NFT Marketing Guide – How to Promote Your NFTs

The recent surge on NFTs has attracted many players into the crypto market. Thus, the competition is stiff when one is trying to sell their NFTs. Everyone has piqued interest in the NFT market and wants to know how they can ensure they make sales or own some of these Non Fungible Tokens(NFTs).

There are numerous ways in which one can promote their NFTs to ensure they make a profit and teach as many investors as possible. NFT marketing may be free or paid; we have compiled this guide to showcase some of the best ways to promote your NFTs, especially in this digital age.

Why is NFT promotion important?

Achieve Recognition 

NFTs is an acronym for Non-Fungible Tokens; this means that they are one of a kind and cannot be replicated for any other token of similar value.

NFT marketing and promotions ensure that your project achieves recognition in the crypto market, thus making more sales. Therefore, as a creator, it is necessary to put your best foot forward to ensure the word gets to as many people as possible.

Making more sales 

NFT promotion will help you to attract more investors to your project; NFTs may just become the primary source of your income if you put effort into promoting your NFT collection. Doing this, you will reach a broader audience, consequently leading to more profit.

Ways to Promote your NFTs

Build your NFT Community 

To sell your NFT collection, you need an audience that will keep tabs on every development on your project; you do not necessarily need a large audience, just a few dedicated people.

You can quickly build your community on social media using your followers. This can be through paid advertisements on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Video ads have a higher click rate and more engagement. Short videos may be instrumental in telling the story behind your NFT project.

You can also grow your NFT community by attending local events where other NFT collectors may be present. This will help you attract a larger audience to your project. You can also hold regular AMAs (Ask Me Anything)sessions where you can explain to your potential investors why your NFT is the best. The AMA organizers can ask you all the relevant questions that will help you put across as much information about your project as possible.

Working with NFT Creators and Influencers 

Joining a team of well-renowned influencers and creators will help you acquire more recognition. Collaborating with social media influencers will draw more investors to your project as they already have a large following on their social media pages. Their followers are more likely to purchase any NFT they promote, thus, more profit.

You can also introduce collaboration ideas to NFT creators through their telegram groups, as most NFT projects already have dedicated telegram groups or discord servers. You want to reach out to creators and influencers within your niche, as they already have an active audience. It may, however, be expensive to market your NFTs using influencers and creators.

The success of your NFT project will be measured by the organic traffic your project’s content attracts; it is also a great source of income for your NFT acquire Organic traffic, your NFTs projects website has to be ranked on Google’s top page. Thus, the content must be interesting enough to draw as many readers as possible.

PR Interviews and Articles 

Similar to content creation, PR Articles can help your project reach a larger following. NFT blogs and websites are some platforms that present an opportunity to submit well-written articles on your project to ensure your audience keeps abreast with all developments. Youtube channels are also instrumental in ensuring that your voice is heard by offering interviews where you can explain the uniqueness of your project; podcasts work equally as well.

As an NFT creator, you need to identify some of the most popular NFT podcasts and youtube channels; by doing this, you are more likely to know what you expect when you reach out to them. Creator Stories Series is one example of such a platform that showcases different NFT projects where creators have an opportunity to reach their audiences in video and article format.


A foolproof Marketing plan will enable you as a creator to make significant sales on your NFT. The NFT industry has been making millions, and you can easily make this your primary source of income.

There are numerous ways you can ensure the word gets out there as much as possible. The digital age has presented numerous opportunities for content creators to reach their audience.

Different forms of media may help one acquire favourable results and assist one in community management by ensuring that your audience is constantly updated through content creation, collaborations, PR articles and interviews.

NFTs are a fresh idea; therefore, such simplistic marketing strategies may be what you need to get to the top of the industry.

Cryptovirally offers such marketing strategies for your NFT project; it is one of the industry’s most transparent and prominent marketing agencies today, ensuring that you, as a creator, make the best out of your project.

Top 10 Most Expensive NFTs

NFTs came into the digital market sometime in 2014. However, between 2021 and 2022, the industry has vastly grown. The NFT scene is continually changing with the discovery of more use cases and applications.

In the long term, NFTs are constantly setting new price and valuation records. This guide highlights the top 10 highest-sold NFTs from inception to September 2022. However, things will change in the future as more NFTs with more value join the landscape.

The Merge — $91.8 Million

The Merge NFT, an NFT virtual artwork fashioned by an anon artist called Pak, is the most expensive NFT asset ever sold. The piece of art was auctioned as an NFT via the Nifty Gateway towards the end of 2021.

‘The Merge’ was initially priced at $91.8 million. Due to its colossal valuation, This token, although non-fungible, was split into 312,686 coins. A total of 28,983 different buyers purchased the Merge.

Some don’t consider this token one of the most expensive since it was purchased by nearly 30k people instead of one person. However, whatever the case, ‘The Merge’ was a single piece of NFT and is the most expensive to date.

Everydays, The First 5000 Days ($69.3 Million)

Everydays, The First 5000 Days, an NFT from the Beeple’s collection, takes the second spot as one of the most expensive NFTs to sell. This NFT is a piece of art that contains 5000 different images, which were created in 13 years beginning in May 2007 by an artist called Beeple. It’s by far his most expensive NFT.

According to reports, the NFT sold in 2021 at over $69 million in the Christies Auction House. Vignesh Sundaresan, a Singapore-based programmer and top investor in the crypto landscape, bought the NFT. Now, out of all NFTs sold to a single investor, this is the most expensive.

Clock — ($52.7 Million)

The third most expensive piece of NFT ever sold is the Clock. Drafted by Julian Assange and Pak, Clock is an NFT focused on helping settle the former’s legal bills. Julian Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks, is currently surrounded by a controversial case. He is awaiting extradition from the UK to the US and 175 years in jail.

The Clock NFT was sold for 16,953 ETH ($52.7 million) in February 2022 via Assange DAO. Assange DAO is a collection of about 10 thousand Assange supporters who purchased the Clock NFT. The Clock NFT is part of the Censored collection which currently features about 29 thousand tokenized messages, all available via Opensea.

Human One – $28.9 Million

Human One is the fourth most expensive NFT ever sold and the second most valuable NFT provided by Beeple after Everydays: The First 5000 days. This NFT is a dynamic physical/digital hybrid displaying an astronaut who is always striding through changing landscapes within a 4-by-4-foot box.

This NFT also has an inbuilt smart contract that remotely controls everything displayed. Therefore, the digital piece of art is an ever ‘in progress’ NFT. Beeple uses the smart contract to update the application constantly. This NFT was sold for $28.9 million at the Christies auction on November 9th, 2021.

CryptoPunk #5822 – $23.7 Million

CryptoPunks is perhaps the most trusted NFT collection with the most loyal fanbase in the digital blockchain landscape. CryptoPunks collection was founded in 2017 by Larva Labs, inspired by Daft Punk, the London Punk scene, and the cyberpunk movement.

One NFT in this collection, #5822, is the most valuable. It sold for about $23.7 million (8000ETH) to the CEO of Chain, Deepak Thapliyal, in February 2022.

Why is this NFT valuable? Because it’s among the 9 NFTs in the rarest alien edition. Due to its rarity, Cryptopunk is going to remain highly valuable.

CryptoPunk #7523 – $11.7 Million (4700ETH)

Another one of the only 9 Alien Cryptopunks, #7523, is also one of the most valuable NFTs of our time. This NFT is famous by the name “Covid Alien” because of its resemblance to a facemask. It is among the only 175 NFTs with a medical mask, 419 punks with knitted caps, and 2459 NFTs with earrings.

This NFT was sold at $11.7 million, basically around 4700 ETH, to Shalom Meckenzie, Draftking’s largest shareholder. The sale occurred in June 2021 as part of the Natively Digital Auction by Sotheby.

This NFT is valuable because of its rarity. However, its second collector Sillytuna and its original minter, Straybits, are famous in the NFT landscape. Their prominence and success in NFT sales were a massive win for the NFT space.

Tpunk #3442 — $10.5 Million

Tpunk is a version of Cryptopunk but based on the Tron blockchain network. This collection consists of 10 thousand top-tier avatars. The Tpunk #3442 resembles a famous comic character, The Joker.

In a sale held in August 2021, Tron’s founder Justin Sun purchased Tpunk #3442 at 120 million TRX, which is $10.5 million. Sun donated the NFT to the APENFT marketplace.

Why is this Tpunk NFT very valuable? It’s simply because of its inspiration, the precious CryptoPunks collection but in a different blockchain.

Cryptopunk #4156

Another NFT from the Cryptopunk collection, #4156, is the eighth most expensive NFT. It is the third most expensive Cryptopunk ever sold.

#4156 was sold in 2021 for about $10.26 million (2500ETH) by an anonymous collector. This particular NFT has exchanged hands quite a couple of times in its lifetime.

This NFT has been expensive because it’s one of the rarest Cryptopunks NFTs. It has a bandana and Ape skin. Of all Cryptopunks, only 5% have a bandana, while only 0.24% have Ape Skin. This NFT could be rarer than the earlier mentioned Alien Skin NFT.

Cryptopunk #5577

Another one of Cryptopunks collection #5577 makes the list of the top 10 most expensive NFTs. This NFT was sold earlier this year for $7.7 million. According to reports, this NFT was purchased by Robert Leshner, the founder of the Compound DeFi network.

The NFT resembles a cowboy with a hat. When finalizing the purchase details, Robert tweeted, “Yeehaw.”

Cryptopunk #3100

Sold in March 2022, this NFT closes our list of top NFT sales of all time. This NFT was sold just a day after another NFT of the same collection, #7804, was sold for $7.6 million. Cryptopunk #3100 was sold for $7.67 million.

Considering the performance of all the Cryptopunk NFTs above, it’s safe to say that NFT enthusiasts immensely love this collection. This NFT is rare, being part of the alien avatars with blue and white headbands. It’s one of the only 450 NFTs with headbands. Its high rarity is mainly the reason for its value.

In Conclusion

This guide has been looking into the top 10 most expensive NFTs. Those NFTs were sold for colossal value and attracted massive traction within the crypto landscape.

Note that we did not list Cryptopunk #9998, which some consider the most expensive NFT. While the NFT was sold for $532 million, it was a wash trade. The owner transferred the NFT to his different wallets using his funds. This was a ‘fake trade.’

Every other NFT in this list was a clean sale to another individual or a set of people. Those are the most expensive NFTs.

The Best Crypto Marketing Agencies for NFTs in 2022

According to the data tracking network, Chainalysis, NFT sales in 2022 had reached $37B at the beginning of May. This figure is projected to surpass last year’s total, which stands at $40B, suggesting more people might have picked up a serious interest in the virtual assets.

The NFT market is effably vast and popular based on the stats; it could be cumbersome to market an NFT project. Nonetheless, you don’t have to worry, as there are NFT marketing agencies specifically tailored to promote Non-fungible Tokens. But before hiring one, you should understand the suitable marketing strategy for your project.

What to Look for in a Marketing Agency

In the NFT marketing field, we have several options to choose from and determining which shoe fits could be a pain in the neck. If you are wondering which agency is ideal for promoting your NFTs, you should consider certain critical steps before choosing a marketing partner.

Firstly, outline your marketing objectives and the budget that will fit the occasion smoothly. You should decide whether to target a new audience or just spread the word to your previous clientele. Please look at your competitors; see how deep they are willing to dig into their pockets. The research could help you come up with an idea of how much you should spend on your marketing campaign.

There is no doubt that the world of NFTs is diversified. It includes art, music, sports, and other collectibles. Thence, the first step is identifying your niche and the cohort you wish to target. For instance, if your NFT project is about the NBA, you are better off hiring a marketing agency that deals explicitly with sports.

Lastly, find a crypto marketing agency that moves with the latest technological wind of social media. Marketers who are deeply synchronized with social media networks tend to be effortlessly up-to-date and are probable to run a successful marketing campaign.

Top NFT Marketing Agencies 2022


CryptoVirally offers reliable and customizable crypto marketing solutions. The agency has vast experience in NFT promotion, offering several services like community growth, creating PR campaigns, and executing other effective marketing strategies.

Through CryptoVirally, NFT content creators gain proper awareness via their highly engaging NFT collection of social media groups. The platform has experts who carry unique and impeccable backgrounds in crypto marketing services in their arsenal. Having their multicultural crypto domains, you can directly purchase CryptoVirally packages that suit your preferences, presenting custom solutions in marketing your NFT.

Their services include graphics and web design, crypto community management, press release, and project awareness. However, the advertiser has pricey charges, arguably its greatest shortcoming. Regardless, it has a pool of customers with positive reviews about its services.


INORU is a leading global marketing agency for NFTs that also offers several marketing solutions to its clients. Their services aid in promoting NFTs and increasing their visibility to generate more sales. They offer content marketing, influencer marketing, social media marketing, and email marketing.

Considering their customized marketing strategies, your NFT will dominate the digital market. Part of the pros of using this agency includes its highly personalized features. Moreover, its 360-degree range of services helps digital art creators gain followers and brand recognition in the crypto space. A major con of using the agency is its pricey charges.


CryptoPr is among the most prominent NFT and crypto marketing agencies in London, UK. It has a highly-skilled team that aims to provide top-notch services to generate NFT brand awareness.

They deliver the best quality NFT marketing campaigns, targeting the ideal demographic while increasing customer reach. Additionally, they provide standard marketing services such as PR, creating marketing initiatives, influencer marketing, and social media campaigns.

The agency has partnered with popular online media outlets to provide top-quality curated marketing content for NFT developers. Pros of employing their services include press publishing of over 100 sites, NFT promotion using influencer and celebrity marketing, and international campaigns.


Located in Riverside, CA, Coinbound is a unique agency that focuses on networking and blockchain connections. It harbors a five-year experience in the digital industry and has created solid relationships with top influencers across the blockchain network. The agency can promote your NFT, ensuring it gets the recognition it deserves.

Among the upsides of using Coinbound is that they employ several social media platforms’ services in reaching out to potential customers and investors. They manage your social media accounts which, in turn, assists in creating a solid NFT community on forums like Telegram and Discord. The major con of employing the agency is its competitive pricing.


The X10 marketing agency is a reliable agency that provides specialized marketing campaigns. X10 deals with niches like STO and DeFi. Their services include full-service marketing campaigns, market consulting, creative branding and design, and community management.

An example of an impressive result offered by the agency is its SKYCHAIN project which involved a team of experienced experts that reaped about $6.5 million in sales. X10 has a team of professional experts with skills that can create impressive marketing campaigns. Employing this agency almost assures you of a successful sales spell and a vast NFT promotion Tenure. Its only flipside is that it’s focused on EMEA and Russian projects.

A Proper Marketing Agency Genuinely Matters

There are dozens of NFT and crypto marketing agencies in the blockchain industry. While you DYR on what agency suits your sales target, it is highly advisable to consider each marketing company’s pros and cons. Not many agencies will be in sync with your marketing language, but thorough research is the climacteric step to generating high sales for your NFTs.

Considering the marketing agency you choose also builds up the brand awareness of your NFT project, you need to be cautious in your selection thought process. An ideal NFT marketing agency will listen to your marketing goals keenly and will involve you every step of the way in the marketing campaign.