February 12, 2023

Top Websites to Learn Crypto Similar Content

The cryptocurrency industry is perpetually developing new and advanced financial solutions. Millions of users are getting familiar with the innovative concepts that make up the digital asset economy. Such involvement contributes to the growth of cryptocurrencies that currently have a market value of $2.17B.

As a beginner, it can be challenging to grasp some of the topics surrounding digital currencies. It, therefore, makes it relevant to have informative materials that can guide the community. Doing that ensures everyone is aware of every situation in the crypto space. The following piece seeks to explore various crypto websites available on the internet. Here’s an outlook:


First on the list is Cointelegraph, a digital media resource launched in 2013. The platform reports different types of news which range from blockchain technology to emerging fintech solutions.

Users can access crypto price analytics and informative guides that explain several digital currency aspects.

Cointelegraph believes that decentralization could bring massive changes to everyone’s lives. Thus, it strives to share information that shows how cryptocurrencies transform society.

Furthermore, the platform hosts diverse editorial teams located in different parts of the world.


Cryptonews operates as a news site that publishes blockchain and virtual currency news. The site is led by Gediminas Klepackas and features other team members well-versed in copywriting, advertisements, and social media management.  It showcases crypto guides and reviews that explain how most decentralized projects function.

According to Cryptonews, it’s essential to grasp and accept some of the concepts in the decentralized world.

In that regard, Cryptonews brings unbiased and transparent material that can assist everyone navigating through the dynamic industry.


BeInCrypto represents a global news resource that began its operations in August 2018. It hosts a considerable number of journalists from Hong Kong, Africa, Europe, and the U.S. BeInCrypto acknowledges that the current media industry faces several issues that normally attract controversies.

The site’s goal hopes to transform this narrative and broadcast transparent content on cryptographic technology. More importantly, every author is responsible for producing error-free reports before publishing them to the public.

BeInCrypto further enables readers to report any misleading information written by the platform’s journalists.


CryptoPotato is yet another reputable website launched in 2016 with George Georgiev as the editor-in-chief. Here, readers receive high-quality content related to blockchains and cryptocurrencies. Moreover, the platform displays an in-depth price analysis on different coins like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Asides from publishing crypto content, CryptoPotato offers job opportunities to aspiring authors. The career positions available for users include research analysts, editors, writers, and social media managers.


Coming in fifth on the list is Coindesk, a news website established in May 2013. The platform hopes to serve the community with informative material about the decentralized financial system. A podcast, Tv, and video section are also available to relay insightful crypto-related content.

Coindesk has more than 50 authors and 1.3M followers on Twitter at press time. The platform hosts an annual consensus meeting in May each year, gathering global stakeholders from the crypto industry into one environment.

Today, Coindesk’s authors and their respective publications are making headlines on other leading sites like Forbes and CNBC.


Coinspeaker is an alternative news source that focuses on distributed ledger technologies, fintech, and cryptocurrencies.

The website runs on three core four values: self-improvement, transparency, commitment, and over delivery. Moreover, users can find 18k+ articles, 250k+ crypto beginner guides, and more than 4,000 press releases. There are real-time reports on over 3,000 cryptocurrencies spanning 20 industries.

Readers can further encounter more than 100 financial summits taking place in different parts of the world.


Decrypt works as a crypto news site that engages its readers in simplifying Web3 and the decentralized internet. The site recognizes that the crypto space moves dynamically, making it a complex experience for beginners. As such, Decrypt seeks to bring exclusive coverage on trustless networks, oracles, and privacy coins.

Price movements on coins like ETH, ADA, and BTC are available on the website. Decrypt also hosts videos and podcasts whereby users can interact and discuss various digital currencies issues.


CoinMarketCap represents an informative site that displays an in-depth analysis of all digital assets. Besides cryptocurrencies, CoinMarketCap also reflects trading data from existing crypto exchanges. From the menu option, investors can view NFT stats and how each collectible ranks in terms of value.

An additional calendar section is open for everyone to take advantage of airdrops and fundraising events.

Lastly, CoinMarketCap supports a glossary segment that defines terms used in cryptocurrency.


The traditional financial system is undergoing a major change thanks to the application of digital assets. It has become easier to transact in a fast, secure, and transparent manner through cryptocurrencies.

Virtual currency sites provide readers with meaningful content on the events in this emerging industry.

Working under the same criteria is CryptoVirally, a crypto marketing and advertisements agency. The platform has several blogs whereby users can build up their crypto marketing knowledge. CryptoVirally offers project awareness, press releases, content marketing, brand development, and website audits.

Users have significant expectations from the digital asset economy even as the technological era evolves. Therefore, it will increase the need for reputable crypto websites where readers can find insightful content.

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