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For companies in the crypto industry to expand and thrive, cryptocurrency marketing is essential. For a developed country, more advanced marketing methods are involved due to technological innovations and changes in consumer habits. In ICOs and cryptocurrency ventures, building a cohesive and efficient marketing plan is even more critical if you want to attract users from such a country. In the past two years, the cryptocurrency industry has been expanding exponentially, and thousands of crypto companies are now appearing everywhere you look. However, if you have startup crypto, there are so many rivals that you must stand out from. We have compiled marketing strategies in this guide to promote digital currencies use in developed countries. Take this guide as a starting point for advertising your cryptocurrency and for hitting the right target audience.

Display Ads

Display advertising is an excellent way to advertise goods and services on other prominent platforms through various paid advertising methods. To elaborate, an ad appears on other authentic websites or applications on one’s phone in an advertising campaign, in the form of a picture, text, audio, video, flash, or a flyer.

You can publish a teaser on using your crypto coin and publish it on smartphones through advertising strategies through some related sources online. Data about your digital currencies are available to people who use these websites or applications. When something is eye-catchy, it always attracts curious folks, and hence startups may publicize their cryptocurrency through display advertising campaigns.

Bitcoin Communities

You should think ahead of Quora or Reddit if you are marketing to a more technological advanced audience. For example, the Bitcoin group is a union of digitally-trained crypto coin, technology enthusiasts. Promoting the coin for a group directed towards cryptocurrency is a sure bet marketing strategy!

As for the Bitcoin community, several other groups allow new coin offerings and promote them further. You must find useful websites first and be an affiliate to promote a new coin. Participate and build their trust during ongoing discussions. Once you do, members will discuss your cryptocurrency in a space. Remember, the older the community is, the more coverage you can gain for your dedicated target audience.

Social Media Advertisements

Social media is at your disposal for everything you want.  From finding your old schoolmates to making new professional contacts, social media can cater to everything, whether you talk to your best friends or know the living situation of people. In the same way, you will promote your coin online using social media. Take Google Plus support or build a Facebook page and regularly begin to write about your digital currency. More people are encouraged to join and remain up-to-date.

Additionally, other social media sites such as Instagram, Linked In, or Twitter could help you sell your coin. You can only establish different accounts for a single purpose, and only the digital currency is advertised. One can create a cryptocurrency audience with a profound social media Marketing Strategy. You can use a company to create crypto coin advertising strategies for Youtube, Pinterest, or Reddit too!

Email Marketing Campaigns

Another type of direct marketing is Email marketing. Email marketing campaigns among marketers are becoming more known widely as more consumers are going digital. The quality reflected in every email touches people, and that is why your one email will work for you.

You have to make a list of individuals with a genuine interest in digital currencies for an accurate and impressive email marketing campaign. Make sure your emails talk a lot about your coin but remain straight to the point.  If they are uninteresting to read, your whole email marketing campaign could come crashing down.

Publish Major Events on Calendars 

The main aim of any marketing strategy for cryptocurrency is to maintain and engage current audiences and attract new investors. It cannot be easy to control and track every development in the crypto space because it continually grows. Investors usually use calendars to follow the project activities of an organization to remain ahead of the competition. That is why businesses must do the same thing.

You can publish on major websites about your crypto-calendar; the initial coin offerings (ICO, IEO) or security token offers to mark milestones or monthly updates. It will facilitate investors’ awareness because they value accountability and monitoring of public communications by internal staff.

Press Releases

Investing in a press release is crucial for every successful cryptocurrency. Many blogs and companies out there in cryptocurrency are actively looking to write about new projects every day. These publishers generally have a highly developed and particular audience that directly fits the ICO and cryptocurrency target market.

It is straightforward to make a press release, but it takes you extra time to write a decent cryptocurrency press release. Make it unique and precise to your crypto. It would be helpful if you also kept the language simple. The cryptocurrency industry is already difficult enough to grasp without tossing a ton of crypto terms on your press release to make it convincing. Breaking your news in an easily digestible way would allow you to distinguish your project from many startup crypto companies that often throw obscure jargon into the industry.

Networking on LinkedIn

In each industry, networking is essential, but it is even more critical for an unrecognized project in an emerging market such as blockchain. It would be better if you had some connections, and LinkedIn is probably the most powerful way to do this.

Indeed, team members in an ICO can automate the process of targeting potential sponsors and influencers of Linkedin with valuable resources such as Linked Helper.

Linkedin users respond intensely to messages and are vulnerable to cold posts or questions from people they don’t know. LinkedIn has an advantage over other social media sites. You need to maximize LinkedIn’s networking capabilities if you are a newcomer in this industry.

Hire A Cryptocurrency Marketing Company

Hiring a professional crypto marketing firm will save you a lot of time and resources you could have used to try various methods that may or may not work.

An expert crypto marketing firm, on the other hand, has a tested marketing plan to aid in the taking off of your crypto and make it popular in the digital world so that you collect more funds or get more traders to purchase your currency.

Our platform offers complete preparation, installation, and configuration of your marketing campaign, social media channel posting, and dedicated campaigns and advertising banners, including airdrops.

The crypto space has been very vibrant, offering impressive year-on-year growth stats. The total market cap hovers at around $2.3 trillion, close to double its valuation in early February this year.

As a reflection of this vibrancy, new crypto projects, companies, and platforms keep being launched regularly. Most of the new entrants always introduce a new feature to the fray to gain a competitive advantage over their predecessors.

But how does one differentiate a crypto project, a crypto company, and a crypto platform? The article shall delve deep into the specificities regarding each category.

Key Definitions

To better understand just how different crypto projects, companies, and platforms are from each other, it is important to define each.

Crypto Project

A crypto project refers to any investment undertaking that is heavily involved in the cryptocurrency space. Such a project may cover many areas or be very specific to a certain aspect of cryptocurrencies. It may also be wholly tied to cryptocurrencies or offer cross-sector services between cryptos and other non-crypto spaces.

Crypto Company

By definition, a crypto company is any registered business entity with its activities deeply involved in cryptocurrencies. The firm’s activities may similarly cover most arrays of the blockchain space or be limited to a specific line of cryptos. It may also have its activities wholly involved in cryptocurrencies or could be immersed in both cryptos and other non-crypto areas.

Crypto Platform

On the other hand, a crypto platform refers to the specific infrastructure or space that provides certain defined services for the cryptocurrency world. It may be a crypto project or a crypto company.

The term is most commonly used as synonymous with crypto exchange platforms. However, it may refer to other service providers, such as an entire blockchain ecosystem that supports a certain cryptocurrency.

The Differences

There are several key differences with regards to the aforementioned three. The differences can be further stratified into three major subsections for better clarity.

The fundamentals behind them are among the 4 key skills that are especially crucial for professions like crypto marketing. These fundamentals include creating them, how they operate, and the purpose of their creation.

  1. Mode of Creation

The first difference arises from the way each of the three is created and established. It is the defining factor of each.

A crypto project is created by simply starting investments in a certain crypto idea. Its creation method involves the coming together of developers and wiring funds towards the implementation of an idea.

A crypto company, on the other hand, is a legal entity involved in cryptocurrencies. Its establishment involves the registering of the entity first. After that, the entity is usually the tool used to start crypto projects.

On the other hand, crypto platforms involve the coming together of both funds and developers to create a certain crypto service provider. The provider may be a company or a project.

  1. Operation Mechanism

A crypto project’s mode of operation is usually extensive. For example, a hard fork in a blockchain may be specifically designed to make crypto operations more secure or smoother. It may similarly be a whole new blockchain hence has all key operations and supporting functions of cryptos. The key requirement is that it has to be involved in cryptos and blockchain.

A crypto company, in turn, has its operations defined by its registration statutes. It may be a holding company to a blockchain project or platform, an example being Ripple. Inc company, which is the owner of the Ripple blockchain. It may similarly be a service provider in itself.

As for a crypto platform, this is the actual service provider that facilitates certain crypto-related activities. For example, an exchange platform enables the purchase of cryptos, while a DeFi blockchain platform enables the building of apps on a blockchain.

  1. Purpose of Creation 

Another key defining factor for the differences in the three is the purpose of creation. Each of the three has a different reason behind its creation.

A crypto project is created for several crypto-related purposes. They usually have a specific aim, such as solving a certain issue, onboarding an innovation, or make operations easier.

Crypto companies are created for one key purpose, to conduct activities in the crypto space. They may be for-profit or non-profit. They may also be the actual conductor of activities or beholding firms to the activity-running venture.

The last of the three is the crypto platform. It is created with the sole purpose of providing services to the cryptocurrency world. The specific service may be different concerning the nature of the platform itself. For instance, exchange platforms provide crypto exchange services.

The Gray Areas

Even though specifics regarding how they are created, why they are created, and how they operate are distinct, it is still straightforward to confuse them. That’s because there is a lot of overlap amongst their functionalities that may create gray areas regarding their distinctiveness. These gray areas are as below;

  • All crypto platforms were crypto projects, but not all crypto projects are crypto platforms. However, since projects are specific investments of crypto-related ideas to bring them to reality, they include all crypto platforms.
  • Crypto companies are the investment wheels behind crypto projects and platforms. But they may also be crypto projects if they are the investments and not just holder companies or crypto platforms if they provide the services themselves.
  • A crypto project could still be a crypto company as well as a crypto platform. A good example of this is the crypto exchange platforms that start as projects to provide a platform for trading in cryptocurrencies.

Take Away

Crypto projects, crypto companies, and crypto platforms have one key similarity; they are all involved in the cryptocurrency world. Nonetheless, their creation method, reasons behind their creation, and mode of operation offer defining differences. Their classification otherwise has huge overlaps and isn’t black and white.

A crypto project may still be a crypto company and/or a crypto platform, or it may only be a crypto project. The differences between them in such a scenario are therefore largely defined for legal or academic purposes. Several times, they may be referring to the same thing. Well, whether you have a crypto project, company, or platform, the team here at crypto virally can offer you the best marketing services for your project to reach mainstream adoption.

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