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Blockchain technology is one of the most feature-rich innovations in the financial sector. It unlocks capabilities that increase access to financial services and a new form of currency, the digital coin. At the same time, it comes with its fair share of shortfalls, including understandability to the average person, scalability, and volatility of digital currencies. For these and more reasons, finding investors in new cryptocurrency projects is not a walk in the park.

Most investors are risk-averse and will only back projects that seem viable from the beginning. It’s always good to brace yourself for some rejection, although you are sure to attract worthwhile investors with a great plan in place.

Here are a few quick tips for finding blockchain investors when you have a new crypto project.

Identify The Clientele and Source of Revenue

All investors want to be sure that they will earn income from their investments, so the revenue is a crucial subject of discussion when attracting investors. Every investment is a risk, always characterized by uncertainties. If you have a new crypto project, it’s upon your team to convince the potential investors about the potential returns.

Blockchain technology is new and quite complex but carries a great potential for returns on investment. Therefore, projects with ready clients and realistic projected income will generally attract investors for you. A comprehensive whitepaper and a strong marketing campaign is all you need, and wait for potential investors to reach out.

Projects that can solve the current blockchain problems, such as scalability, the consensus mechanisms among distributed ledger networks, and volatility, promise investors a ready client base and fast revenues.

Running an ICO

An ICO is an activity carried out in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space meant to raise capital for a start-up. It is similar to initial public offerings, although it uses cryptocurrencies rather than fiat currency.

An ICO creates a direct connection between a company launching a new cryptocurrency project and investors. ICO’s can be private or public, whereby a private ICO links a specified group of investors to the project. It could be individuals with a high net worth or financial institutions.

Public ICOs, on the other hand, will attract the general public, and anyone can become an investor in the project. Most ICOs begin with the company identifying the objectives of the project and communicating them to potential investors. The company then creates tokens, which are representations of value in the blockchain.

Investors get issued with the tokens, and they can use the product or service launched by the company or wait for their assets to appreciate. The ICO event can, therefore, become a source of capital and investors for the project.


The cryptocurrency industry is entirely virtual, and this makes blogging an invaluable strategy for winning investors into a blockchain start-up. Blogs allow blockchain engineers an opportunity to draw attention and share their stories with potential investors. Developers can have a website for the project, publish all project details, or publicize their crypto project via

If targeting institutional investors, you could even go to their website and engage them in the comment section. A thoughtful comment is likely to draw their attention, and you can build a relationship from there.

Social Media

Social media is a leading digital marketing strategy that gets your project out to the public and lands you potential investors. A high social media presence helps spread the word out about the new project, quickly drawing blockchain enthusiasts to it. The aim is to get noticed by potential investors and have them reach out for more details.

Project teams can take active roles in posting updates on platforms and pages. You can also find potential investors’ profiles and pitch them or leverage influencers’ high social media presence to your advantage.

Blockchain Conferences

There are several blockchain conferences and networking events around the world where discussions about the blockchain ecosystem happen. The Blockchain Expo North America is among the expected 2021 events with an expected turn up of more than 10,000 attendees. Such events attract various entities, including other technology providers, governments, and potential investors in new blockchain projects.

Developers can secure an opportunity to provide insights to attendees and unveil their innovation. It is an excellent opportunity to meet and actively discuss with potential investors about the project. The internet can always provide details about upcoming events, so you can scour relevant websites to see conferences likely to attract interested investors.


Bitcoin was the first blockchain project, and Satoshi Nakamoto was quite successful in it. Today, investors pour money into different cryptocurrency projects, although it does not mean they channel their funds into every other blockchain project with the same energy.

The new technology is earning impressive returns for many, but only if the investments are viable or out of sheer luck. Some investors are still experiencing dramatic losses in the same industry.

Developers must present realistic crypto projects and take active roles in promoting them to find investors. For more information on crypto project marketing campaigns, visit our Services Page.

Every industry has its standards, which serve as the bare minimum of what the players can do. Anything extra and beyond depends on the individual business. If you are launching a cryptocurrency project, you could write an excellent whitepaper. You can even publish it on your website and set up a Facebook page.

However, real industry players know that a successful cryptocurrency business requires a strong marketing campaign. Most cryptocurrency businesses are out to influence the adoption of their coins for investment and trading purposes, among other uses. Therefore, when done right, marketing can change the course of your business.

Read along to see the marketing campaigns every cryptocurrency business must consider today.

Social Media Marketing

Digital problems call for digitized solutions, so when you want to promote your digital coins, what better way to go than using social platforms. There are plenty of social platforms today, and you could leverage them all to your business’s advantage. Besides, statistics show that about 53% of the world’s population is on social media, so you can be sure you have quite a large audience.

Facebook ranked the most popular social platform in 2020, so you don’t want to miss it in your social media campaign. You can create a Facebook page for the business where you will post information about it. Crypto enthusiasts will keep following your posts. If you can add some useful industry analytics, you could capture a large audience.

A platform like YouTube requires a different approach than just having a YouTube channel for the business. You can get professional services from influencers who will market your crypto business with more enticing content.

Your business should have as much social media presence as possible, so create accounts for other platforms and dedicate them to promoting your cryptocurrency. A high social media presence is a sure way to build an audience for your business.

Cryptocurrency Airdrops

A cryptocurrency airdrop is a new crypto marketing stunt in the cryptocurrency space that involves channeling the new digital asset to the wallets of individuals who meet certain requirements. The start-up may require one to have a certain minimum of Bitcoin or ETH in their wallet address to qualify for the gift or complete a simple task like sharing the coin’s details on social media.

The airdrops can be of different types, including Bounty, Standard, Exclusive, and Holder airdrops. In Bounty airdrops, you require users to perform a simple task like retweeting or providing referrals to other users.

Holder airdrops require one to have a specific amount of coins in their wallets, while Standard airdrops need users to sign up to the project’s website for updates. For Exclusive airdrops, you can host them on a project’s website or social media handle, provided they have a large following. Anyone signed up to the website or is a follower on the social pages is entitled to participate in the airdrop.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is another direct marketing strategy, just like SMS marketing. You convey the message directly to the precise individual but in a more appealing manner. For an effective email marketing campaign, the business must identify people interested in their product. In this case, you should explore your target audience’s characteristics and be sure they are interested. Or you can check that they are potential digital coin users.

The sent emails should represent your cryptocurrency impressively, conveying the necessary details conclusively. Mail is a popular marketing campaign strategy but could easily backfire when the information conveyed sounds irrelevant, uninteresting, or repetitive.

Display Ads

If you like to browse through websites with your PC or smartphone, you’ve probably seen an image or a video pop-up. It’s a form of paid advertising whereby information about your coin will appear for a few seconds as a pop-up on popular websites or device apps when in use. You won’t be freaking out wondering whether the information reached the audience as it just appears before their eyes. The pop-up Ad content could be in the form of an image, video,  text, or audio.

It’s an effective marketing campaign strategy that can easily popularize a start-up cryptocurrency to the online community. However, owners must develop eye-catching pop-up images, videos, or text and make them short and ensure the audience does not feel quite interrupted.

Online Communities

People with common interests tend to come together to share experiences and knowledge. The cryptocurrency industry is still faced with many uncertainties, especially due to its volatility and lack of a central authority. A significant population is yet to get convinced about the truth of digital currencies. Such individuals follow up cryptocurrency news from top websites like and the gossips of online communities.

The platforms comprise crypto enthusiasts, making them ideal places for a cryptocurrency marketing campaign. You can introduce your coin on these platforms, hold discussions, and answer questions to your audience and clear any doubts about your product or service.


Marketing digital assets is a critical aspect of the success of every crypto business. Whether the digital currency is new or already has the largest market share, its marketing campaign should keep going.

Most crypto businesses opt to look for crypto marketing experts. However, with the above five crypto marketing campaign ideas, you should be confident about your coin’s success. If the strategies seem not to work out for your business, there is still no need to freak out. Contact a leading marketing company like and keep going.

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