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The cryptocurrency market is fast-moving and involves thousands of projects. Crypto enthusiasts could potentially add millions more in the next few years. Projects compete for public attention and seek ways such as press releases to differentiate them. The most important thing is the method of publishing. Press releases are a means of conveying a message. Therefore, the writing must be factual.

If the promotional material is direct, journalists and influential people are not interested. After all, a journalist’s job is to tell stories, not promote products. Trying to get press coverage for your crypto, ICO, token event, or blockchain requires expertise.

Alternatively, you can contact various crypto sites such as, where they can produce a custom written press release written by seasoned ICO specialists to save you the hectic writing hustle. Otherwise, here are a few writing tips to help your crypto press release rank.

An Eye-Catching Headline

The reality is that most journalists get a steady stream of PR, and you need to find a way to make your press release stand out from the crowd. The way to do this is through a catchy headline that grabs attention. Of course, you don’t want to promise something the article doesn’t offer. And you don’t want to use click bytes to get someone to click on your press release. However, it would help if you were clear about why a journalist, blogger, or social media influencer should read your press release.

Find Your Angle

It is one of the first things we often need to educate our customers about. Announcements of new cryptocurrency or blockchain companies are no longer considered new.

That’s why you need to add your hook or corner. Simply put, you need to explain to your readers why this is important. Surely you already know what makes your product unique.

Crypto products can solve common problems, meet clear needs, or open a market niche. Regardless of your point of view, be sure to write a description of your press release.

Support Arguments With Data

Objectivity is the key here. To publish your report as credible as possible, consider adding data or statistics from a third party that will help explain why your new product, service, or event is newsworthy.

For example, if your new blockchain integration project will make significant savings for a company provider chain, you can use data or statistics from a prominent business source. Something along the lines of, “The average Fortune 500 companies lose $ 10 million annually because of supply chain inefficiencies, according to Bloomberg,” will work.

Use Quotes to Bring the Press Release to Life

Storytelling is one of the best ways to interact with people and demand their undivided attention. It can be short or long quotes. They need to provide more information and allow readers to see the people behind the business.

Don’t walk around the office asking more than 20 different people for offers. Several key figures from the management team or participation in the event are ideal.

Edit for Grammar

It is a clear point. Poor grammar and mistakes can distract readers from the content and purpose of your article. Don’t let that happen. Websites skim press releases, but it’s often up to you to provide accurate content.

Quality Graphics

Photos are important to readers, especially if you want to differentiate your posts from others. You want to use high-quality graphics. It can include logos of participating companies or photos of the founders of your new cryptocurrency project, but charts and graphics also help grab attention.

When writing about the industry gap, show how big the industry is, for example, with a chart. Individuals might be tempted to create new graphics for partnerships and messages, but a familiar icon or photo often draws attention to the post.

Follow-Up Information and Social Proof

Your social proof is just as important as your point of view. It could be evidence that a major influencer or thought leader is taking advantage of your project, investing in your cryptocurrency, or joining your board of directors. It’s usually easier the longer you stay established, the more you achieve.

If you’re starting, maybe you’ve gone through an incubator or accelerated program, or the founders graduated from prestigious universities. Most readers want to know more about the news. Press releases should be brief and precise but also allow more access to interested parties.

Make sure to include information such as the project website, chat channels, and social media pages. It will help your attentive readers stay up to date.

Keep it Short

Press releases should be summaries of important announcements. It should be a brief description of the who, what, why, when, where, and how of your new product.

Ideally, you can convey all the information a journalist needs in a total of 300-500 words. If your press release is longer, the reporters will likely ignore it, and less likely that people will read it. Remember – a press release’s job is to make a journalist’s job easier, not more difficult.


You can write the most appealing press release, but it won’t be of use if people do not see it. Therefore, promoting press releases is just as important as creating press releases. You can send press releases directly to journalists and influencers, who can publish or include them in articles.

With the right approach, writing a crypto press should be fast and painless. Just follow these instructions, and you’ll be writing a professional quality press release in no time. Remember that press releases are not sales brochures.

It is advised to be objective and factual. Making sure to work from a strong perspective and present your social proof to readers. You can get a free consulting session with industry experts on press releases on Crypto Virally for further help.


What is the best way of introducing and increasing awareness of a new project? Product reviews! Product reviews are primarily a detailed explanation of the project, how it works, benefits, demerits, and in some instances, the team behind it.

They are a vital part of advertising, enabling consumers to make the right choice based on the information provided. Reviews aim at creating an environment of trust in e-commerce, with the ultimate goal of increasing product sales.

Because of product review benefits, every crypto platform today aims to leverage this marketing strategy for new projects. Currently, there are numerous product review sites. As a developer, you may wonder which platform is the best for project reviews. Keep reading to find out.

  1. CoinCentral

CoinCentral was designed in 2017 to provide support for crypto enthusiasts. Since then, it has vastly grown to hit over 650 thousand monthly readers.

This publication provides top quality content aiming to be the most trusted crypto publications in the globe. However, unlike other platforms that aim to increase their followership, Coincentral’s main agenda is providing top crypto educational content for strengthening the crypto world.

Coin Central Leverages technology to remove any financial barriers, create, inform, protect and strengthen the crypto community. Similarly, it provides some of the best reviews of crypto projects.

Any new crypto exchange and wallet can take advantage of Coincentral’s advertising power. CoinCentral maintains top journalistic and editorial standards to provide the best content.


Cryptimi is a crypto publication platform headquartered in Malta and was instituted in the year 2018. The platform has a team of top blockchain enthusiasts ready to impact their knowledge of the crypto world to the greater crypto community. In addition, it has for long proven to be among the best informational centers for the blockchain world.

A slight look at the website, you notice the home page hosting lots of information that will help any rookie trader make the best decisions. The reviews in this platform are full of essential details to ensure the information therein is trustworthy.

They highlight details about fees, payment methods, special features, security, efficiency, etc. Cryptimi is one of the best platforms that any investor should consider for crypto project review.

  1. CryptoCompare

CryptoCompare was established in 2014 and has since proven to be one of the most trusted crypto information websites. According to the website, there have been about 2.64 visitors in the past six months.

CryptoCompare has been evaluating the best exchanges and giving the best reports. Above all, there are wallets descriptions for the wallets in the crypto space.

Aside from giving their descriptions of wallets and exchange platforms, Cryptocompare offers user reviews and ranks the platforms using the star ratings. Moreso, Cryptocompare provides information about gambling and mining platforms.

  1. CoinSutra

In 2016, the CoinSutra publication is instituted by a crypto enthusiast named Harsh Agrawal. The purpose of its introduction was to provide rookie and experienced crypto users the best information about the crypto world,

Coinsutra was initially a bitcoin-only portal. It’s now known as an information platform about all cryptocurrencies. In addition, it focuses on providing the best content that will help users make the best decisions.

Currently, Coinsutra has thousands of community members globally. The platform provides tutorials, guides, and top research on decentralized finance and blockchain in general. Coinsutra often appears in Forbes, IBM, INC, Microsoft, and many other high traffic platforms.

  1. is a world-class crypto review platform designed with the efforts of a large team of international crypto enthusiasts and journalists. Above all, it aims at giving some of the best information about crypto and blockchain.

The website provides reviews about crypto projects, including customer reviews of the particular platforms. In other words, it ranks the projects from the best and thus eases investors’ decision-making.

  1. Blockgeeks

Blockgeek is a Crypto education platform designed in 2016 to provide the best knowledge about the Crypto world. According to reports, it has about 507 thousand monthly users and continuously expands.

Blockgeeks provides information and education to help and educate rookies and experienced Crypto traders. Above all, they provide a certificate for persons who complete their course, proving how serious it is to work on the platform.

Choose The Right Platform

Writing a project review is one thing, but choosing the right platform for your review is another. In other words, different platforms provide different review services at different rates.

Choosing the right platform will ensure your project reaches the right audience. For instance, some platforms focus on wallet reviews, while others prefer focusing on Defi platforms. Similarly, other platforms provide all-round reviews of all sorts of projects at fair fees.

One such crypto publication is Crypto Adventure, a content-rich platform fostering top-quality crypto reviews. Above all, using Crypto Adventure will guarantee your business growth.


In conclusion, due to the vastness of the crypto space and the number of crypto projects, every new investor needs to market their project for better results. There are many advertising techniques, but the writeup has discussed project reviews.

A project review is a step-by-step discussion of the project, what it is, how it works, the benefits, cons, use cases, etc. After writing a good review, you need to find the right platform to post it. The platforms mentioned earlier including, Coinsutra, Coincentral, Blockgeeks, Cryptocompare, Cryptimi, etc., are among the best project review websites.

What if you don’t know what words to use for your project? Crypto Virally is here for your needs. The platform has put its foot in the crypto business, majoring in providing some of the best marketing, PR, review, etc., in ensuring your project gets proper awareness. You find out more about the crypto-related dedicated services by accessing the “Our Services” section.


Every industry has its standards, which serve as the bare minimum of what the players can do. Anything extra and beyond depends on the individual business. If you are launching a cryptocurrency project, you could write an excellent whitepaper. You can even publish it on your website and set up a Facebook page.

However, real industry players know that a successful cryptocurrency business requires a strong marketing campaign. Most cryptocurrency businesses are out to influence the adoption of their coins for investment and trading purposes, among other uses. Therefore, when done right, marketing can change the course of your business.

Read along to see the marketing campaigns every cryptocurrency business must consider today.

Social Media Marketing

Digital problems call for digitized solutions, so when you want to promote your digital coins, what better way to go than using social platforms. There are plenty of social platforms today, and you could leverage them all to your business’s advantage. Besides, statistics show that about 53% of the world’s population is on social media, so you can be sure you have quite a large audience.

Facebook ranked the most popular social platform in 2020, so you don’t want to miss it in your social media campaign. You can create a Facebook page for the business where you will post information about it. Crypto enthusiasts will keep following your posts. If you can add some useful industry analytics, you could capture a large audience.

A platform like YouTube requires a different approach than just having a YouTube channel for the business. You can get professional services from influencers who will market your crypto business with more enticing content.

Your business should have as much social media presence as possible, so create accounts for other platforms and dedicate them to promoting your cryptocurrency. A high social media presence is a sure way to build an audience for your business.

Cryptocurrency Airdrops

A cryptocurrency airdrop is a new crypto marketing stunt in the cryptocurrency space that involves channeling the new digital asset to the wallets of individuals who meet certain requirements. The start-up may require one to have a certain minimum of Bitcoin or ETH in their wallet address to qualify for the gift or complete a simple task like sharing the coin’s details on social media.

The airdrops can be of different types, including Bounty, Standard, Exclusive, and Holder airdrops. In Bounty airdrops, you require users to perform a simple task like retweeting or providing referrals to other users.

Holder airdrops require one to have a specific amount of coins in their wallets, while Standard airdrops need users to sign up to the project’s website for updates. For Exclusive airdrops, you can host them on a project’s website or social media handle, provided they have a large following. Anyone signed up to the website or is a follower on the social pages is entitled to participate in the airdrop.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is another direct marketing strategy, just like SMS marketing. You convey the message directly to the precise individual but in a more appealing manner. For an effective email marketing campaign, the business must identify people interested in their product. In this case, you should explore your target audience’s characteristics and be sure they are interested. Or you can check that they are potential digital coin users.

The sent emails should represent your cryptocurrency impressively, conveying the necessary details conclusively. Mail is a popular marketing campaign strategy but could easily backfire when the information conveyed sounds irrelevant, uninteresting, or repetitive.

Display Ads

If you like to browse through websites with your PC or smartphone, you’ve probably seen an image or a video pop-up. It’s a form of paid advertising whereby information about your coin will appear for a few seconds as a pop-up on popular websites or device apps when in use. You won’t be freaking out wondering whether the information reached the audience as it just appears before their eyes. The pop-up Ad content could be in the form of an image, video,  text, or audio.

It’s an effective marketing campaign strategy that can easily popularize a start-up cryptocurrency to the online community. However, owners must develop eye-catching pop-up images, videos, or text and make them short and ensure the audience does not feel quite interrupted.

Online Communities

People with common interests tend to come together to share experiences and knowledge. The cryptocurrency industry is still faced with many uncertainties, especially due to its volatility and lack of a central authority. A significant population is yet to get convinced about the truth of digital currencies. Such individuals follow up cryptocurrency news from top websites like and the gossips of online communities.

The platforms comprise crypto enthusiasts, making them ideal places for a cryptocurrency marketing campaign. You can introduce your coin on these platforms, hold discussions, and answer questions to your audience and clear any doubts about your product or service.


Marketing digital assets is a critical aspect of the success of every crypto business. Whether the digital currency is new or already has the largest market share, its marketing campaign should keep going.

Most crypto businesses opt to look for crypto marketing experts. However, with the above five crypto marketing campaign ideas, you should be confident about your coin’s success. If the strategies seem not to work out for your business, there is still no need to freak out. Contact a leading marketing company like and keep going.

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Social media platforms have widely contributed to the financial world’s growth by accelerating global business growth. The crypto world is one of the top beneficiaries of the social media advertising option. Every new ICO project introduces its social media page to attract attention and increase adoption.

Some groups may end up having hundreds, thousands, or even millions of followers. Due to many possibilities and the possibility of having several pages and communities, it’s crucial to leverage acceptable community management practices. Keep reading to find out the best tips for managing any crypto social media page or community.

Invite People to Join the Community

The first step towards any successful social media community management is inviting people to join the community. The more people you have following your page or participating in your group, the faster your crypto project gets adopted. But how can you, as the social media manager, invite people to your page?

Primarily, it would be best if you had an advertising campaign. First, take advantage of the most famous and trusted crypto publications, which major in publishing the latest news and events in the crypto industry.

Crypto adventure is one of the best crypto websites for advertising. It provides the latest updates, guides, reviews, etc., to help both investors and developers take advantage of crypto solutions.

On your website, you can state your social media pages on different platforms from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Medium, Telegram, etc. Twitter and telegram are the most common social media applications used by crypto companies. Having an account of the two will help in your marketing needs.

In the blogs and reviews written about your project, try to reach out to people and encourage them to join your community.

Constantly Update your Pages

After having the numbers in your community, you need to ensure good communication on the platform. Make the community active by giving them updates on your latest products.

For instance, before you list your ICO project, make the community ready. When you list your tokens to DEX like UniSwap, make sure you update the community. Sometimes, informing them before introducing a particular update will make the members feel like they are part of the project. In case of a new feature or a new product, inform the community immediately.

A dull social media group will make members leave, and your project will not get the required attention.

Ensure there is Good Communication

Any crypto, social media manager needs to ensure good communication between the team and members. Ensure the environment allows everyone in the community to share their views freely.

One way of doing that is publicly encouraging the team members to open about any changes they deem necessary. Whenever they ask questions about ICOs or post anything, the community manager should positively respond to their problems.

Encouraging team members to inform you of their needs and any other developments will create a good environment. Basically, top members should associate well with junior community members in a trustworthy and cohesive manner.

Telegram and Twitter, for instance, are useful communication tools since they allow sending and receiving messages quickly. Dialogues between community members are vital for the social media community’s growth.

Work on the Feedback

Above all, due to constant communication, you will receive feedback from the community about upgrades and better the system. You will learn of any flaws surrounding the platform, the UI, the software, and everything around it.

After getting the feedback, the development team needs to implement viable suggestions. If the community needs an upgrade, improve your system, and upgrade it. If the community is interested in a new product or service, provide them.

Accepting constructive criticism, analyzing it, and working on it will help your project’s growth. Listening and implementing makes the community trust the platform and feel like a  part of your project.

Reward the Community Members

Regular rewarding of your community members with a few giveaways will help create the right crypto environment. Some platforms decide to use bug bounty programs. A bug bounty is a program instituted where the community participates in identifying bugs in the platforms and receiving rewards in coins.

Airdrops are good rewarding programs where a platform sends a small number of coins to members’ wallets to do advertising campaigns and create awareness. Community members who use the platform will enjoy the benefits and continuously trust the platform.

Offering affiliate compensations for persons who bring new and reliable members to the platform is another rewarding community member.

Above all, rewarding people for advertising and enticing people to join the platform will make more people join the platform and, as a result, build a strong community.

Final Word

In conclusion, managing a crypto social media group and a crypto community is tussling, especially for persons lacking people skills. However, social media groups are vital since they are the best marketing tools of the 21st century, and as such, all crypto businesses use them to increase awareness and make sales.

To effectively manage a crypto social media community, you have to create a community of trust. Moreover, the manager should regularly update the page with the latest information. Create a community where communication flaws easily, and everyone has the freedom to share what they feel.

Since feedback is a vital part of communication, the operations team should regularly respond to the input and do what the community needs.

Crypto Virally is a platform designed to assist businesses to level up their marketing. It provides services like content marketing, brand development, community management. Using Crypto Virally, you can manage all your crypto social media pages and crypto groups in one single platform for better results.

Crypto mass adoption takes over the financial system as people opt to use digital currencies in their daily activities. On top of that, numerous projects targeting different customers continue to flood the market advocating for new financing methods.

However, specific approaches require implementation in order to attract and maintain investors. Like any other business, crypto platforms require effective strategies to expand their user-base.

Without a promotional tactic, investors may quickly lose interest in the ecosystem. The platforms suffer a tragic downfall later on after investors start withdrawing from any engagements with the ecosystem. This segment covers some of the promotional approaches utilized by crypto platforms to boost the virtual currency investment’s zeal and excitement.


Airdrops have proven to be the most effective ways of stimulating a trader’s willingness to invest. It entails rewarding users digital tokens or cryptocurrencies for free on their respective wallets.

The primary function of airdrops is to build a platform’s image to its potential customers. To receive airdrop rewards, users need to complete small specific tasks.

The task could be as simple as following the platform’s social media pages. In other cases, users who possess a particular amount of digital currencies such as Bitcoin become automatically eligible for airdrop gifts.

Airdrops serve other purposes besides establishing a platform’s image to the public. Sometimes, users may not get the chance to participate in ICOs of some extremely prominent crypto projects. Therefore, the new protocols may find an initiative of rewarding its loyal and willing investors as a sign of appreciation. Airdrops also ensure an equal allocation of digital-assets across users worldwide.

Furthermore, ICO activities are banned in several countries, making it harder for investors to partake in the crowdsale event. Hence, distributing the airdrops gives users access to the digital asset unavailable to investors living under strict jurisdictions.

Mining Incentives

Crypto mining is not a new concept in the digital currency world, mainly for the PoW ecosystems. Mining is an alternative way of increasing the users’ urge to invest as it incentivizes miners to validate transactions on the blockchain network.

Since most crypto platforms are decentralized, miners on the distributed ledger oversee the whole transaction operation and arrange the transactional details into blocks. However, the entire mining process is relatively expensive, considering that it needs significant amounts of electricity and powerful computers.

Either way, miners are assured of adequate incomes for anyone who solves the verification algorithms faster. Mining gives investors the motivation to become a transaction validator in exchange for securing more gains. The incomes are usually in the form of the platform’s digital currency.

The Cashback Mechanism

Cashback tactics work by offering users back a portion of every purchase they make. The method is standard for credit holders who are encouraged to trade actively and receive rewards.

Furthermore, the purchase benefits are offered back through direct deposits, gift cards, cheques, to mention but a few.

Cardholders can also redeem their rewards regularly.

Some crypto ecosystems deploy the same mechanism in a bid to retain their users and develop investor excitement. Wirex, for instance, awards investors with a cashback rate of 0.5% for every bitcoin purchase.

The platform also promises users a rate of 0.75% for venture capitalists holding their native token(50,000 WXTs, to be precise). On the other hand, applies the same cashback mechanism in that investors receive a 3% bonus for anyone who stakes approximately 500 MCOs.

PoS and DPoS Rewards

Unlike PoW mechanisms, Proof of Stake systems is usually less labor-intensive. Here, users can become node operators depending on the amount of stake they have. Stakers have a bigger chance of running a node if they own a significant number of digital coins.

Delegated Proof of Stake procedures grants stakers the exclusive right of transferring the validation responsibilities to other nodes. Both mechanisms are a profitable venture for investors who wish to run nodes and verify transactions. Additionally, some crypto projects incentivize users elected as delegates subject to traits like honesty and good conduct.

Frequent-Flyer Program

The FFP is yet another promotion method that urges airline users to garner points redeemable for flights. This model practically retrieves points from the amount paid to the distance covered by the airline.

Aeron operates as an FFP ecosystem dealing with flight services. Users investing in the platform’s token (ARN) and the platform’s aviation safety projects can earn the CryptoBonusMiles tokens.

In every mile a user flies, he/she earns 1 CBM. After accumulating enough CBMs, investors can redeem them and go for discounted flights.


In a nutshell, crypto projects require impressive endorsement tactics to gather more users onto their platform. Creating a sustainable ecosystem serves as the primary objective of these assets. Furthermore, investors continue to anticipate more from developers who bring in fresh ideas on investing with cryptocurrencies.

Additionally, rewards such as airdrops consume less time and energy, while mining rewards consume a large amount of time and electricity. On the other hand, PoS, DPoS, and cashback mechanisms are less energy-intensive. For FFPs, traders have the chance to invest, fly, and receive additional rewards.

Investors may choose which promotion tactic to sail on while considering some of the digital currency space risks. Otherwise, the result leaves investors in a better place as they enjoy the rewards.

Crypto Virally is an all-in-one platform incorporating crypto-related material and marketing services. At a small charge, Crypto Virally will walk you through every marketing strategy you might need for your start-up project.

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Get a Free 30 mins consulting session with our industry experts. Clear your doubts, know where your project can be improved, take everything to the next level and much more!

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