February 12, 2023

The Best Crypto Marketing Agencies for NFTs in 2022

According to the data tracking network, Chainalysis, NFT sales in 2022 had reached $37B at the beginning of May. This figure is projected to surpass last year’s total, which stands at $40B, suggesting more people might have picked up a serious interest in the virtual assets.

The NFT market is effably vast and popular based on the stats; it could be cumbersome to market an NFT project. Nonetheless, you don’t have to worry, as there are NFT marketing agencies specifically tailored to promote Non-fungible Tokens. But before hiring one, you should understand the suitable marketing strategy for your project.

What to Look for in a Marketing Agency

In the NFT marketing field, we have several options to choose from and determining which shoe fits could be a pain in the neck. If you are wondering which agency is ideal for promoting your NFTs, you should consider certain critical steps before choosing a marketing partner.

Firstly, outline your marketing objectives and the budget that will fit the occasion smoothly. You should decide whether to target a new audience or just spread the word to your previous clientele. Please look at your competitors; see how deep they are willing to dig into their pockets. The research could help you come up with an idea of how much you should spend on your marketing campaign.

There is no doubt that the world of NFTs is diversified. It includes art, music, sports, and other collectibles. Thence, the first step is identifying your niche and the cohort you wish to target. For instance, if your NFT project is about the NBA, you are better off hiring a marketing agency that deals explicitly with sports.

Lastly, find a crypto marketing agency that moves with the latest technological wind of social media. Marketers who are deeply synchronized with social media networks tend to be effortlessly up-to-date and are probable to run a successful marketing campaign.

Top NFT Marketing Agencies 2022


CryptoVirally offers reliable and customizable crypto marketing solutions. The agency has vast experience in NFT promotion, offering several services like community growth, creating PR campaigns, and executing other effective marketing strategies.

Through CryptoVirally, NFT content creators gain proper awareness via their highly engaging NFT collection of social media groups. The platform has experts who carry unique and impeccable backgrounds in crypto marketing services in their arsenal. Having their multicultural crypto domains, you can directly purchase CryptoVirally packages that suit your preferences, presenting custom solutions in marketing your NFT.

Their services include graphics and web design, crypto community management, press release, and project awareness. However, the advertiser has pricey charges, arguably its greatest shortcoming. Regardless, it has a pool of customers with positive reviews about its services.


INORU is a leading global marketing agency for NFTs that also offers several marketing solutions to its clients. Their services aid in promoting NFTs and increasing their visibility to generate more sales. They offer content marketing, influencer marketing, social media marketing, and email marketing.

Considering their customized marketing strategies, your NFT will dominate the digital market. Part of the pros of using this agency includes its highly personalized features. Moreover, its 360-degree range of services helps digital art creators gain followers and brand recognition in the crypto space. A major con of using the agency is its pricey charges.


CryptoPr is among the most prominent NFT and crypto marketing agencies in London, UK. It has a highly-skilled team that aims to provide top-notch services to generate NFT brand awareness.

They deliver the best quality NFT marketing campaigns, targeting the ideal demographic while increasing customer reach. Additionally, they provide standard marketing services such as PR, creating marketing initiatives, influencer marketing, and social media campaigns.

The agency has partnered with popular online media outlets to provide top-quality curated marketing content for NFT developers. Pros of employing their services include press publishing of over 100 sites, NFT promotion using influencer and celebrity marketing, and international campaigns.


Located in Riverside, CA, Coinbound is a unique agency that focuses on networking and blockchain connections. It harbors a five-year experience in the digital industry and has created solid relationships with top influencers across the blockchain network. The agency can promote your NFT, ensuring it gets the recognition it deserves.

Among the upsides of using Coinbound is that they employ several social media platforms’ services in reaching out to potential customers and investors. They manage your social media accounts which, in turn, assists in creating a solid NFT community on forums like Telegram and Discord. The major con of employing the agency is its competitive pricing.


The X10 marketing agency is a reliable agency that provides specialized marketing campaigns. X10 deals with niches like STO and DeFi. Their services include full-service marketing campaigns, market consulting, creative branding and design, and community management.

An example of an impressive result offered by the agency is its SKYCHAIN project which involved a team of experienced experts that reaped about $6.5 million in sales. X10 has a team of professional experts with skills that can create impressive marketing campaigns. Employing this agency almost assures you of a successful sales spell and a vast NFT promotion Tenure. Its only flipside is that it’s focused on EMEA and Russian projects.

A Proper Marketing Agency Genuinely Matters

There are dozens of NFT and crypto marketing agencies in the blockchain industry. While you DYR on what agency suits your sales target, it is highly advisable to consider each marketing company’s pros and cons. Not many agencies will be in sync with your marketing language, but thorough research is the climacteric step to generating high sales for your NFTs.

Considering the marketing agency you choose also builds up the brand awareness of your NFT project, you need to be cautious in your selection thought process. An ideal NFT marketing agency will listen to your marketing goals keenly and will involve you every step of the way in the marketing campaign.

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