February 12, 2023

Best Crypto Marketing Agencies for 2022

Instinctively, the default setting for humankind is to scrutinize every change happening around their vicinity. The perfect soonish example is the dawn of the internet. It took quite a while before everyone warmed their heart to its adoption. Can you imagine the conceptual efforts involved in accepting cryptocurrencies? Then the Luna incident happens! The fall of Terra’s Luna and UST was just the right inferno spark that the wary crypto community was waiting for to light their already gasoline-covered fear.

As much as the blockchain and cryptocurrencies showcase desirable perquisites in both lifestyle and financial territory, the industry’s long list of fraudulent cases has been overwhelming and discouraging to new users. Hence, the first challenge when marketing a crypto project will be to elucidate the pros of the technology and how the said merits outdo the cons involved.

Unfortunately, convincing a worrying mass equipped with all sorts of proof that denounce cryptocurrencies could be next to impossible. Well, it’s not entirely implausible, but you need to move heaven and earth to wow people with your crypto project. However, you can avoid all the hassles by hiring an ideal crypto marketing agency.

Why You May Need a Crypto Marketing Agency

As aforementioned, it would take a toll for you to convince people to jump into a new crypto project. In 2021, the amount of money that ‘vanished’ from investors’ pockets from crypto scams reached $14B. Any sane person who comes across such stats would run as far as possible away from virtual currencies.

It would be best if you considered employing an agency that knows its way around the crypto marketing minefield to make the start of your crypto marketing campaign a bit ‘palatable’. Gritty details to mark in your checklist when selecting the best crypto marketing agency include their level of experience, a good track record, familiarity with social media networks, and, last but not least, your preferred marketing budget.

Below is a list of the top crypto marketing agencies this year;

Top Crypto Marketing Agencies 2022

Crypto PR

CryptoPR is a top agency that promotes crypto exchange services, NFTs, tokens, and wallets. It is one of the leading agencies promoting virtual currency exchanges, NFTs, tokens, and wallets. The agency’s vast site network ranks top on Google for the NFT and crypto-related terms. CryproPR also has access to over 100 premium publications. It helps drive high volumes of crypto investment and network traffic.

Its popular clients are some high-profile brands that include Binance, Crypto.com, and eToro. It has helped add credibility to company services around crypto-project promotion. It primarily deals with Press Releases, where its exclusive partners with top financial news sites. They include Yahoo Finance, CoinTelegraph, Bitcoin.com, and Business 2 Community. Its services ensure your crypto project is listed on leading review and comparison sites, increasing your crypto community.


CryptoVirally is a reliable crypto marketing agency offering consistent crypto-project promotion efforts and a tailored “Ready to Buy” premium marketing services package. CryptoVirally has a team of experienced professionals dedicated to offering top-notch services in project promotion. Employing their premium marketing services enables project developers over-achieve their project’s potential, securing a solid crypto community.

CryptoVirally could help you increase your ROI, expand your project awareness, widen your reach, and secure a spot in the top cryptocurrency listing. Their services include an NFT promotion, press release, media reach, Cointelegraph special, influencer marketing, social media marketing, crypto community management, content marketing, website audit, and SEO.

Some of its popular clients include Cointelegraph, Investing.com, Bitcoin.com, Forbes, and Business Insider. Following its wide range of quality services, employing their services puts your crypto project in the lead, considering the saturated crypto market.


ICODA is a crypto and blockchain marketing agency that provides services including DeFi, PR, influencer marketing, and NFT promotion. Popular sites they have worked with include Benzinga, BTC Peers, Hackernoon, CoinGecko, and CoinMarketCap, among other leading crypto media publications. The agency offers quality services delivered by a team of well-versed crypto experts in the fin-tech industry.

ICODA specializes in various services for crypto-project promotion. These include collaborations with top crypto sites and magazines that assist your project reach a wider audience. It combines strategies like Crypto PR tactics, press releases, media outreach, and newswire distribution that create awareness for your blockchain project. ICODA spreads the crypto gospel to various regions, including Russia, China, and Korea, among other places. Some of their clients include SwissBorg and Paycent.


NeoReach is among the leading crypto marketing agencies that offer the best PR services that run influencer campaigns using their world-class network. It’s a data-driven company that posts its campaigns on leading crypto YouTube channels as other social media platforms. Some of the company’s clients include Airbnb, Walmart, and Amazon.

Its major focus is providing fundamental components in crypto project promotion by integrating a story into promotional content. As such, it assures those promotional activities are optimized and authentic. NeoReach provides self-service software and APIs that monitor influencer campaigns and allows you to focus on other parts of the blockchain project.

Blockchain PR

Blockchain PR is a crypto marketing agency worth considering. The Silicon Valley-based firm offers PR services in crypto promotion, blockchain technologies, and ICOs. Its principal focus is developing innovative campaigns that help your project stand out while offering you control over the proceedings. Some of its popular clients include Wing.finance and NEM.

They offer various services that range from social media marketing and outreach to marketing materials design ideation. The company also integrates the Metaverse. Blockchain PR is ideal for promoting Web 3.0 projects and offering marketing strategies that ensure successful crypto project promotion.


The cryptoverse is a Gordian knot with extra folds when finding the best marketing strategies. Due to the number of cryptocurrency projects in the market, convincing investors that your project is credible is like herding cats. Moreso, the extremely bizarre amounts of funds that scammers have made away with has been astonishing, making the idea of investing in anything crypto-related unwelcoming.

Anyway, as vehemently stressed in the above text, a crypto marketing agency can save you the hassle of growing awareness of your project’s brand. Crypto marketing agencies ensure your project gets the recognition it deserves.

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