February 12, 2023

The Top Crypto Press Release Distribution Service Providers

Public relation is a key requirement for every venture established in the modern world economy sector. Word needs to be put out there in an orderly and attractive manner to attract customers to the business in droves. Nowhere does this seem more crucial to operations than in the blockchain world, where more than 10,000 different altcoins compete for recognition.

Given such stiff competition, a good crypto press release by a project is almost mandatory. It is what separates the cereals from the chaff. Outsourcing such work to better-equipped and more experienced firms is a more credible option. So which firms are at the top tier where crypto press release services are concerned? Read on to find out.

Melrose PR

One of the first and most iconic brands in the crypto press release and distribution services industry is Melrose PR. The name comes widespread coverage since it is one of the market leaders. The firm has a wide range of services that cement its press releases as one of the very best.

For starters, the clients of Melrose get access to social media, blogs, and crypto telegram management services. It means that all projects will have solutions to their social platforms issues at their fingertips. Important services synonymous with crypto press releases such as branding and project identity are available. The projects even benefit from community management all under one roof.

The firm offers advisory services for ICOs. It is crucial to newer projects since they aren’t well versed in the industry’s norms and strategies. Developers can learn the art of optimally timing their launch and press releases for the best impact and returns.

With Melrose as one’s crypto PR agency, there is an unquestionable success guarantee given its heavy focus on quality releases.


As one of the original press releases, public relations, and marketing firms in blockchain, cryptopr is a top player in the industry. In its stable are firms worth millions of US dollars located worldwide, which it represents. It goes to show how trusted, and sorts out the firm is.

Several features make cryptopr stand out, the first being the firm’s strong partnerships. Partners are both within the crypto world and beyond. Major crypto firms like Binance and eToro and many more large crypto names utilize its services. Outside of crypto cycles, firms like Yahoo! Finance and MarketWatch, major mainstream finance and stocks markets news providers, are partners. Crypto press releases have a wide reach as a result.

Second, it supports press releases and publications in at least nine languages, conducive to customer convenience. Such broad lingua support is also helpful for crypto press release distribution into various regions globally.

Cryptopr has DeFi projects to its PR services, a rarity in the industry. Its competition normally focuses exclusively on cryptocurrencies, leaving a vast market gap. It doesn’t come as a surprise that cryptopr has a rating of 4.4 on Trustpilot.


Sometimes, one needs to offer something out of the ordinary to stand out in the face of stiff competition. The Sevio Company’s Coinzilla does just that within the crypto press release and general crypto advertisement sphere.

To do so, it has several support features. The first is its anti-fraud component. The component works by filtering out fake traffic from projects viewership to paint no false good pictures. All the traffic numbers one gets on their PR result from genuine viewership numbers.

It also has a live campaign tracker proving quite valuable for clients. They can track leads, live impressions, and even sales in real-time. It is useful in gauging the effectiveness of crypto press releases at various times and to which target clients. As a result, it boasts of the fastest rate of approval for PR posts and ads in the blockchain network.

Coinzilla has an effective marketplace for directing traffic to projects via press releases. The platform’s users have the power to manage all their press releases on the forum. There are very few better platforms where crypto press release distribution is concerned.


Another name in the crypto marketing and press release distribution space is Cryptovirally. The firm boasts of a depth of services with good quality, a combination that is hard to rival.

On offer are press releases that are well articulated and extensively marketed. And the marketing bit is genuinely outstanding and extensive. It ranges from content and viral marketing to YouTube services, exchange listing integration, and graphics and branding development. Its marketing system is designed to have the highest impact possible.

There are website audit and video creation services that assure the quality and effectiveness of PR releases. It has in-depth project reviews that assess the quality of content and spur traffic movement to clients’ projects.

Crypto virally has an ask-me-anything session that is useful, especially for beginners without in-depth knowledge of crypto PR. Add to that, its project awareness creation, & community management, and cryptovirally’s position among the top crypto PR agencies is cemented.


Another firm that approaches the crypto press release game with quite a different angle is ICODA. The firm believes improper token promotion, insufficient marketing tools, and sub-par data collection hinder the industry. It has therefore changed the way crypto PR is approached drastically.

To be precise, it still offers all the normal crypto PR services available in almost every other firm. But it offers much more on top. For instance, the firm employs the services of YouTube influencers to market for its clients. That is a guarantee for huge crypto press release viewership rates.

Also, making IEOs an add-on for its customers is in the mix. It has also taken up the art of offering its services multilingual. Chinese, Russian, and Korean, in addition to the industrial standard of English, are available.

As for proper token promotion, tokens get to list on CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko, both of which are its partners. The firm also aids in the creation of DeFi projects.

ICODA runs comprehensive analysis reviews of projects before launching PR posts to deal with the sub-par mean data collection. It also helps clients develop their whitepapers, which aids in deeply understanding a new project and its PR requirements.

Such an out-of-the-box approach to crypto press release distribution and general crypto marketing guarantees a well-articulated PR. ICODA is no doubt a great crypto PR agency.


A list of top crypto PR agencies will be incomplete without cryptoadventure. The firm’s website offers a world of publications that perfectly serve the purpose of press releases.

Cryptoadventure’s articles are written by many writers, each specializing on different angles and perspectives. There are writers specializing in beginners guides, which are an amazing PR form of launching projects worldwide.

There are news writers who typically do short but eye-catching and up-to-date pieces. Such pieces are suitable for PR angles that announce something drastic or important upcoming upgrades. On the other hand, project review writers generate interest and traffic on clients’ official pages.

Cryptoadventure is a user-friendly platform with an easily navigable site and a slick user interface. It is a trusted go-to PR platform for big crypto names like mycontainer, coinomi, and shrimpy.

Author’s Take

For one to launch a project successfully or make an important announcement regarding their projects, a good press release is a necessity. It is especially crucial in the blockchain network since it is entirely digital and contains intense competition among thousands of projects.

With the many firms currently coming up with crypto press release services on offer, making the right choice will prove crucial. One has to guarantee value for money spent. The crypto PR agencies mentioned in the article offer comprehensive PR services and wide support services for good releases. They should be at the top of one’s crypto press release distribution services providers’ list.

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