Crypto Marketing – Strategies and a Complete Marketing Plan for 2022

As crypto grows into a vital aspect of global finance, many businesses have entered the fray in an attempt to make profits. However, a proper marketing plan is necessary to navigate the crypto space’s rough waters successfully. Good marketing is a proven formula for companies foraging into the competitive, innovative space. In this explainer, a breakdown of crypto will be done. This guide also features a probable marketing plan that can be currently used in taking companies and businesses to the next level.

What Crypto Marketing Entails

This term defines activities related to pushing up the sales of goods and services related to crypto. These goods and services may include products such as crypto wallets, crypto exchanges, and lending platforms such as banks. This aspect of marketing mainly involves performing activities that achieve several intended goals:

  • Increasing the number of customers
  • Improving sales
  • Increasing the number of recurrent customers
  • Promoting brand awareness

Given that this facet of marketing is relatively new, it holds some traits that distinguish it from traditional marketing. To make the most of the crypt space, there is a need to identify differences between the traditional and crypto markets. 

These distinctions will help create a strategy using the space’s strong points, an approach that increases the probability of success. Similar to the crypto space, marketing in crypto is full of complex terminologies, emerging technologies, and practices—the decentralized, innovative, and community.

Forms of Crypto Marketing

Crypto marketing takes several forms depending on factors such as client privileges. These marketing activities can be in the form of:

Email Marketing

This form of marketing involves using newsletters sent via email to achieve marketing objectives. The method is direct and mainly effective where the company already has subscribers.

Community Creations

The form of crypto marketing involves creating a community around the company and the services or goods offered. This option enables the business to attract an audience more involved than social media followers. The robust community can then work towards mutual interest, improving the brand’s position in the market.

Crypto Airdrops and Referrals

In this aspect, developers issue tokens to encourage users to sign up on the project. In the case of airdrops, individuals are awarded tokens for being a part of the community. In the case of referrals, customers receive rewards for bringing in new investors. These new customers include friends and family, who are then directed to the platform using unique links. These methods effectively utilize social media to expand their reach and attract audiences.

 Content Marketing

This approach involves using written pieces to improve awareness and reach audiences. This type of marketing involves using blogs, webinars, or videos to achieve intended goals. Crypto project devs use content marketing to educate people about the products and build trust in the brand. The approach also promotes interaction with existing customers via tips and reviews. 

Marketing Components

In the crypto space, most companies outsource marketing to agencies to companies that specialize and have experience in the space. Companies often hire agencies such as CryptoVirally to help with marketing services. CryptoVirally offers a variety of services to clients, including: Crypto YouTube marketing, graphics, and web design, marketing press release, project awareness, crypto influencer marketing, and news articles.

Marketing Plan

In light of the information above, a company or business entering the market must have a plan. Below is an adaptive market plan that can work in the current crypto market:

  1. Develop the company vision- The company states the intended long-term outcome in this step. The stated vision will act as the purpose driving the company and showcases its aspiration.
  2. Develop company goals/objectives- In this step, the company/business should identify the goals that marketing will aim to achieve. The goals are issued date of completion to help assess progress. These objectives may include sales figures or a number of subscribers/customers.
  3. Identify the target market- Given the many niches that exist in the crypto space, the company will identify its intended audience. The marketing approach will also be selected based on this decision. This part involves identifying the company’s position and its needs to penetrate the market. The step also involves choosing the preferred distribution channels, strategy, and social media outlets to use.
  4. Develop a budget – this part involves taking stock of the available financial resources and determining how they will be used.
  5. Plan execution- for this part, the company takes action to move toward the goals set.
  6. Progress measurement and monitoring- in this part, the company will use observable measures to determine the success or effectiveness of the plan.

Bottom Line

A marketing plan is a vital component for any company or business to be successful in the crypto space. The tech-savvy crypto space comprises several different components that differ from traditional markets. As such, it is vital that willing investors take stock of these differences in order to navigate their business to attain intended outcomes. As such, for any businesses foraging into the crypto space, hiring experts will greatly help projects reach their intended goals.

Best Crypto Marketing Agencies for 2022

Instinctively, the default setting for humankind is to scrutinize every change happening around their vicinity. The perfect soonish example is the dawn of the internet. It took quite a while before everyone warmed their heart to its adoption. Can you imagine the conceptual efforts involved in accepting cryptocurrencies? Then the Luna incident happens! The fall of Terra’s Luna and UST was just the right inferno spark that the wary crypto community was waiting for to light their already gasoline-covered fear.

As much as the blockchain and cryptocurrencies showcase desirable perquisites in both lifestyle and financial territory, the industry’s long list of fraudulent cases has been overwhelming and discouraging to new users. Hence, the first challenge when marketing a crypto project will be to elucidate the pros of the technology and how the said merits outdo the cons involved.

Unfortunately, convincing a worrying mass equipped with all sorts of proof that denounce cryptocurrencies could be next to impossible. Well, it’s not entirely implausible, but you need to move heaven and earth to wow people with your crypto project. However, you can avoid all the hassles by hiring an ideal crypto marketing agency.

Why You May Need a Crypto Marketing Agency

As aforementioned, it would take a toll for you to convince people to jump into a new crypto project. In 2021, the amount of money that ‘vanished’ from investors’ pockets from crypto scams reached $14B. Any sane person who comes across such stats would run as far as possible away from virtual currencies.

It would be best if you considered employing an agency that knows its way around the crypto marketing minefield to make the start of your crypto marketing campaign a bit ‘palatable’. Gritty details to mark in your checklist when selecting the best crypto marketing agency include their level of experience, a good track record, familiarity with social media networks, and, last but not least, your preferred marketing budget.

Below is a list of the top crypto marketing agencies this year;

Top Crypto Marketing Agencies 2022

Crypto PR

CryptoPR is a top agency that promotes crypto exchange services, NFTs, tokens, and wallets. It is one of the leading agencies promoting virtual currency exchanges, NFTs, tokens, and wallets. The agency’s vast site network ranks top on Google for the NFT and crypto-related terms. CryproPR also has access to over 100 premium publications. It helps drive high volumes of crypto investment and network traffic.

Its popular clients are some high-profile brands that include Binance,, and eToro. It has helped add credibility to company services around crypto-project promotion. It primarily deals with Press Releases, where its exclusive partners with top financial news sites. They include Yahoo Finance, CoinTelegraph,, and Business 2 Community. Its services ensure your crypto project is listed on leading review and comparison sites, increasing your crypto community.


CryptoVirally is a reliable crypto marketing agency offering consistent crypto-project promotion efforts and a tailored “Ready to Buy” premium marketing services package. CryptoVirally has a team of experienced professionals dedicated to offering top-notch services in project promotion. Employing their premium marketing services enables project developers over-achieve their project’s potential, securing a solid crypto community.

CryptoVirally could help you increase your ROI, expand your project awareness, widen your reach, and secure a spot in the top cryptocurrency listing. Their services include an NFT promotion, press release, media reach, Cointelegraph special, influencer marketing, social media marketing, crypto community management, content marketing, website audit, and SEO.

Some of its popular clients include Cointelegraph,,, Forbes, and Business Insider. Following its wide range of quality services, employing their services puts your crypto project in the lead, considering the saturated crypto market.


ICODA is a crypto and blockchain marketing agency that provides services including DeFi, PR, influencer marketing, and NFT promotion. Popular sites they have worked with include Benzinga, BTC Peers, Hackernoon, CoinGecko, and CoinMarketCap, among other leading crypto media publications. The agency offers quality services delivered by a team of well-versed crypto experts in the fin-tech industry.

ICODA specializes in various services for crypto-project promotion. These include collaborations with top crypto sites and magazines that assist your project reach a wider audience. It combines strategies like Crypto PR tactics, press releases, media outreach, and newswire distribution that create awareness for your blockchain project. ICODA spreads the crypto gospel to various regions, including Russia, China, and Korea, among other places. Some of their clients include SwissBorg and Paycent.


NeoReach is among the leading crypto marketing agencies that offer the best PR services that run influencer campaigns using their world-class network. It’s a data-driven company that posts its campaigns on leading crypto YouTube channels as other social media platforms. Some of the company’s clients include Airbnb, Walmart, and Amazon.

Its major focus is providing fundamental components in crypto project promotion by integrating a story into promotional content. As such, it assures those promotional activities are optimized and authentic. NeoReach provides self-service software and APIs that monitor influencer campaigns and allows you to focus on other parts of the blockchain project.

Blockchain PR

Blockchain PR is a crypto marketing agency worth considering. The Silicon Valley-based firm offers PR services in crypto promotion, blockchain technologies, and ICOs. Its principal focus is developing innovative campaigns that help your project stand out while offering you control over the proceedings. Some of its popular clients include and NEM.

They offer various services that range from social media marketing and outreach to marketing materials design ideation. The company also integrates the Metaverse. Blockchain PR is ideal for promoting Web 3.0 projects and offering marketing strategies that ensure successful crypto project promotion.


The cryptoverse is a Gordian knot with extra folds when finding the best marketing strategies. Due to the number of cryptocurrency projects in the market, convincing investors that your project is credible is like herding cats. Moreso, the extremely bizarre amounts of funds that scammers have made away with has been astonishing, making the idea of investing in anything crypto-related unwelcoming.

Anyway, as vehemently stressed in the above text, a crypto marketing agency can save you the hassle of growing awareness of your project’s brand. Crypto marketing agencies ensure your project gets the recognition it deserves.

How to Find the Best Crypto Marketing Agency?

Cryptocurrencies are a hot and cold topic for investors, so it could be a tough nut to crack when convincing people on matters concerning virtual currencies. That’s where crypto marketing agencies come in.

A crypto marketing agency is a company that offers advertising services specifically for crypto businesses. They boost the size of crypto communities and maximize traffic while increasing ROIs for cryptocurrency websites. Even though hiring a crypto marketing agency could be the right move, how do you find the right shoe that fits? Below are tips to guide you on your selection;

Analyze Team Dynamics

A crypto marketing agency’s staff size can affect the scope of its services. For instance, hiring a small team for a big project might overstretch the agency’s capabilities, lowering its effectiveness.

While it’s OK to let other companies handle your marketing needs, it’s also essential to consider the services that your chosen blockchain marketing agency provides.

Before working with any crypto marketing agency, please get to know its team members. Aside from their backgrounds, you might also want to check their professional networking sites and social media profiles to see what they’re all about.

Before choosing a crypto marketing agency, you must read their case studies to understand the depths of their capabilities. The study gives you a deeper insight into their marketing strategy and how they solved various issues during their campaign.

Analyze their Client Portfolio

One of the most critical factors that a crypto project developer should consider when assessing an agency’s capabilities is the satisfaction of its past clients. It is a simple case of weighing the good a marketer has done and how they handled their biggest failure.

An agency should have the necessary experience to carry out various crypto marketing projects as per their qualifications. Usually, marketing platforms provide details about their past projects to help clients feel comfortable and confident about their services. However, the cryptoverse is a big world, and marketing agencies can easily hide their sketchy moments, so developers should be cautious not to enter a PR disaster.

Contacting an agency’s past clientele is one way to avoid entering a marketing minefield. Collecting information from projects with past experiences of a marketing platform could help bring out skeletons from their closets if any exist.

Agency Services

Before you hire a crypto marketing agency, it’s vital that you thoroughly research if their services are a perfect fit for your cryptocurrency project. The step allows you to choose your project’s most effective marketing strategy.

You might want to go for influencer marketing or social media marketing if it’s brand awareness. On the other hand, you might want to go with crypto community management services for community building and management.

Moreover, it would be best if you chose a marketing agency that not only fits your business criteria but also offers services at an affordable price. Some agencies charge very high prices and give optimistic projections but hit the bricks regarding delivery. Hence, to avoid making bad financial decisions, choose a partner that will firmly hold the ladder for you and watch your pockets as you climb up.

You should also check out the previous collaborations of the agency with crypto influencers. Ensure that the agency is genuinely working with the best in the industry. Established and credible crypto influencers working with a reputable agency help build the brand’s credibility.

Budgets & Prices

This subject is a no-brainer since the cost of implementing a successful crypto marketing strategy depends on how much you are willing to spend. Before working with a marketing firm, ensure they offer the best possible service.

Their website should provide a clear explanation of their various services and prices. You can contact them to get a more accurate estimate if they have customized their services.

A Flexible Approach

A good crypto marketing agency should be flexible enough to accommodate changes in its strategy and structure. At no point should your business be non-compliant. A good marketing agency that knows about the latest developments in the industry will allow you to keep up with the changes in your operations.


When marketing a crypto project, the agency you choose must have expertise in blockchain and marketing. It means that the choice of a marketing agency is vital for a project’s success. It is also essential to consider the communication flow between the project and the agency. Having the right agency can help the founders reach their goals and manage their projects effectively.

As a cryptocurrency project goes through different stages, it’s also important to consider the various aspects of the marketing campaign and the agency that will handle it. Having the right agency can help the founders reach their goals and manage their projects effectively. It’s also essential to evaluate the agency’s style and experience before working with them.

Before you start working with an agency, get in touch with them for a free consultation. It will give you a good idea of their capabilities and how they can help the project. Marketing can be costly, but it can benefit a project.

Which Crypto Projects Have the Best Crypto Marketing Today?

Crypto marketing is one of the most vital yet complicated tasks for any project creator. Getting the right marketing strategies requires thorough research. Many crypto projects fail because of poor marketing strategy selections. However, some other projects are successful because of their choices of blockchain marketing strategy. This guide explores six successful crypto projects with the best marketing strategies.


The crypto project with the best marketing strategies at the moment is Dogecoin. The tenth-largest crypto by market cap attracted a massive user base, especially between 2021 and 2022. This network has a near-perfect marketing structure.

Doge launched to capitalize on the concept of memes on social networks like Twitter and Reddit. As a result, millions of people have managed to see the coin and invest in it.

Moreover, Doge enjoys the support of the famous multi Billionaire Elon Musk. In mid-2021, Musk joined the Dogecoin Foundation, which focuses on Doge developments. Musk has continued to post about Doge on his social pages, causing more traffic to the network. Even more recently, Musk announced that Doge could be used to buy Tesla merch. The positive news is an excellent cryptocurrency marketing tool that boosts website traffic.

Axie Infinity

Another project with the most exciting marketing technique is Axie Infinity. Launched in 2018, this crypto gaming network has a large followership of over 1 million players daily. It has 800k members on Discord and 953k followers on Twitter.

What afforded Axie infinity such popularity within the crypto space? It’s the flawless promotion strategies that have given them such popularity.

Axie uses a free grassroots marketing structure where participants sell the game tickets (Axie creatures NFTs) to new users, making profits. This helps ensure that the community participates in increasing the user base. Using its community to market ensures that Axie gains a large userbase without spending a single cent.

The network’s social networking pages are also helpful in marketing. The team keeps in constant communication with their community.

Binance Network

Binance Network is another project with top cryptocurrency marketing strategies. The network had well over 28 million users in October 2021. The network combines many marketing strategies, most of which appear to be effective.

First, Binance has community and marketing managers globally who focus on creating region-specific content. The managers ensure that the social media, chat groups, and other Binance communities align with the network’s mission. Since Binance has customers in over 180 countries, using marketing managers in different countries optimizes marketing techniques.

Binance uses its global Twitter page, which is active with new posts every few hours and 9 million followers. Their CEO Changpeng Zhao also uses his massive influence to market the project.

Binance also posts excellent educational and search engine optimized content to attract many investors to crypto.

Cardano Network

Cardano, the 6th largest crypto by market cap, has a massive impact within the decentralized crypto space. Cardano has around 3.5 million users, with 1.5 million followers on the Cardano community page and a little over 800k on Cardano’s Foundation page.

So, how does Cardano attract such massive numbers? The Twitter pages are Cardano’s main advertising routes. You can get a continuous flow of information about the project on those Twitter pages.

The Cardano developing team IOHK and the founder Charles Hopkinson are also constantly speaking about Cardano on their media pages. The network’s marketing managers track feedback and analyze it to offer an optimal social marketing structure.


Coinbase network has also been a significant influence on the crypto space attracting a userbase of over 73 million users. So, how did Coinbase grow so fast to dominate the crypto market?

First, Coinbase’s original web page is fully optimized for search engines. If you search the words’ buy bitcoin,’ the Coinbase exchange page appears as one of the top sites in the search engine. The SEO on the Coinbase website makes it easy to find the exchange.

Secondly, there are thousands of articles written about this exchange. Some of those many articles are sponsored written content for the network. Moreover, Coinbase uses other techniques like referral programs and reward opportunities to attract investors. Combining SEO, reward, and referral programs optimize Coinbase’s promotional structure.


Ethereum, the second-largest crypto by market cap and the most prominent Defi host, is another successful project with great marketing strategies. Ethereum’s blockchain marketing strategies can never be downplayed.

Most Ethereum marketing is done by Mr.Vitalik Buterin, the project’s Co-founder. If you follow Mr. Buterin, you will realize that he constantly talks about their project and upcoming developments.

At the moment, Ethereum enjoys most of its marketing from Defi and NFT projects building on it. However, Ethereum also has educational resources which are suitable for crypto marketing.

Author’s Take

This guide explores the whole idea of crypto projects with excellent marketing strategies. Doge, the largest meme coin, has some of the best blockchain marketing strategies. Musk, one of the KOL around Doge, constantly posts about the coin, increasing traffic to the project. Axie Infinity’s marketing options involve the existing project users. Cardano uses social media marketing, while Binance and Coinbase focus more on optimizing their websites for search engines.


The Best Cryptocurrency Marketing Strategies for Already Developed Countries

For companies in the crypto industry to expand and thrive, cryptocurrency marketing is essential. For a developed country, more advanced marketing methods are involved due to technological innovations and changes in consumer habits. In ICOs and cryptocurrency ventures, building a cohesive and efficient marketing plan is even more critical if you want to attract users from such a country. In the past two years, the cryptocurrency industry has been expanding exponentially, and thousands of crypto companies are now appearing everywhere you look. However, if you have startup crypto, there are so many rivals that you must stand out from. We have compiled marketing strategies in this guide to promote digital currencies use in developed countries. Take this guide as a starting point for advertising your cryptocurrency and for hitting the right target audience.

Display Ads

Display advertising is an excellent way to advertise goods and services on other prominent platforms through various paid advertising methods. To elaborate, an ad appears on other authentic websites or applications on one’s phone in an advertising campaign, in the form of a picture, text, audio, video, flash, or a flyer.

You can publish a teaser on using your crypto coin and publish it on smartphones through advertising strategies through some related sources online. Data about your digital currencies are available to people who use these websites or applications. When something is eye-catchy, it always attracts curious folks, and hence startups may publicize their cryptocurrency through display advertising campaigns.

Bitcoin Communities

You should think ahead of Quora or Reddit if you are marketing to a more technological advanced audience. For example, the Bitcoin group is a union of digitally-trained crypto coin, technology enthusiasts. Promoting the coin for a group directed towards cryptocurrency is a sure bet marketing strategy!

As for the Bitcoin community, several other groups allow new coin offerings and promote them further. You must find useful websites first and be an affiliate to promote a new coin. Participate and build their trust during ongoing discussions. Once you do, members will discuss your cryptocurrency in a space. Remember, the older the community is, the more coverage you can gain for your dedicated target audience.

Social Media Advertisements

Social media is at your disposal for everything you want.  From finding your old schoolmates to making new professional contacts, social media can cater to everything, whether you talk to your best friends or know the living situation of people. In the same way, you will promote your coin online using social media. Take Google Plus support or build a Facebook page and regularly begin to write about your digital currency. More people are encouraged to join and remain up-to-date.

Additionally, other social media sites such as Instagram, Linked In, or Twitter could help you sell your coin. You can only establish different accounts for a single purpose, and only the digital currency is advertised. One can create a cryptocurrency audience with a profound social media Marketing Strategy. You can use a company to create crypto coin advertising strategies for Youtube, Pinterest, or Reddit too!

Email Marketing Campaigns

Another type of direct marketing is Email marketing. Email marketing campaigns among marketers are becoming more known widely as more consumers are going digital. The quality reflected in every email touches people, and that is why your one email will work for you.

You have to make a list of individuals with a genuine interest in digital currencies for an accurate and impressive email marketing campaign. Make sure your emails talk a lot about your coin but remain straight to the point.  If they are uninteresting to read, your whole email marketing campaign could come crashing down.

Publish Major Events on Calendars 

The main aim of any marketing strategy for cryptocurrency is to maintain and engage current audiences and attract new investors. It cannot be easy to control and track every development in the crypto space because it continually grows. Investors usually use calendars to follow the project activities of an organization to remain ahead of the competition. That is why businesses must do the same thing.

You can publish on major websites about your crypto-calendar; the initial coin offerings (ICO, IEO) or security token offers to mark milestones or monthly updates. It will facilitate investors’ awareness because they value accountability and monitoring of public communications by internal staff.

Press Releases

Investing in a press release is crucial for every successful cryptocurrency. Many blogs and companies out there in cryptocurrency are actively looking to write about new projects every day. These publishers generally have a highly developed and particular audience that directly fits the ICO and cryptocurrency target market.

It is straightforward to make a press release, but it takes you extra time to write a decent cryptocurrency press release. Make it unique and precise to your crypto. It would be helpful if you also kept the language simple. The cryptocurrency industry is already difficult enough to grasp without tossing a ton of crypto terms on your press release to make it convincing. Breaking your news in an easily digestible way would allow you to distinguish your project from many startup crypto companies that often throw obscure jargon into the industry.

Networking on LinkedIn

In each industry, networking is essential, but it is even more critical for an unrecognized project in an emerging market such as blockchain. It would be better if you had some connections, and LinkedIn is probably the most powerful way to do this.

Indeed, team members in an ICO can automate the process of targeting potential sponsors and influencers of Linkedin with valuable resources such as Linked Helper.

Linkedin users respond intensely to messages and are vulnerable to cold posts or questions from people they don’t know. LinkedIn has an advantage over other social media sites. You need to maximize LinkedIn’s networking capabilities if you are a newcomer in this industry.

Hire A Cryptocurrency Marketing Company

Hiring a professional crypto marketing firm will save you a lot of time and resources you could have used to try various methods that may or may not work.

An expert crypto marketing firm, on the other hand, has a tested marketing plan to aid in the taking off of your crypto and make it popular in the digital world so that you collect more funds or get more traders to purchase your currency.

Our platform offers complete preparation, installation, and configuration of your marketing campaign, social media channel posting, and dedicated campaigns and advertising banners, including airdrops.