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There are at least 58 international days excluded for celebrating, raising awareness, or remembering some things every year. For example, every year, the first international holiday is World braille day on the fourth of January, while the last one occurs on the twentieth of December. In addition, there are celebrations like women’s, mother’s, fathers’ day, and many more in between.

New projects and businesses can take advantage of these days to optimize their marketing and attract further adoption. Furthermore, Crypto projects alike can choose to fasten their adoption by taking advantage of the international holidays.

However, how can an upcoming project take advantage of these international holidays in marketing? Keep reading to find out more.

Take Advantage of the Trending Hashtags

When nearing an international holiday, the most common trending hashtags are always related to the holiday. For instance, during mother’s day, hashtags about mothers trend, and almost everyone on Twitter can see and contribute.

It’s important to leverage these trending hashtags to optimize the advertising of your crypto project. For instance, there are several crypto projects which are designed for women and women’s needs. One such project is Women’s coin.

During Womens’ day and mother’s day, these projects can take advantage of the trending hashtags by announcing their services. For example, a crypto project manager may post about the project’s great opportunities for women and then use the trending hashtag.

Send Holiday Greetings Emails

Holiday messages during international and national holidays are suitable for marketing. Large organizations often send holiday greetings in emails to make sure their projects are known.

Some platforms chose to send ‘messages from the founders or managers’ to their clients. Sending personalized messages and emails to your clients is an excellent way of marketing.

Crypto projects can leverage the holiday greeting system by sending friendly messages to their clients. In the messages, the project managers can thank their customers for their loyalty and say one or two things about the platform’s future and upcoming opportunities.

Partner with a Cause

Generally, most international days have a particular cause. For instance, women and mothers’ days address the importance of women and mothers to society. AIDs day is aimed at sensitizing the world and people about AIDs and preventive measures. Every other day has a particular reason for existence.

There are organizations mandated to conduct special events during these international days. You can partner with these organizations and be part of what the organizations stand for.

The presence of your project’s name as a partner to an important cause during these international days will increase your followers and sales. Moreover, when the general community notices a platform participating in philanthropic activities, it’s human nature to support such an organization.

Host a Competition or Game

Another way to market any project extensively is by leveraging competitions or games. Primarily, some businesses set a prize which the winner of the competitions will earn. So how can a crypto project set up a competition?

Some projects have instituted competitions like staking competitions and many more. However, to take advantage of the international day, the platform may put the ‘international day’ in question as the day of the competition.

Hosting competitions will attract the attention of the entire crypto community to your project. Once you get the attention, it’s on you to sell your services in the best way possible.

Gifts and Discounts to Loyal Followers

Many holiday seasons usually include gifts sent to friends and family. For instance, some chose to gift their mothers with kind messages or even physical gifts during Mother’s day. In addition, the tradition of gift-giving makes international days and holidays more fun.

As a crypto project manager, it’s your job to know how to reward the community for supporting your projects. Some platforms have issued airdrops, bounties, and other gifting campaigns, where users receive tokens and other forms of rewards.

Gifting your customers will make them give out a word about your project and ultimately accelerate your crypto project acceptance. Offering services at discounted prices is also a great gift to your loyal customers. Finally, gifting can attract more attention to your project.

Adding a Holiday Theme to Your Product

Every crypto project has a website that acts as the center of all the platform’s services. You can also make slight changes to your project’s website and add the holiday theme.

Final Word

Every crypto project wants to gain fast adoption by attracting users everywhere across the globe. To accelerate mainstream adoption, marketing the crypto project is a must. One of the best ways of marketing any business is by taking advantage of international holidays.

Since most of these days have a philanthropic background, your crypto project has to participate in these charitable causes to attract wide acceptance. Sending holiday greetings and rewarding clients is a good way to maintain your customers and even get new ones.

However, to optimize your advertising, you need to consult professionals. Visit our service page to learn more about how we can help you.

In the next few years, the cryptocurrency industry is set to explode. Similarly, new crypto projects will demand to facilitate the mass integration of this new technology and its advantages. The considerable innovation and information that has been created in 10 or so years are already incredible and what is about to come seems even greater. Initializing the perception, particularly of a new product or service, marketing and advertising play a significant part. It is achieved by informing people about the problem, the opportunity, and the solution. So, to cut to the chase, yes, traditional marketing can create awareness about a cryptocurrency project.

Traditional Marketing is the Way to Go

To understand whether traditional marketing is viable as a marketing method, we must first understand what it is. Hence, traditional marketing refers to a form of promotion that reaches an audience offline. For example, it could be brochures, billboards, or direct mail, among others. Here are some of the reasons why you could use traditional marketing with cryptocurrencies:

Reaches Out to Every Demographic

Efficient marketing aims to reach the biggest audience and generate the most interest with minor investment. Therefore, investing in several strategies means that you can tap into every demographic and ensure that you have the best value for your capital.

Over 89 percent of adults in the UK use the internet daily. Therefore, pay-per-click ads, social media marketing, and search engine optimization are essential when targeting the masses. However, only 4 in 10 people over the age of 75 use the internet at all. This data reflects a large proportion of the population that isn’t on social media and doesn’t search on Google.

It may be challenging to get into this audience, but offline marketing strategies may prove very successful. Printed leaflets and brochures still hit the broad audience with excellent efficiency, regardless of the “connectivity.”

Furthermore, 90% of the competition is exclusively on the internet. This can also help discern your brands on a saturated market. Furthermore, it’s never really critical to be the odd one in today’s digital world. Everyone continuously tries to rank with the exact keywords.

Can Fuse with Online Marketing

Have you ever looked at a billboard and looked at one of them? These QR codes and can act as an outline-online bridge. By putting QR codes on flyers, posters, and billboards, people can conveniently find your social media content on the respective crypto projects.

Other methods for integration offline/online include: television and radio ads, both with a high return on investment which you can use in video streaming; offline call-to-action, which can directly bring you to your website or social network (providing you have a seamless branding across the board)

So why not allow the development of your crypto marketing strategy with these not so revolutionary, tested, and proven ways of spreading your message? Maybe a VOIP Network could open a new helpline? Although this technology may seem obsolete in the SEO-driven world of today, there is a justification for resisting a time test because they work!

Cross Channel Play

Historically, many digital marketing companies and growth hackers have downplayed conventional marketing in particular events. It is now more complex than ever to develop simply by finding a hack since these techniques are constantly copied. It thus prepared the way to a gradual return to the marketing world for older conventional approaches.

Nevertheless, this does not suggest, however, that businesses spend less on digital technology. Companies recognize the value of cross-channel presence instead, and this approach is supported by over 95% of marketers. Simply put, a cross-channel implies a blend of many different channels providing a seamless experience. Using cross-channel play will enhance all the events’ scope and development by timing these promotions across multiple mediums.

It can also have a viral impact if you are lucky, especially if you do something never seen before (like a stunt). But, to succeed, marketers now have to take an overview that includes print, billboards, events, and more efficient cross-channel promotions.

Traditional Marketing May not Always Work.

Despite the great opportunity that traditional means of marketing provides, there could be setbacks that you need to be aware of before making your decision:

  • Gradually lose its audience: It would be best to watch TV or read a newspaper these days to design your campaign. While network television audiences and physical journal readers are segmented, paid television subscriptions and e-readers are undoubtedly changing how people of all ages use news and the media. Traditional media outlets learn to adapt to a new consumer generation, and financial marketers have to do so
  • Takes longer to execute and refine: It takes time to produce a print ad, and edits take a while. After that, the ad is complete, and no color, font, or word can be changed back. Digital advertising can, on the other hand, suffer changes and edits in real-time to increase its efficiency.
  • Ability to target and sub-segment as digital: Many conventional marketing strategies cannot and do not provide the same segmentation and targeting standard as can be done with digital targeting other than direct mail
  • Lack of Immediacy: Another drawback of conventional marketing is that it does not allow you to adapt as fast as new communication methods to changes in the market. When running magazine advertisements, you can need to build your message weeks or months in advance. Also, regular newspaper advertising will take several days in advance. Changing broadcast advertisements would take time and extra production costs.


Of course, several traditional marketing techniques have already demonstrated their excellence in recent decades. A large part of the world’s population has always used these techniques and established phenomena such as ad blindness. As a result, crypto marketers must develop and upgrade these conventional strategies to suit the latest modern profiles.

Our platform offers complete preparation, installation, and configuration of your campaign, social media channel posting, and dedicated campaigns with an overall reach of over 15M and advertising banners and dedicated airdrops. Crypto marketers need to learn new things and employ resources—time, money, and staff—to browse the latest and newest platforms.

However, the shiny new objects should not distract them that they give up what works best simply because it is conventional. Instead, ensure that the institution has the correct marketing mix taking past performance rates and objective categories, budget, and overall marketing goals.

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