February 12, 2023

Crypto Content Marketing – Best Practices

Content is highly regarded as King, a key component in digital marketing. Therefore, crypto content’s eminence for a project’s marketing campaign is equally as important as its functionality. However, there’s a lot of fuss when strategising the best content techniques. That’s because, despite articulation, emphasis is put on simplifying and making the content easy to grasp for the target market to understand.

Moreover, because of the abrupt developments in the crypto industry, a gazillion media publications have been established, making it hard for the audience to highlight the vital info of a project’s content. Thus, new players in the crypto industry ought to practice decisive content marketing strategies best tailored for their projects.

Give Reliable Information

Right now, at the time of writing, there are 19 800 cryptocurrencies. These astonishing stats indicate precisely how much each coin wrangles to rank in the coinmarketcap. To stand out in this immense display of use-cases and functionalities, a project’s team needs to be unique and coherent in informing its community on what’s going on about the project.

Like everything else, content is one of the best ways to establish your crypto project. Crypto content marketing generates the least amount of risks vs other tactics like paid advertising, which can be at the mercy of ad platforms like Facebook and Reddit.

Many advertisers who have taken up the task of marketing crypto content lack the finesse of correlating the financial markets with modern-day digital currency developments. Usually, the space seems filled with widely promising claims of cryptocurrencies with a bright future. However, the majority of the promises turn out to be empty, tarnishing the name of the virtual currency market at large.

To accomplish this, back up your content with accurate data. Providing unbiased comparisons creates relationships with new audiences and secures loyal investors.

You also need to provide educational materials that assist newbies in getting familiar with your project. In contrast, many assume that the public wows at the technicalities of the blockchain; general knowledge is equally gold.

State actual differentiators for your crypto project and take time to explain it in a meaningful and easy-to-grasp manner. Include topics that explain what crypto is, the trading basics of crypto, blockchain, and how your project can be integrated with other industries in society.

Connection to a Larger Funnel

The first step to capturing the eye of this world’s ‘Elon Musks’ is generating quality content. Your audience needs to know the next stages to follow to take action on your project. Create buyer journey samples segmented by the persona you want to convert and appeal to. Make the journey intuitive, appealing, and natural while ensuring every stage isn’t intimidating.

Leave the biasness trait to the greedy rug-pull developers. Offer neutral opinions about your topics and include pros and cons. Your audience will benefit greatly from accurate and informative content, increasing the depth of the crypto community. As such, when discussing the best crypto to buy, don’t conclude with a single asset like Bitcoin. Instead, offer follow-up content to learn more about the project. Your content shouldn’t sound like a sales pitch.

Include goals on how your content can convert leads from a buyer stage to another stage. Then, using custom URL parameters, track the conversion data. The resulting data will show you what tactics yield the best performance and how you can evolve your strategy from all the content you create.

Use Visual Content

Use infographics, videos, tables, and charts to explain essential elements. It will help the investors interested in your project grab the concept in a better way than lengthy, complex texts. Moreover, your audience will not only be able to grasp what your project is all about, but they will also have a high tendency to remember what it entails at any given time.

Additionally, visual content can boost the interaction of your crypto project’s community. Since more people understand the project, there will be more discussions about it. Your audience can easily share around the visual presentation. When it comes to cryptocurrencies, the easier your project is to grasp, the easier it is to market it.

Hiring Experienced Agencies

It’s not always an easy task to create real-time, accurate, engaging content that combines science, art, maths, and visual data. Moreover, considering crypto content creation requires specific skills in research and general crypto knowledge, sometimes it’s best to hire experts.

Partnering with a reliable crypto content marketing agency like CryptoVirally can help you build a strong business. Such agencies generate awareness, optimise performance, and engage your audience for better leads and traction. As such, employing crypto content marketing agencies improves your community growth without compromising focus on the core business activities.

These agencies also follow your preferred strategies, such as leading from one stage to another. They assist in tracking information on conversations about all content pieces created. You can learn more about your audience’s feedback and engage them. Also, these agencies can optimise your specific strategies that focus on content formats that target specific audiences, like paying customers.

Good Content, Top Market

People invested in your crypto journey will want to understand various aspects of your project. They will want to understand the business model and know what is happening with their investments. They will also need to know when to exchange Dev updates and plans. As such, it’s crucial to create engaging content that will provide all this information without being biased.

Plan your crypto content themes and topics that provide knowledgeable leadership content that addresses the problems you are trying to solve. It can be distributed through AMAs (Ask Me Anything Sessions), Video interviews, and PR. Also, aim to produce long-form contents that have well-researched ideologies. It provides leads to repurposing and creating other short-form content in the long run.

Be a calm and collected developer that is open to ideas, but remember to tell the story as it is.

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