page helps enhance visitor trust through transparency and a sense of belonging. Thus, whether your NFT project is still new and the team is relatively small or large, there are great “meet the team pages” that can help your team page communicate a brand, personality, and culture.

A great meet the team page should check off all these characteristics:

  • It includes quality images or graphics
  • It has personality
  • It highlights your team in a professional and unique way

Collection Page

Whether an art, tweet, message, etc., on sale, you have to create a collection first to place any digital asset. A collection typically showcases various assets that may have similar attributes. Planning is vital for the successful creation of an NFT collection. Here’s how you can create a personalized NFT collection.

When making an NFT collection, pay attention to design, select the right style and ensure the colors compliment each other to produce a captivating design. There are numerous web templates ready for use that make it easy to upload your pieces of art or NFTs. In the end, visitors can access and view your various projects and website’s products.

Rarity Calculator

NFT rarity is a vital (possibly one of the most essential) factor when evaluating an NFT. An NFT rarity determines how rare an NFT is, thus how valuable it is. The most sought NFTs are the rare ones that hike their price. This is why potential buyers need an NFT calculator.

Rarity score is the standard for determining NFT rarity. Still, it’s a complicated mathematical process that no one wants to go through. Fortunately, there are various investment tools like rarity tools, HowRare.is, etc. They can aid you or your website visitors in finding the rarity score of your collectibles.

Rarity tools also rank NFT projects depending on their transaction volume, user number, and average transaction cost within the past one week. As you already know, do your research before making any investments to determine if the tool you buy offers what you need.

Buy Now/Subscribe Options

Lastly, you should move your buyers or prospective buyers through a frictionless purchase process. Most customers often prefer a simple purchase as fast and easy as possible without the hustle of navigating through third-party websites. Streamlining the experience for your customers will guarantee you have return buyers hence increasing your total revenue.

When moving prospective buyers through the buying process, you don’t want to scare them off at the last minute by asking them to make a payment through third parties. It’s tedious, to say the least, and also damages the hard-earned trust of your customers.

Additionally, you could consider a subscription model on your website. This model gives your customers the chance to buy your projects regularly instead of a one-time purchase. There are weekly, monthly, and other frequencies that work for different customers that you can offer. The subscribe option will also help inform potential buyers about every time you add a new project.

The best subscription models are grounded on their customers’ needs. The best way to determine that is by analyzing what these customers are more inclined to purchase. This way, you will always have recurring buyers.

Before You Go:

There is a lot more to successfully selling out your NFT. However, a great website is an absolute necessity for a successful launch. You have the tips for creating a great website, so there’s nothing that can stop you now. Do not compromise on security, simplicity, load time, and content. All these factors will help you easily develop a user-friendly and operational website.

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