Best Crypto Marketing Agencies for 2022

Instinctively, the default setting for humankind is to scrutinize every change happening around their vicinity. The perfect soonish example is the dawn of the internet. It took quite a while before everyone warmed their heart to its adoption. Can you imagine the conceptual efforts involved in accepting cryptocurrencies? Then the Luna incident happens! The fall of Terra’s Luna and UST was just the right inferno spark that the wary crypto community was waiting for to light their already gasoline-covered fear.

As much as the blockchain and cryptocurrencies showcase desirable perquisites in both lifestyle and financial territory, the industry’s long list of fraudulent cases has been overwhelming and discouraging to new users. Hence, the first challenge when marketing a crypto project will be to elucidate the pros of the technology and how the said merits outdo the cons involved.

Unfortunately, convincing a worrying mass equipped with all sorts of proof that denounce cryptocurrencies could be next to impossible. Well, it’s not entirely implausible, but you need to move heaven and earth to wow people with your crypto project. However, you can avoid all the hassles by hiring an ideal crypto marketing agency.

Why You May Need a Crypto Marketing Agency

As aforementioned, it would take a toll for you to convince people to jump into a new crypto project. In 2021, the amount of money that ‘vanished’ from investors’ pockets from crypto scams reached $14B. Any sane person who comes across such stats would run as far as possible away from virtual currencies.

It would be best if you considered employing an agency that knows its way around the crypto marketing minefield to make the start of your crypto marketing campaign a bit ‘palatable’. Gritty details to mark in your checklist when selecting the best crypto marketing agency include their level of experience, a good track record, familiarity with social media networks, and, last but not least, your preferred marketing budget.

Below is a list of the top crypto marketing agencies this year;

Top Crypto Marketing Agencies 2022

Crypto PR

CryptoPR is a top agency that promotes crypto exchange services, NFTs, tokens, and wallets. It is one of the leading agencies promoting virtual currency exchanges, NFTs, tokens, and wallets. The agency’s vast site network ranks top on Google for the NFT and crypto-related terms. CryproPR also has access to over 100 premium publications. It helps drive high volumes of crypto investment and network traffic.

Its popular clients are some high-profile brands that include Binance,, and eToro. It has helped add credibility to company services around crypto-project promotion. It primarily deals with Press Releases, where its exclusive partners with top financial news sites. They include Yahoo Finance, CoinTelegraph,, and Business 2 Community. Its services ensure your crypto project is listed on leading review and comparison sites, increasing your crypto community.


CryptoVirally is a reliable crypto marketing agency offering consistent crypto-project promotion efforts and a tailored “Ready to Buy” premium marketing services package. CryptoVirally has a team of experienced professionals dedicated to offering top-notch services in project promotion. Employing their premium marketing services enables project developers over-achieve their project’s potential, securing a solid crypto community.

CryptoVirally could help you increase your ROI, expand your project awareness, widen your reach, and secure a spot in the top cryptocurrency listing. Their services include an NFT promotion, press release, media reach, Cointelegraph special, influencer marketing, social media marketing, crypto community management, content marketing, website audit, and SEO.

Some of its popular clients include Cointelegraph,,, Forbes, and Business Insider. Following its wide range of quality services, employing their services puts your crypto project in the lead, considering the saturated crypto market.


ICODA is a crypto and blockchain marketing agency that provides services including DeFi, PR, influencer marketing, and NFT promotion. Popular sites they have worked with include Benzinga, BTC Peers, Hackernoon, CoinGecko, and CoinMarketCap, among other leading crypto media publications. The agency offers quality services delivered by a team of well-versed crypto experts in the fin-tech industry.

ICODA specializes in various services for crypto-project promotion. These include collaborations with top crypto sites and magazines that assist your project reach a wider audience. It combines strategies like Crypto PR tactics, press releases, media outreach, and newswire distribution that create awareness for your blockchain project. ICODA spreads the crypto gospel to various regions, including Russia, China, and Korea, among other places. Some of their clients include SwissBorg and Paycent.


NeoReach is among the leading crypto marketing agencies that offer the best PR services that run influencer campaigns using their world-class network. It’s a data-driven company that posts its campaigns on leading crypto YouTube channels as other social media platforms. Some of the company’s clients include Airbnb, Walmart, and Amazon.

Its major focus is providing fundamental components in crypto project promotion by integrating a story into promotional content. As such, it assures those promotional activities are optimized and authentic. NeoReach provides self-service software and APIs that monitor influencer campaigns and allows you to focus on other parts of the blockchain project.

Blockchain PR

Blockchain PR is a crypto marketing agency worth considering. The Silicon Valley-based firm offers PR services in crypto promotion, blockchain technologies, and ICOs. Its principal focus is developing innovative campaigns that help your project stand out while offering you control over the proceedings. Some of its popular clients include and NEM.

They offer various services that range from social media marketing and outreach to marketing materials design ideation. The company also integrates the Metaverse. Blockchain PR is ideal for promoting Web 3.0 projects and offering marketing strategies that ensure successful crypto project promotion.


The cryptoverse is a Gordian knot with extra folds when finding the best marketing strategies. Due to the number of cryptocurrency projects in the market, convincing investors that your project is credible is like herding cats. Moreso, the extremely bizarre amounts of funds that scammers have made away with has been astonishing, making the idea of investing in anything crypto-related unwelcoming.

Anyway, as vehemently stressed in the above text, a crypto marketing agency can save you the hassle of growing awareness of your project’s brand. Crypto marketing agencies ensure your project gets the recognition it deserves.

The Best Crypto Marketing Agencies for NFTs in 2022

According to the data tracking network, Chainalysis, NFT sales in 2022 had reached $37B at the beginning of May. This figure is projected to surpass last year’s total, which stands at $40B, suggesting more people might have picked up a serious interest in the virtual assets.

The NFT market is effably vast and popular based on the stats; it could be cumbersome to market an NFT project. Nonetheless, you don’t have to worry, as there are NFT marketing agencies specifically tailored to promote Non-fungible Tokens. But before hiring one, you should understand the suitable marketing strategy for your project.

What to Look for in a Marketing Agency

In the NFT marketing field, we have several options to choose from and determining which shoe fits could be a pain in the neck. If you are wondering which agency is ideal for promoting your NFTs, you should consider certain critical steps before choosing a marketing partner.

Firstly, outline your marketing objectives and the budget that will fit the occasion smoothly. You should decide whether to target a new audience or just spread the word to your previous clientele. Please look at your competitors; see how deep they are willing to dig into their pockets. The research could help you come up with an idea of how much you should spend on your marketing campaign.

There is no doubt that the world of NFTs is diversified. It includes art, music, sports, and other collectibles. Thence, the first step is identifying your niche and the cohort you wish to target. For instance, if your NFT project is about the NBA, you are better off hiring a marketing agency that deals explicitly with sports.

Lastly, find a crypto marketing agency that moves with the latest technological wind of social media. Marketers who are deeply synchronized with social media networks tend to be effortlessly up-to-date and are probable to run a successful marketing campaign.

Top NFT Marketing Agencies 2022


CryptoVirally offers reliable and customizable crypto marketing solutions. The agency has vast experience in NFT promotion, offering several services like community growth, creating PR campaigns, and executing other effective marketing strategies.

Through CryptoVirally, NFT content creators gain proper awareness via their highly engaging NFT collection of social media groups. The platform has experts who carry unique and impeccable backgrounds in crypto marketing services in their arsenal. Having their multicultural crypto domains, you can directly purchase CryptoVirally packages that suit your preferences, presenting custom solutions in marketing your NFT.

Their services include graphics and web design, crypto community management, press release, and project awareness. However, the advertiser has pricey charges, arguably its greatest shortcoming. Regardless, it has a pool of customers with positive reviews about its services.


INORU is a leading global marketing agency for NFTs that also offers several marketing solutions to its clients. Their services aid in promoting NFTs and increasing their visibility to generate more sales. They offer content marketing, influencer marketing, social media marketing, and email marketing.

Considering their customized marketing strategies, your NFT will dominate the digital market. Part of the pros of using this agency includes its highly personalized features. Moreover, its 360-degree range of services helps digital art creators gain followers and brand recognition in the crypto space. A major con of using the agency is its pricey charges.


CryptoPr is among the most prominent NFT and crypto marketing agencies in London, UK. It has a highly-skilled team that aims to provide top-notch services to generate NFT brand awareness.

They deliver the best quality NFT marketing campaigns, targeting the ideal demographic while increasing customer reach. Additionally, they provide standard marketing services such as PR, creating marketing initiatives, influencer marketing, and social media campaigns.

The agency has partnered with popular online media outlets to provide top-quality curated marketing content for NFT developers. Pros of employing their services include press publishing of over 100 sites, NFT promotion using influencer and celebrity marketing, and international campaigns.


Located in Riverside, CA, Coinbound is a unique agency that focuses on networking and blockchain connections. It harbors a five-year experience in the digital industry and has created solid relationships with top influencers across the blockchain network. The agency can promote your NFT, ensuring it gets the recognition it deserves.

Among the upsides of using Coinbound is that they employ several social media platforms’ services in reaching out to potential customers and investors. They manage your social media accounts which, in turn, assists in creating a solid NFT community on forums like Telegram and Discord. The major con of employing the agency is its competitive pricing.


The X10 marketing agency is a reliable agency that provides specialized marketing campaigns. X10 deals with niches like STO and DeFi. Their services include full-service marketing campaigns, market consulting, creative branding and design, and community management.

An example of an impressive result offered by the agency is its SKYCHAIN project which involved a team of experienced experts that reaped about $6.5 million in sales. X10 has a team of professional experts with skills that can create impressive marketing campaigns. Employing this agency almost assures you of a successful sales spell and a vast NFT promotion Tenure. Its only flipside is that it’s focused on EMEA and Russian projects.

A Proper Marketing Agency Genuinely Matters

There are dozens of NFT and crypto marketing agencies in the blockchain industry. While you DYR on what agency suits your sales target, it is highly advisable to consider each marketing company’s pros and cons. Not many agencies will be in sync with your marketing language, but thorough research is the climacteric step to generating high sales for your NFTs.

Considering the marketing agency you choose also builds up the brand awareness of your NFT project, you need to be cautious in your selection thought process. An ideal NFT marketing agency will listen to your marketing goals keenly and will involve you every step of the way in the marketing campaign.

The Top 6 Crypto Marketing Agencies

Blockchains like Bitcoin, Crypto coins like Ether, crypto exchanges, NFTs, all these words pop to mind first when the term cryptocurrency is mentioned. Surprisingly, these words aren’t common solely because of the big media firms like New York Times or Bloomberg; others helped make it happen. Sadly, these others are the crucial unsung heroes In the crypto world who deserve more airplay than they get. They are the crypto marketing Agencies.¬†Their sole goal is to ensure all the terms people are used to with the crypto world stay etched in mind. And some of them have done a tremendous job; they deserve to be a household name when it comes to the world of cryptocurrencies. Below are the top 5 crypto marketing agencies.


A key player in the crypto marketing agency scene, cryptopr is one of the original public relations and advisory platforms that specialize in the blockchain. It has built up its business to the point that it presently represents firms worth millions of US dollars globally.

The platform can stand out thanks to its support of a wide variety of languages. Publications and press releases are available in at least 9 languages, key ones being English, Arabic, and French. Such wide lingua support has made it clinch collaborations with several key news sites. Two notable ones are Yahoo! Finance and MarketWatch, key mainstream stocks markets and finance news providers.

The marketing agency also boasts of strong partnerships within the crypto world. Top names like Binance, eToro, and DeFi Coins are among the many large crypto names the platform partners with.

Cryptopr has also attempted to go a step beyond its competitors by adding DeFi projects to its PR services. Most of its competitors focus almost entirely on cryptocurrencies. It has earned a Trustpilot rating of 4.4.


One of the world’s leading crypto marketing agencies goes by the name Cryptoadventure. The platform hosts a wide array of articles about virtually any key information one may seek regarding cryptocurrencies.

The platform boasts hundreds of articles written by a diverse number of writers, giving different and broad perspectives. The articles are also very informative, starting with beginners guides suitable for those looking into cryptos for the first time. Such articles are crucial in generating interest in the blockchain world for newer readers.

There are more complex project reviews that generate interest in clients’ sites. On the other hand, insights are helpful to seasoned crypto traders, giving them tips and tricks of the trade. Crypto firms can also advertise directly on the platform by giving hints on how topics can be structured.

Cryptoadventures boasts of big-name partnerships in the crypto world. A few notable ones are Mycontainer, shrimpy, and coinomi.

To better stand out, Cryptoadventure recently rebranded by moving to a new site. It features a slick user interface with an easier-to-navigate platform. It has a Trustpilot rating of 4.1.


Started in November 2016, Coinzilla is a crypto promotion and advertisement platform created by the Sevio company. It stands out as one of the leading crypto marketing agencies thanks to its advanced supporting features.

One of these features is its enabled anti-fraud component that is crucial to crypto projects marketing their projects. The component screens out fake traffic to ensure genuine viewership numbers for the projects.

The platform boasts an edge in the campaign sector. Its live campaign tracker gives project creators the ability to track sales, leads, and live impressions. The rate of approval for campaigns is also the fastest in the crypto ad world.

The Coinzilla marketplace is also good at directing traffic to projects through its press releases, posts by publishers as guests, and advertorials. At the same time, clients can manage all press releases on a single platform. The platform is firmly a top 5 player in the crypto marketing world with such diverse features and benefits.

Ninja Promo

Ninja Promo is a US-based marketing and PR agency that was established in 2017 and quickly developed into an industry-leading crypto marketing agency. Initially, the company was operating in the US only. However, it quickly expanded its services globally, opening another office in Lithuania to better accommodate its European clients.

Ninja Promo relies on a professional team consisting of experts in cryptocurrency, blockchain technology, and influencer marketing. The agency’s offer comprises everything from digital marketing to social media management, paid social advertising, content creation, blockchain, and mobile app development.

The company relies on its extensive reach in social media to build brand awareness quickly and effectively. New projects can use the agency’s influencers to distribute SEO-friendly content worldwide and gain traction from the early development stages.

Ninja Promo has already helped a few household names in the crypto industry gain more popularity. The agency’s portfolio includes prestigious brands like Fantom, Nexus, Diversify, PayPolitan, and OKLet’sPlay.

Lastly, Ninja Promo aims to get and stay ahead of the competition with innovative services, helping its clients think outside the box. For instance, they provide thought leadership, video marketing, and PR & outreach.


One of the crypto marketing agencies taking the market by storm is ICODA. The secret to its aggressive market penetration has been its scrutinized view of the prevailing condition within the crypto marketing agency circle. In its opinion, inadequate market tools, improper token promotion, and unsatisfactory data collection hinder the industry. ICODA believes it is the key to changing these norms.

To solve these problems, the firm utilizes YouTube influencers as part of its marketing tools. It also includes the process of efficiently making IEOs, as part of its marketing goodies for clients. The marketing process is also available in Korean, Russian, and Chinese, in addition to English. All these are in addition to the normal crypto PR.

Proper token promotion is captured in the platform’s policy of enabling the creation and promotion of DeFi projects. It has also partnered with CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko to list tokens that seek its services.

As for unsatisfactory data collection, ICODA helps do in-depth analytical reviews and development of clients’ whitepapers. The step helps capture all the projects’ needs and goals in a comprehensive manner. A customized blockchain and smart contracts development process create better data available to both ICODA and its clients.

Melrose PR

The Melrose PR marketing agency is an old name in the game that has positioned itself in a leading position. It is well-known that projects working with the firm benefit from its respectable name to enjoy widespread coverage. Nothing guarantees the authenticity of a crypto marketing platform as good media coverage, even for new blockchain projects.

Some of the features on offer leading to the firm’s impeccable record include its advisory services for ICOs. Projects get to learn when to time their offerings to make the best gains.

Melrose offers a blog, social media, and crypto telegram management for its clients. Projects, in turn, get to enjoy in-house solutions to their various social platforms. In addition, the projects enjoy community management and getting identity and branding services from the platform.

As can be deduced, there is a heavy emphasis on ensuring a project is best placed to land on its feet when it goes mainstream. It guarantees Melrose as a leading and highly recommended crypto marketing agent.

Take Away

The services offered by the aforementioned five are done in-depth, making them an excellent bet to get one’s crypto project known. That does not take credit away from other outstanding marketing platforms such as this article’s host, CryptoVirally.

The firm provides excellent project reviews that influence traffic to projects in a major way. It also offers press releases, an ask-me-anything session, project awareness creation, community management, exchange listing integration and good marketing. Its content and viral marketing, graphics and branding development, website audit, YouTube services, and video creation make for a comprehensive marketing system. It surely deserves a place where the top crypto marketing agency league is concerned.