February 12, 2023

How to Market Your Crypto Brand

There’s no doubt about it: Cryptocurrencies are taking over the world and becoming a major part of our economy. That’s why they are gaining popularity at an unprecedented rate. Yeah, the recent bear market has hit cryptos and stocks on account of the Fed raising interest rates, but it should be temporary. Having a very sound project is one thing; achieving widespread adoption is a different beast altogether. A good project is no guarantee people will come flocking in. They must know it in the first place. Even though you may not be directly involved in crypto, how can you position your brand to attract new customers? There is a need to establish a solid crypto brand. The article will outline the effective ways for you to execute a good crypto brand marketing tenure.

Take to Social Media

It is perhaps the cheapest and most favoured marketing option for most project developers looking to get their brand noticed. It’s so preferred thanks to the diverse platforms and ways one can go about promoting their brand. The important thing is to know where to promote the brand concerning what you need to be known.

Facebook and YouTube for Project Description

The first step for promoting any crypto brand out there is to make everyone know what the project is about. A YouTube video is a fantastic way of passing such information. A video can summarize a lot of content and present it in a very appealing way to potential customers.

The best social media platform for giving a detailed write-up description of the project is Facebook. It is well structured to allow for pictures and videos and so versatile that it can also support posting updates, though there is another specialized platform for this.

Influencers are an excellent additive to one’s social media campaigns. They go a long way in gathering views from their loyal fans but at a cost.

Twitter for Regular and/or Important Updates

Twitter is the go-to platform where regular communication in the form of updates is concerned. It’s best used to give snapshots of a new upgrade, how the firm handles security issues, etc. A good example is the Ethereum 2.0 Twitter updates, with examples of posts including the planned migration to PoS from its PoW protocol.

The good thing with Twitter is that the onus to boost a crypto brand doesn’t fall on the developers alone. Other players inadvertently aid in the process. The most notable are key investors such as institutions, high net-worth individuals, and influencers. We could argue that Elon Musk’s dogecoin tweets probably marketed the crypto brand more than its developers’ tweets.

Build Websites and Blogs

A vital way of etching a project’s brand is via a website. It’s often the first place new investors seek to learn about a project. It also works well with the above-mentioned social media platforms, acting as the landing page.

A project website sells a crypto brand by first providing the most detailed information, especially when properly designed and optimized. With the ability to carry more info and have customizations such as colour schemes and skins, amongst others, they tend to look better than on social media.

They also provide a sense of credibility and assurance of a project’s existence to clients. A well-structured website usually provides a means of contacting the developers, which is crucial for answering any queries.


While a website is preferable, it may come at quite a price. A web developer is often required since building a professional one from scratch requires good IT and coding skills. There is also the web hosting fee.

A blog helps solve all these issues. It is often free and is hosted on a parent website like WordPress. The only things a developer needs are the words and any needed pictures to describe the projects. However, WordPress somehow limits developers where the skin, colour schemes, and sometimes fonts are concerned.

To be Considered

Several vital factors must be considered when designing a website or writing a blog. The first is why one is creating the website. A landing page from social media platforms won’t have the same content as a website that serves all purposes.

The user interface is another critical issue. Ease of access is essential, and it should be so in both PC and mobile versions. Branding and colour schemes are also crucial. Having a few main base colours is better than a whole kaleidoscope of confusion.

Press Releases and PR

Creating brand awareness may seem incomplete without having public relations management and press releases. They create anticipation amongst followers regarding the important dates for the project, updates, or actions relevant to it.

On this front, media partners give the best market reach in terms of numbers and audience relevance. One partner is often insufficient since they tend to have niche market segments where they are best suited.


Research on the developer’s part is important. One should know their target market before sifting through the media partners for the best fit.

In addition, one needs to look up their competitors’ activities. How are the best in the market doing their PR and press release campaigns? Emulating a working strategy isn’t an ill-thought option.

Content Marketing and Crypto ADs

Content marketing campaigns and crypto ads are a credible choice for that regular reminder of the market concerning one’s crypto brand. They help etch the brand name, its logo, and very often its colour scheme into the minds of a consumer. They also drive traffic onto the other crypto brand marketing tools.

Content marketing involves much longer and more detailed articles on a project, usually above 300 words. They may be news pieces, reviews, guides, and Op-eds. The best articles always link to the parent website and/or its social media pages.

Crypto Ads are much shorter, may be written, videos or pop-up photos, and are more catchy with less content. Their placements are diverse, being anywhere on the web. They also serve to drive traffic to the other crypto brand marketing tools.

Author’s Take

For a successful far-reaching crypto project, a successful brand is a must-have. It needs to be etched into people’s minds and become a household name like Bitcoin and Ethereum are.

For this, the tools mentioned earlier are very crucial. While each can go a long way on its own, they function best together. The trick is that they feed on each other through backlinks and references to get as wide a market reach as possible.

Investors should use as many marketing methods as financially possible to establish a successful and well-known crypto brand. But they must ensure they monitor their marketing activities’ progress to validate the sums spent on each channel.

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