February 12, 2023

Best Crypto Press Release Distribution Services

Press Release distribution services offer crypto businesses tools and analytics that assist in crafting and publishing hard-hitting press releases. The PR distribution agencies take care of all the details to ensure that your press release maximises its initial potential.

In light of that, employing reliable crypto press release distribution services is crucial in establishing a staunch brand for your project. To be more precise, having an ineffective publication of your press release results in little or no impact on the media. During the first stages of crypto projects, the ICO requires careful promotion and targeting to turn observers into investors.

Below are some of the most popular distribution services for a crypto press release:


NewswireNEXT is a good press release distribution service that continues to expand and grow in popularity. It has low fees of $359 and distributes your press release to a bigger pool of international news outlets. It guarantees pickups on 350+ authority on online news sites.

The PR forum submits your press releases to top business sites, including FinancialContent, Digital Journal, and MarketWatch. They also syndicate your content to Radio, TV, and Broadcast affiliates of CBS, NBC, and FOX. NewswireNEXT guarantees a 300 to 500 pickup rate for your press release at low fees.

Business Wire

Business Wire is a member of the Berkshire Hathway family, the backyard of popular US businessman Warren Buffet. They are a global press release distribution agency that provides access to over 80,000 media outlets across 160+ countries. The platform also has a good background experience of over 60 years and is focused on connecting audiences with crypto organizations. They apply their expertise and extensive experience in creating media partnerships and relationships across various target categories.

The company sends the press release to specific geographical regions, and in recent years, Business Wire has enjoyed embracing the digital media revolution. Extras like free link sharing on social media to each press release have been added and made possible through the distribution service.


Cision, popularly known as PRNewswire, is among the oldest PR distribution services in the news industry and has a reach of over 170 countries. They avail a network of over 300,000 media outlets and 40 languages. PRNewswire connects to a combined media audience of 17+ million influencers, writers, journalists, and editors when employing the network.

In addition, the platform helps crypto developers micro-target content distribution according to their industry preference. Its major focus is to ensure that people likely to generate crypto articles are connected to the data and info required for their content.

The distribution service offers a list of comprehensive PR distribution services via its subsidiaries, including HARO, PR Web, and PRNewswire.


eReleases is a popular press release distribution service popular in small business communities. The forum provides a press release distribution service covering over 100,000 journalists from top-tier publications. They also offer high-end syndication and news aggregation services, including AP News Network, and leverage over 5,000 websites, online services, and databases. Its major focus is on providing and promoting enhanced distribution. eReleases has been in the industry for more than 20 years, building strong relationships with bloggers and journalists.

The platform guarantees a 90 to 150+ site pickup rate for the different Press Release Distribution Service packages. Moreover, they offer SEO enhancements and distribution content to media sites specializing in cryptocurrencies. Marketing packages are also cheap, with prices starting from $300.

Blockchain Wire

Blockchain Wire is a cryptocurrency and blockchain focused press release service co-founded by renowned crypto investors Michael Terpin and Enzo Villani along with industry veteran Michael Shuler.

Michael Terpin and Michael Shuler started the first internet news service, Marketwire, which was sold and later rebranded as GlobeNewsWire. Blockchain Wire is partnered with Globe as well as a growing number of blockchain and crypto media outlets via their RSS feed which is baked into all of their offerings or available as a standalone distribution option.

They can provide guaranteed media coverage on all the major mainstream media outlets such as Yahoo Finance, Google News, Bing News, Benzinga, Marketwatch, The Associated Press and Bloomberg as well as distribution to a wide variety of well known crypto focused sites like CoinTelegaph and CoinQuora.

For those looking to maximize their exposure around the world, they also offer Asian, European and Global distribution circuits. They are truly a versatile service with solutions for any blockchain project or marketing agency.


Presswire has an impressive list of top clients, including the UK government, the World Health Organisation, and the United Nations. They have over 850,000 media contacts with a news database for 25 years. Presswire doesn’t offer target distribution but allows filtering by region, country, and industry.

They also provide innovative reporting tools and add-on boosts that include SEO tweaks. Moreover, the platform offers intelligent reports that predict the reactions and interpretations of your press release.


CoinTraffic is among the best crypto advertising networks due to its effective press release and ICO content distribution services. It offers a campaign period where you can draft a campaign on a press release and then execute the PR campaign later. The service contains different primary and global tires, priced at 1,500 and 10,000, respectively.

Coin Traffic’s extensive media partnerships with over 60 leading crypto and blockchain platforms are a key factor to consider. Employing them ensures you get proper recognition for your project, assuring reads by crypto influencers and investors.

Good PR Team, Less Hassle

Crypto Press Release Distribution Services is an essential strategy and a necessary step in generating traction for your project. The mentioned services are just a few among many other PR distribution services, but each has different features. Considering the powerful cryptocurrency press release distribution services, access to leading platforms puts your projects on the top list. Plenty of affordable services are available, and research on the one that best suits your preference is required for a successful ICO.

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