Crypto Marketing – Where to Promote Your Crypto Project

Due to the increasing number of blockchain projects that have emerged in the crypto industry, the competition is fierce. To attract the attention of potential investors, you need to create a compelling marketing campaign.

In addition to generating revenue, crypto marketing uses various tools to generate brand awareness. Similar to traditional marketing, a marketing plan is very important for any project as it determines how successful it will be.

In this article, we shall look into where you can promote your crypto project. Let’s get into it:

Establish a professional website

Before you start working on a project, you must create a professional website. Potential investors look for the first thing when evaluating your project. Having a well-designed and professional website will help attract more potential investors.

You should create a website that’s easy to navigate and mobile-friendly. It should also have informative content about your project. The correct information will allow visitors to learn more about your business quickly.

It would be best if you also had a section dedicated to FAQs. That will allow you to answer frequently asked questions. You can additionally upload various documents and images from your project.


Through networking, you can connect with individuals from different backgrounds and learn about the latest marketing tactics used by professionals in the crypto industry. Notably, an effective way to network is by sharing a story about your project.

Press Releases

A press release is a great way to publicize your blockchain project. It requires a lot of work from your team and can be very challenging to write. However, you can easily create and publish a successful press release with the right PR firm. There are a variety of platforms that allow you to publish your press release.

Use the following strategies to get the most out of your PR efforts. First, target the right audiences and tip your users to an airdrop that will get their attention. Then, look for the right publishers and reach out to them through social media.

There are a variety of publishers in the crypto industry that can help boost your marketing efforts. Some of these include Decentral, Cointelegraph, and CoinDesk. When you engage these editors, you can share a copy of your whitepaper and a resume showcasing your products.

Fairs and Public Events

The goal of fairs and crypto events is to create new connections. They allow you to introduce yourself to potential investors and promote your project. In addition, these events can help you build a stronger brand.

Crypto Marketing Airdrops

Meanwhile, by marking the event on your calendar, you can distribute free airdrops to those who sign up for your crypto program. This strategy can help you attract more users and followers and boost your supply’s liquidity. Although you shouldn’t focus on just one type of strategy, you can use these as an occasional one.

SEO Implementation

Due to the increasing number of people searching for products and services online, blockchain marketers have to optimize their projects for visibility. You can do this by using specific terms commonly used by people when searching for certain projects. One of the most effective ways to achieve this is by researching the entire niche, searching for the keywords that your competitors use, and utilizing those relevant to your niche.

It is also important that blockchain marketers have a strong content marketing strategy. This strategy can help investors find their projects and keep them informed about the latest developments.

PPC and Banner Advertising

One of the most effective ways to promote your crypto marketing campaign is through Pay Per Click (PPC). This ad campaign is usually placed on platforms such as Facebook, Google, and LinkedIn. It can help boost the traffic to your website.

Aside from being able to promote their campaigns, marketers can also use banner ads to boost their website’s traffic. There are currently over 5K blockchain-related websites that have partnered with banner programs.

Instant Messaging Applications

You can easily share posts on various platforms, such as Telegram or Whatsapp, to engage with your audience and communities. Platforms with active crypto communities should provide you with the necessary security measures. These communities are often populated by people who are newly-minted token enthusiasts. They also provide you with an opportunity to build a stronger network.

Crypto Influencer Partnerships

Unlike traditional interviews, crypto influencer partnerships involve working with someone who genuinely believes in your project and who will do everything in their power to promote it.

If you have a well-established financial institution and a company you can partner with, this will help build trust even more for your brand.

Podcasts and Interviews

Audio content has been around for a long time, and it continues to gain popularity through newer forms of media, such as podcasts. It would be best if you took advantage of these to inform your audience about your project’s various features and details. Having a steady stream of podcasts can keep your listeners engaged and interested in your work.

One of the essential factors you should consider when conducting interviews is finding the right individuals to reach out to who are well-versed in your niche. That will allow you to connect with a large audience.

Email Marketing

One of the most effective ways to create a personalized campaign is through email marketing. This strategy allows marketers to reach out to potential customers and inform them about a particular project or token. In addition to directing their messages to their existing clients, email marketing also allows you to promote the latest airdrops and updates.

Direct Messaging

Direct messaging is a powerful technique that can be used to spread the word about your upcoming crypto project. However, it can be very counterproductive if you don’t have the necessary skills to do it well.

The first message that a potential client should receive is to introduce yourself. In addition to being able to introduce yourself, make sure that you appreciate their choice to follow you. Also, inform them that you’ll look forward to their connection. Afterward, you can then spread the word about your project.

Hire a Crypto Marketing Agency

If you lack the time and knowledge to do your marketing, a crypto marketing agency such as CryptoVirally might be the best choice. An experienced professional can help you achieve results-focused campaigns. Before choosing an agency, you must conduct a thorough background check to ensure they have the necessary skills and experience.

Maximizing Your Crypto Project’s Visibility: The Importance of Strategic Marketing

As a crypto project, gaining visibility and exposure is crucial for success. However, with so many projects out there, it can be difficult to stand out and attract potential investors and users. This is where strategic marketing comes in. By taking a strategic approach to promote your project, you can increase your visibility and reach a wider audience. In this article, we’ll take a look at the importance of strategic marketing for crypto projects and explore some effective techniques for boosting your project’s exposure.

The Importance of Visibility in the Crypto Space

The crypto space is highly competitive, with thousands of projects vying for attention. To succeed, it’s essential that your project is visible to potential investors and users. This is where strategic marketing comes in. By taking a strategic approach to promote your project, you can increase your visibility and reach a wider audience.

One of the key benefits of strategic marketing is that it can help you to target specific audiences. For example, if your project is focused on providing a solution for a specific industry, you can target your marketing efforts to reach those within that industry. Additionally, strategic marketing can help you to better understand your audience’s needs and pain points, which in turn can help you to create more effective marketing campaigns.

Boosting Crypto Project Awareness

One of the most effective ways to increase your project’s visibility is to boost awareness through targeted marketing campaigns. This can include things like social media advertising, content marketing, and email marketing.

Social media advertising can be a great way to reach a large and targeted audience. Platforms like Facebook and Twitter offer targeting options that allow you to reach specific demographics, such as age, location, and interests. Additionally, you can use social media advertising to drive traffic to your website and to encourage users to sign up for your project’s newsletter.

Content marketing is another effective way to boost your project’s visibility. By creating valuable and informative content, you can attract potential investors and users to your website. Additionally, you can use content marketing to establish your project as a thought leader in the crypto space and to build relationships with other websites in your niche.

Email marketing is another effective way to reach potential investors and users. By building an email list, you can send targeted campaigns to individuals who have shown interest in your project. Additionally, you can use email marketing to provide updates on your project and to encourage users to sign up for your project’s newsletter.

Enhancing Crypto Project Exposure

Another effective technique for increasing your project’s visibility is to enhance exposure through strategic partnerships and collaborations. This can include things like joint marketing campaigns, cross-promotions, and guest blogging.

Joint marketing campaigns can be a great way to reach new audiences and to gain visibility for your project. By partnering with another project or organization, you can reach their audience and increase your own visibility.

Cross-promotions can also be an effective way to increase your project’s visibility. By promoting another project or organization, you can gain exposure to their audience and increase your own visibility.

Guest blogging is another effective way to increase your project’s visibility. By writing articles for other websites in your niche, you can reach new audiences and establish your project as a thought leader in the crypto space.

Takeaway: Unlocking Your Crypto Project’s Potential with Strategic Marketing

In conclusion, strategic marketing is a vital aspect for any crypto project looking to attain success. By taking a targeted and data-driven approach to promoting your project, you can increase visibility and reach a wider audience. Techniques such as social media advertising, content marketing, email marketing and strategic collaborations can be used to boost awareness and enhance exposure. To stay ahead of the competition, ongoing monitoring and adjustments to the marketing strategy are essential.

At CryptoVirally, we appreciate the importance of strategic marketing in the crypto space and offer a wide range of crypto marketing services to help your project reach its full potential. From SEO and content marketing to social media advertising and email marketing, our team of experts have the knowledge and experience to assist your project in standing out and achieving maximum visibility. Visit us today to discover how we can help your crypto project reach new heights.

What are the Best Crypto Blogs?

Could blogging be instrumental in driving crypto adoption? Blogging is a great way to share ideas and information. In fact, according to Hubspot, blogs get over 50% of their traffic from social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Bloggers also generate high levels of trust and credibility.

There are several reasons why bloggers are becoming a major force in driving crypto adoption. For starters, they provide a wealth of knowledge and insight into the crypto space. They also offer valuable resources for newbies who are looking to get started. So, what are the best crypto blogs that can kick start a DYOR journey of a beginner? Read on and find out.

Starting off as a crypto tour guide, has been the go-to place for beginners exploring the crypto space. The site provides news and up-to-date information on all things crypto to beginners and the already-familiar blockchain enthusiasts.

Since the disruptions of the blockchain and cryptocurrencies in the financial sector are exigent, the team at crypto adventure has been focussing on relaying crypto content to its community (audience) in an organized manner.


If you have ever looked up cryptocurrencies or any crypto-related matter, you have likely come across this site. This is an independent site that is ranked among the largest cryptocurrency blogs that cover issues on crypto issues such as the blockchain, the internet of finance, and decentralized applications, among other topics.

It gives users news on the various cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, as well as business news, policy, and regulations relating to crypto and NFTs. Notably, the Cointelegraph homepage also displays the prices and appreciation of the most known digital currencies. Also, the site has market analysis and price indexes tabs for those interested in trading in crypto.


Also ranked among the largest independent news platforms on cryptocurrency news, this site stands out as a reliable source of information. Anyone interested in trading in crypto would benefit from BeInCrypto, since it even has a downloadable book on trading, bitcoin, NFTs, and investing in crypto. The book is also free! The blog also provides trendy news on digital currencies, in-depth price analysis of the crypto market, and alerts on the upcoming upgrades of major cryptos.

BeIncrypto also provides accurate and transparent insights into the crypto space through its well-curated youtube channel. The platforms broadcast helpful tips to help traders advance from beginners to pros.


Quite similar to CoinTelegraph and BeInCrypto, CoinDesk is a fount of information for people interested in all about crypto, from current prices of the various currencies to the most recent news on the subject. The site has information for beginners, crypto financial advisors, market analysis to the most recent events on crypto, business, policy regulations, and anything of interest in crypto. The site is accessible to English, Korean, and Japanese speakers making it accessible to a broader audience. Daily shows like First Mover and The Hash analyze the crypto market.

Bitcoin News

As the name would suggest, one would be forgiven for thinking that Bitcoin News is all about news and information about Bitcoin, the most popular cryptocurrency. However, the blog, just like those mentioned above, gives crypto users and curious learners insight into the topic of cryptocurrency. The information ranges from news, market statistics and analysis, and a learners portal. It boasts of being a global leader in making it easy for people to trade, buy, spend, invest, stay up to date and earn from cryptocurrency and the future of finance. Bitcoin News also aims to create more economic freedom not compromised by a lack of access to third parties.


This blog offers crypto-related marketing services with a team of experts that provide various services such as media reach, social media, and non-fungible tokens (NFT) promotion, among others. Crypto users have the chance to work with a dedicated team that can assist them in creating, developing, and exceeding their expectations and objectives faster than they would accomplish on their own.


There is a lot of information one can glean from crypto blogs, and the ones mentioned above are some of the most viewed crypto sites. Whether browsing crypto blogs for news, learning or just pure curiosity, find websites that cover topics such as: what to consider when choosing a cryptocurrency, the risks involved, what terms like crypto wallet and tokens are, and how to protect yourself when making cryptocurrency transactions as well as ways in which digital currencies are pilfered without hacking.

How to Get in Touch With a Crypto Influencer?

Over time, influencers as a mode of marketing have shown to yield more customer engagement as compared to traditional marketing approaches. Customer surveys have shown that they prefer to make product purchases based on opinions instead of advertisements, as most people find ads annoying. On the other hand, influencer advertising integrates the product naturally into their content, making it more efficient.

Although influencer marketing is a great way to promote a specific product or service, working with the right influencers is also essential to ensure that the strategy works in your favour. You need to know how to contact and work with these influencers effectively, and in this article, we shall look at how to choose the influencer shoe that fits perfectly.

Choosing the Right Crypto Influencers

Identify Your Campaign Goals

The first step in establishing an influencer marketing campaign is to set goals. That will help you determine how you want to promote your project and how you want to reach those goals. Similar to other marketing campaigns, the goals of an influencer campaign are identical to those of different forms of marketing. Notably, that will help streamline the processes for you and the influencers.

Another important factor that you should consider is to set a timeline. That will help ensure that the people you’re working with are on track to reach them.

Choose the Channel

The next step is identifying the channels you will use to promote your project. You can use various platforms to promote your projects, such as social media, blogs, and video sharing. The right channel choice will allow you to reach the right audience.

Identify Potential Influencers

After you have finalized the channels you will use for promoting your crypto project, you have to start looking for suitable influencers who will be able to promote it.

Before you start working with a potential influencer, you must have a good idea of their capabilities and goals. Having a list of these individuals will allow you to track their activities and give you a better idea of how they operate. However, it’s also essential to set your expectations right.

For instance, if you’re planning on working with a brand-owned influencer, you must have a list of their potential clients. That will allow you to focus on the right individuals for your project. Having a list of these individuals will help you keep track of their activities and give you a better idea of how they operate. In addition, having a good idea of the individuals’ capabilities and goals will allow you to make an informed decision when working with them.

Which Influencer Will You Choose?

Before starting an influencer marketing campaign, you must consider the various factors that will affect the success of your campaign. For instance, the number of followers you want to attract, the type of content you want to promote, and the platform you wish to use.

Follower Growth

If the influencer hasn’t grown, for example, every month, they might not be doing a good job and could be missing out on potential customers. On the other hand, if they have a substantial growth in their follower count, they might be able to attract more people.

Engagement Rate

The engagement rate measures the level of interaction between an influencer and their audience on Instagram. It can be calculated by the number of likes and comments an influencer has received and the follower count.

Follower Ratio

The follower/following ratio measures an influencer’s total followers. It can be calculated by comparing the number of followers they have with the number of profiles they follow. If the ratio is over one, an influencer might use a tactic known as follow/unfollow. This method can help boost their follower count, but it can lead to poor results.

Most people who follow influencers tend to leave them after a while due to their poor quality of content. That is why you must consider using social media etiquette to increase followers. However, this method won’t work if you’re not planning on using it to promote your candidates.

Prior Campaigns

One of the most important factors to consider when choosing an influencer is the past campaigns they have run. Suppose they don’t have any past campaigns. However, it could also be that the influencer is new in the game and might not have the necessary skills to carry out effective campaigns. Before hiring a candidate, thoroughly research the various crypto brands they have worked with previously.

Approaching the Shortlisted Influencers

The first step in gaining a deeper understanding of influencer profiles is to analyze them at a granular level. Once that’s done, the next step is to connect with them through social media platforms. You can do this by manually monitoring their activities and performance.

One of the most effective ways to find and connect with influencers is through a crypto influencer marketing tool. That can help you analyze and find the individuals most likely to benefit your business. Aside from providing you with all the necessary information about the individuals likely to benefit your business, hiring a seasoned marketing agency such as Cryptovirally can also be helpful.

These firms usually work with prominent individuals on various platforms. They can help you find and connect with influencers at a much lower cost than traditional influencer marketing tools. However, before you start working with crypto influencers, it’s essential to make sure that you identify the right one for your project.

How Much Does a Crypto Influencer Cost?

Before contacting a crypto influencer, you should have the following pricing tips in mind;

Negotiate for the Best Value

There are various ways to reduce the cost associated with working with an influencer. Some will offer economies of scale for bulk deals, while others will only work with you if you ask for a significant amount.

Some people are eager to get involved in an ICO to raise their industry profile or to break the news. They can also pay in an ICO token after completing the project. However, note that risks are involved, such as the multiple that may be applied to accept the token.

Working with an agency such as Cryptovirally can provide you with a variety of benefits, as they will often have a group of highly skilled influencers who are willing to help you build a strong following. That will allow you to achieve many of the same goals that you would not be able to accomplish by yourself.

Market Saturation

The rise of ICOs has caused the market to become saturated. Because of this, many influencers have increased their fees.

As the number of influencers continues to grow, the fees will eventually drop, but they still offer a good value for now. Because of this, marketers will start quantitating the value of each dollar spent on them, which will likely happen in the future.

Time of Payment 

In crypto and blockchain, influencers ask for a higher upfront payment, unlike other markets where agencies and brands require that the output be delivered first. This type of negotiation is more likely to go through risk management in a sellers’ market, where the decisions are handed to influencers.

Key Takeaways

Getting the right influencer strategy is very important for any ICO, but it’s also essential to be careful about allocating your budget. In this new market, where best practices are constantly being refined, it’s vital to ensure you’re getting the most out of your budget.

Getting through the influencer marketing process is not easy, especially in the case of digital marketing. Before you start, make sure that you thoroughly evaluate the content that you’re offering and that you estimate the expected output. After that, you can comfortably contact the influencer of choice, depending on your needs.

Best Crypto YouTubers and Influencers to Work With

Influencer marketing in crypto has gained popularity in the past few years. About 2.6 billion active Youtube users have their eyes stuck on channels of various influencers. Youtube appears as one of the social channels with the best crypto influencers. So, which crypto influencers and YouTubers can help in crypto marketing?

Ivan Liljeqvist (Ivan on Tech)

Having a follower base of over 492 thousand subscribers, Ivan Liljeqvist of  Ivan on Tech is one of the best crypto YouTubers to work with when marketing. He is a Swedish software developer who doubles on tech and crypto Youtube videos. His interest in crypto came as he saw BTC gain value from a mere $30 to $1k.

He talks about a wide range of crypto-focused topics, including Chart analysis, blockchain, and basic crypto trading. Ivan takes on the tough questions and holds great crypto discussions with Peter Schiff. Ivan also interviewed many other projects in the past, including the likes of Polygon, Secret Network, and Moonbeam.

His most popular show is “Good Morning Crypto,” which discusses weekly crypto developments and general implications to enthusiasts. Ivan can help convince his large fanbase to try out your project’s services due to his vast experience.

Mike Jenkins (Coin Bureau)

Mike Jenkins’ Channel, Coin Bureau, is one of, if not the best, crypto-focused Youtube channels today. It has nearly 2.1 million subscribers who get an in-depth insight into the crypto ecosystem. Mike runs other channels in different languages, including Espanyol and Japanese.

Mike likes discussing individual cryptocurrencies and projects, including top ones like Ethereum, Solana, Polkadot, Cardano, and many others. Listening to the channels will show you just how knowledgeable Mike is in the crypto landscape.

In the Channel, Mike posts 20-minute long films discussing tech, history, and positioning of a particular crypto asset. He even mentions the rivals of a specific project. Since Mike focuses on serious educational content for crypto, work with him to get your project reviewed and marketed.

Ben Armstrong (BitBoy Crypto)

The founder of  Bitboy Crypto, Ben Armstrong, is another Youtuber you can work with. Ben focuses mainly on crypto-related analysis. His main Channel has 1.4 million subscribers. He has several other channels, including one for Espanyol.

Ben has a personal website where he delivers daily news, project reviews, and even crypto trading tips for the average investor. The Channel gets 3 to 4 new videos daily. Armstrong does not just share his views. He invites many other experts in the crypto and financial space; hence you can get first-hand information if you are a rookie.

His popular shows include ‘Around the Blockchain’ and ‘Morning Crypto Live Show.’ In the latter, Armstrong addresses viewers’ questions over live discussions. In the Around the Blockchain show, four guests discuss the current situation of crypto. His massive fanbase and great education make him one of the most trusted crypto influencers today.

George (CryptosRUs)

George of CryptoRUs began his journey in crypto in 2013. His vast tech knowledge and experience within the crypto ecosystem make him a good information source. CryptosRUs has a large fanbase of 649 thousand.

George discusses the latest news about the crypto space and also analyses charts. He condenses most of his study into short 30 to 40-minute videos. George has Q & A sessions in most of his videos, gluing thousands of viewers.

The Channel’s founder created his NFT, ‘I Am George,’ with 1000 unique pieces available in the market. He has worked on a wide array of projects in marketing. Since he is a crypto stakeholder, the fanbase would trust his word on the projects he chooses to market.

Austin and Aaron Arnold (Altcoin Daily)

Having a large fanbase of about 1.23 million subscribers and about 122 million total views, Altcoin Daily is one of the best places to get crypto content. The Youtube channel was founded by two brothers, Austin and Aaron Arnold.

Aaron and Arnold offer extensive coverage analyzing the latest crypto news and talking to key opinion leaders within the crypto market. Their videos provide market analysis, education, and their perspectives of things. The two are Bitcoin investors constantly looking for more crypto-focused investments.

Due to the fun content in this Channel and the ability to answer the tough questions about crypto, the two brothers can serve well in marketing projects.

Influencers in Other Networking Sites

Aside from Youtube influencers, many others on social networking sites can help in crypto marketing. Tiktok, Twitter, and Instagram have thousands of reliable influencers with large fanbases. Among the crypto influencers you can contact include;

  • Twitter- Andreas Antonopoulos (@aantonop) has over 724 thousand followers on his page, where he shares insightful info on crypto.
  • Instagram- Robert Kiyosaki has over 2.4 million followers on his Instagram page, where he posts endless opportunities about the crypto space.
  • Tiktok- @cryptoprojects has over 1.4 million Tiktok followers and gives constant updates on the latest about the industry.

Once you choose which influencers to work with, be it Youtube, Instagram, Tiktok, or Twitter, research them and then make contact.

Final Word

This guide has been exploring the idea of influencer marketing within the crypto social media landscape. Many YouTubers discuss crypto, but the ones mentioned above offer some of the best insight and education. As such, they are the best influencers to work with.

To have success with Youtube influencer marketing, contact experts. Cryptovirally offers excellent services starting with researching, contacting, and getting ideas for influencer content.

How to Market Your Crypto Brand

There’s no doubt about it: Cryptocurrencies are taking over the world and becoming a major part of our economy. That’s why they are gaining popularity at an unprecedented rate. Yeah, the recent bear market has hit cryptos and stocks on account of the Fed raising interest rates, but it should be temporary. Having a very sound project is one thing; achieving widespread adoption is a different beast altogether. A good project is no guarantee people will come flocking in. They must know it in the first place. Even though you may not be directly involved in crypto, how can you position your brand to attract new customers? There is a need to establish a solid crypto brand. The article will outline the effective ways for you to execute a good crypto brand marketing tenure.

Take to Social Media

It is perhaps the cheapest and most favoured marketing option for most project developers looking to get their brand noticed. It’s so preferred thanks to the diverse platforms and ways one can go about promoting their brand. The important thing is to know where to promote the brand concerning what you need to be known.

Facebook and YouTube for Project Description

The first step for promoting any crypto brand out there is to make everyone know what the project is about. A YouTube video is a fantastic way of passing such information. A video can summarize a lot of content and present it in a very appealing way to potential customers.

The best social media platform for giving a detailed write-up description of the project is Facebook. It is well structured to allow for pictures and videos and so versatile that it can also support posting updates, though there is another specialized platform for this.

Influencers are an excellent additive to one’s social media campaigns. They go a long way in gathering views from their loyal fans but at a cost.

Twitter for Regular and/or Important Updates

Twitter is the go-to platform where regular communication in the form of updates is concerned. It’s best used to give snapshots of a new upgrade, how the firm handles security issues, etc. A good example is the Ethereum 2.0 Twitter updates, with examples of posts including the planned migration to PoS from its PoW protocol.

The good thing with Twitter is that the onus to boost a crypto brand doesn’t fall on the developers alone. Other players inadvertently aid in the process. The most notable are key investors such as institutions, high net-worth individuals, and influencers. We could argue that Elon Musk’s dogecoin tweets probably marketed the crypto brand more than its developers’ tweets.

Build Websites and Blogs

A vital way of etching a project’s brand is via a website. It’s often the first place new investors seek to learn about a project. It also works well with the above-mentioned social media platforms, acting as the landing page.

A project website sells a crypto brand by first providing the most detailed information, especially when properly designed and optimized. With the ability to carry more info and have customizations such as colour schemes and skins, amongst others, they tend to look better than on social media.

They also provide a sense of credibility and assurance of a project’s existence to clients. A well-structured website usually provides a means of contacting the developers, which is crucial for answering any queries.


While a website is preferable, it may come at quite a price. A web developer is often required since building a professional one from scratch requires good IT and coding skills. There is also the web hosting fee.

A blog helps solve all these issues. It is often free and is hosted on a parent website like WordPress. The only things a developer needs are the words and any needed pictures to describe the projects. However, WordPress somehow limits developers where the skin, colour schemes, and sometimes fonts are concerned.

To be Considered

Several vital factors must be considered when designing a website or writing a blog. The first is why one is creating the website. A landing page from social media platforms won’t have the same content as a website that serves all purposes.

The user interface is another critical issue. Ease of access is essential, and it should be so in both PC and mobile versions. Branding and colour schemes are also crucial. Having a few main base colours is better than a whole kaleidoscope of confusion.

Press Releases and PR

Creating brand awareness may seem incomplete without having public relations management and press releases. They create anticipation amongst followers regarding the important dates for the project, updates, or actions relevant to it.

On this front, media partners give the best market reach in terms of numbers and audience relevance. One partner is often insufficient since they tend to have niche market segments where they are best suited.


Research on the developer’s part is important. One should know their target market before sifting through the media partners for the best fit.

In addition, one needs to look up their competitors’ activities. How are the best in the market doing their PR and press release campaigns? Emulating a working strategy isn’t an ill-thought option.

Content Marketing and Crypto ADs

Content marketing campaigns and crypto ads are a credible choice for that regular reminder of the market concerning one’s crypto brand. They help etch the brand name, its logo, and very often its colour scheme into the minds of a consumer. They also drive traffic onto the other crypto brand marketing tools.

Content marketing involves much longer and more detailed articles on a project, usually above 300 words. They may be news pieces, reviews, guides, and Op-eds. The best articles always link to the parent website and/or its social media pages.

Crypto Ads are much shorter, may be written, videos or pop-up photos, and are more catchy with less content. Their placements are diverse, being anywhere on the web. They also serve to drive traffic to the other crypto brand marketing tools.

Author’s Take

For a successful far-reaching crypto project, a successful brand is a must-have. It needs to be etched into people’s minds and become a household name like Bitcoin and Ethereum are.

For this, the tools mentioned earlier are very crucial. While each can go a long way on its own, they function best together. The trick is that they feed on each other through backlinks and references to get as wide a market reach as possible.

Investors should use as many marketing methods as financially possible to establish a successful and well-known crypto brand. But they must ensure they monitor their marketing activities’ progress to validate the sums spent on each channel.

Which Crypto Projects Have the Best Crypto Marketing Today?

Crypto marketing is one of the most vital yet complicated tasks for any project creator. Getting the right marketing strategies requires thorough research. Many crypto projects fail because of poor marketing strategy selections. However, some other projects are successful because of their choices of blockchain marketing strategy. This guide explores six successful crypto projects with the best marketing strategies.


The crypto project with the best marketing strategies at the moment is Dogecoin. The tenth-largest crypto by market cap attracted a massive user base, especially between 2021 and 2022. This network has a near-perfect marketing structure.

Doge launched to capitalize on the concept of memes on social networks like Twitter and Reddit. As a result, millions of people have managed to see the coin and invest in it.

Moreover, Doge enjoys the support of the famous multi Billionaire Elon Musk. In mid-2021, Musk joined the Dogecoin Foundation, which focuses on Doge developments. Musk has continued to post about Doge on his social pages, causing more traffic to the network. Even more recently, Musk announced that Doge could be used to buy Tesla merch. The positive news is an excellent cryptocurrency marketing tool that boosts website traffic.

Axie Infinity

Another project with the most exciting marketing technique is Axie Infinity. Launched in 2018, this crypto gaming network has a large followership of over 1 million players daily. It has 800k members on Discord and 953k followers on Twitter.

What afforded Axie infinity such popularity within the crypto space? It’s the flawless promotion strategies that have given them such popularity.

Axie uses a free grassroots marketing structure where participants sell the game tickets (Axie creatures NFTs) to new users, making profits. This helps ensure that the community participates in increasing the user base. Using its community to market ensures that Axie gains a large userbase without spending a single cent.

The network’s social networking pages are also helpful in marketing. The team keeps in constant communication with their community.

Binance Network

Binance Network is another project with top cryptocurrency marketing strategies. The network had well over 28 million users in October 2021. The network combines many marketing strategies, most of which appear to be effective.

First, Binance has community and marketing managers globally who focus on creating region-specific content. The managers ensure that the social media, chat groups, and other Binance communities align with the network’s mission. Since Binance has customers in over 180 countries, using marketing managers in different countries optimizes marketing techniques.

Binance uses its global Twitter page, which is active with new posts every few hours and 9 million followers. Their CEO Changpeng Zhao also uses his massive influence to market the project.

Binance also posts excellent educational and search engine optimized content to attract many investors to crypto.

Cardano Network

Cardano, the 6th largest crypto by market cap, has a massive impact within the decentralized crypto space. Cardano has around 3.5 million users, with 1.5 million followers on the Cardano community page and a little over 800k on Cardano’s Foundation page.

So, how does Cardano attract such massive numbers? The Twitter pages are Cardano’s main advertising routes. You can get a continuous flow of information about the project on those Twitter pages.

The Cardano developing team IOHK and the founder Charles Hopkinson are also constantly speaking about Cardano on their media pages. The network’s marketing managers track feedback and analyze it to offer an optimal social marketing structure.


Coinbase network has also been a significant influence on the crypto space attracting a userbase of over 73 million users. So, how did Coinbase grow so fast to dominate the crypto market?

First, Coinbase’s original web page is fully optimized for search engines. If you search the words’ buy bitcoin,’ the Coinbase exchange page appears as one of the top sites in the search engine. The SEO on the Coinbase website makes it easy to find the exchange.

Secondly, there are thousands of articles written about this exchange. Some of those many articles are sponsored written content for the network. Moreover, Coinbase uses other techniques like referral programs and reward opportunities to attract investors. Combining SEO, reward, and referral programs optimize Coinbase’s promotional structure.


Ethereum, the second-largest crypto by market cap and the most prominent Defi host, is another successful project with great marketing strategies. Ethereum’s blockchain marketing strategies can never be downplayed.

Most Ethereum marketing is done by Mr.Vitalik Buterin, the project’s Co-founder. If you follow Mr. Buterin, you will realize that he constantly talks about their project and upcoming developments.

At the moment, Ethereum enjoys most of its marketing from Defi and NFT projects building on it. However, Ethereum also has educational resources which are suitable for crypto marketing.

Author’s Take

This guide explores the whole idea of crypto projects with excellent marketing strategies. Doge, the largest meme coin, has some of the best blockchain marketing strategies. Musk, one of the KOL around Doge, constantly posts about the coin, increasing traffic to the project. Axie Infinity’s marketing options involve the existing project users. Cardano uses social media marketing, while Binance and Coinbase focus more on optimizing their websites for search engines.


The Top 10 Blockchain Marketing Campaigns

Marketing and advertising is an old industry, as old as the ancient Chinese, Greek, and Egyptian empires. It is, however, without a doubt that modern marketing campaigns are nothing like what prevailed in antiquity. The advent of the internet and technology improvements made this industry very sophisticated, requiring immense amounts of data. The target audience must be aimed at using specific wording, color schemes, and styling.

Nonetheless, the main aim of marketing and advertising campaigns has always been to imprint an image of the product onto the minds of consumers. So what are the top 10 blockchain marketing campaigns of all time? Read on to find out.

  1. ‘Got It’ by Ripple

Ripple’s ‘Got It’ campaign is a sure leader as far as crypto marketing campaigns are concerned. First premiered in October 2019, it shows individuals sending money to businesses and loved ones. Following a successful reception, a release followed up in December 2020. It depicted people transferring funds to their families, friends, and businesses.

Their aim was affirming Ripple’s model enabling instant global payment services to businesses and individuals, and they do just that. They succeed in highlighting Ripple’s two key selling points in less than a minute. The points include support for instant cross-border payments & transfers and its key partners in payment processors and financial institutions.

  1. ‘Crypto For the People’ by PayPal

PayPal has been around for a while, at least ten years before the launch of Bitcoin, so its ranking here may come as a surprise. It’s 2020 ‘Crypto for the People’ marketing ad as a short video highlighting its latest crypto supporting feature. The ad is a clear example of good blockchain marketing.

And the video is quite short, 15 seconds. It targets PayPal’s large existing user base, urging them to try the new feature. As a result, the ad goes straight to the point hence its very short nature.

  1. ‘UniSwap V3’ by Pplpleasr

UniSwap has arguably been the most influential crypto project in 2021, with 2022 still looking promising. The digital artist pplpleasr’s Uniswap V3 ad is particularly special and interesting on this list since not a single word is uttered or written. Yet, it had such a huge impact as a crypto marketing campaign that it was sold as an NFT for $525,000.

It starts with the unicorn mascot looking dejected, hateful, and spent while roaming a rocky plateau. A colorful representation of its recently launched algorithm that powers the next version bursts forth and transforms the plateau by creating a thick canopy of trees and lights. It proceeds to lead the unicorn, now proudly striding and ablaze thanks to the algo, into an oasis representing Ethereum.

  1. ‘The Tipping Point’ by Binance

Having premiered on the 31st of December 2020, ‘The Tipping Point’ by Binance is a 2-minute blockchain marketing ad that captures quite a lot that has been going on. It starts with a grim mood that highlights protests on injustices, fires caused by climate change, and terrible breaking news regarding the Covid pandemic.

It then proceeds to bill blockchain solutions as the avenues through which the world can be powered past this tipping point. The ad views the tools available in blockchain as capable of overcoming the vicious booms and busts prevailing in today’s world. It offers a strong campaign of blockchain financial solutions to new untapped markets.

  1. ‘It’s Only the Beginning’ by Coinbase

The 30-second crypto marketing campaign ad supporting Coinbase came in a very timely manner. The ‘It’s only the Beginning’ came shortly after Coinbase, which is the US’ largest crypto exchange, had just been listed on Nasdaq.

The ad shows a clear graphical depiction of how Bitcoin has performed over the years. Most of the ad highlights the rapid rise in the value of BTC, also being keen to show the gradual alteration of bear and bull markets. At the end of the ad, more crypto projects’ logos are shown before finally relating all that to Coinbase.

  1. ‘HODL’ by eToro

Marketing ads aren’t always a serious mood affair where some firms are concerned. eToro’s ‘HODL’ ad amazingly infuses comics and messages; no wonder it features on the list.

It starts with a famous actor going through ad offers that he does not feel. All variations involve him carrying oversized objects on his back in the Rockies mountains, which he rejects. After suggesting he should get serious work with an office and a tie, he ends up stuck on a lift, wearing a tie and blocking the passage of 10 people. They’re panicked about a Bitcoin crash while he keeps blocking the exit and saying Hodl. Quite comical yet deeply insightful about staying put and not panic selling in favor of long-term gains.

  1. ‘Not Financial Advice’ by ChangPeng Zhao

The CEO of Binance, ChangPeng Zhao, is quite a lively and engaging user on Twitter, where he goes by the initials CZ. He doesn’t shy away from using wit when passing on a point. His Not Financial Advice post became one of the best blockchain marketing campaigns.

It depicts the evolution of man in three steps, from ape-like beings to modern man. Similarly, each of the three human evolution steps carries some form of currency. It starts with hard currency for the earliest human, moving to credit cards for the medium one and ending with digital currency for the modern man.

The message from the ad is quite straightforward. Digital currencies represent the next evolution of money, and people need to evolve with changing times.

  1. ‘A Private Digital Currency’ by Monero

While cryptocurrencies are famed for their anonymity and privacy, Monero takes it to a new level. It is titled ‘A Private Digital Currency’ explains the blockchain’s privacy concept and the need to retake control of one’s currency.

It starts by highlighting the general lack of surety in the security of records in banks, corporations, and even governments. The one-minute video briefly goes into the details of how one can assure the privacy of their transactions with Monero and escape state and crooks’ oppression. It even highlights that one can control the level of privacy and transparency. The ad is very well structured and straight to the point.

  1. ‘Don’t Get Held Up’ by’s ‘Don’t Get Held Up’ ad embraces humor and satire to pass a concrete marketing message to its audience. The ad was released shortly after’s PIT exchange launch.

It features bank robbers who appear quite confused and keen to take their victims’ advice. In turn, the bank tellers seem keener to aid the robbers in making sound decisions than reporting their actions. They advise them to trade using PIT to increase their portfolio by more than the money they had robbed. They even explain the challenges they faced with other crypto exchanges. The ad, while witty, passes home the message quite well.

  1. ‘Drop Gold’ by Grayscale

The 39-second long ‘Drop gold’ ad by grayscale pushes the narrative of cryptos aggressively being the future. The ad has a city setting where everyone seems keen to hoard as much gold as possible. It explains the inherent failures of gold as a store of value and advises those in the know to drop their gold and head the crypto way. The ad explains several benefits of switching to crypto in place of gold, all in just 39 seconds.

Author’s Note

All these top blockchain marketing campaigns have several key features that they satisfy. First, they are all short, appreciating that internet users have a fairly short attention span. They all showcase the key selling points of their respective firms or industries. They also use relatable objects to their audience and are launched on time with key events. All these are a compulsory must-have

Some use catchy phrases to appeal to their audience; some announce discounts for more specificity. Some associate their services with more popular products, while others use wit to pass on the message. Contracting one of the top blockchain marketing firms could aid one in satisfying these requirements without a hustle.

Crypto Content Marketing – Best Practices

Content is highly regarded as King, a key component in digital marketing. Therefore, crypto content’s eminence for a project’s marketing campaign is equally as important as its functionality. However, there’s a lot of fuss when strategising the best content techniques. That’s because, despite articulation, emphasis is put on simplifying and making the content easy to grasp for the target market to understand.

Moreover, because of the abrupt developments in the crypto industry, a gazillion media publications have been established, making it hard for the audience to highlight the vital info of a project’s content. Thus, new players in the crypto industry ought to practice decisive content marketing strategies best tailored for their projects.

Give Reliable Information

Right now, at the time of writing, there are 19 800 cryptocurrencies. These astonishing stats indicate precisely how much each coin wrangles to rank in the coinmarketcap. To stand out in this immense display of use-cases and functionalities, a project’s team needs to be unique and coherent in informing its community on what’s going on about the project.

Like everything else, content is one of the best ways to establish your crypto project. Crypto content marketing generates the least amount of risks vs other tactics like paid advertising, which can be at the mercy of ad platforms like Facebook and Reddit.

Many advertisers who have taken up the task of marketing crypto content lack the finesse of correlating the financial markets with modern-day digital currency developments. Usually, the space seems filled with widely promising claims of cryptocurrencies with a bright future. However, the majority of the promises turn out to be empty, tarnishing the name of the virtual currency market at large.

To accomplish this, back up your content with accurate data. Providing unbiased comparisons creates relationships with new audiences and secures loyal investors.

You also need to provide educational materials that assist newbies in getting familiar with your project. In contrast, many assume that the public wows at the technicalities of the blockchain; general knowledge is equally gold.

State actual differentiators for your crypto project and take time to explain it in a meaningful and easy-to-grasp manner. Include topics that explain what crypto is, the trading basics of crypto, blockchain, and how your project can be integrated with other industries in society.

Connection to a Larger Funnel

The first step to capturing the eye of this world’s ‘Elon Musks’ is generating quality content. Your audience needs to know the next stages to follow to take action on your project. Create buyer journey samples segmented by the persona you want to convert and appeal to. Make the journey intuitive, appealing, and natural while ensuring every stage isn’t intimidating.

Leave the biasness trait to the greedy rug-pull developers. Offer neutral opinions about your topics and include pros and cons. Your audience will benefit greatly from accurate and informative content, increasing the depth of the crypto community. As such, when discussing the best crypto to buy, don’t conclude with a single asset like Bitcoin. Instead, offer follow-up content to learn more about the project. Your content shouldn’t sound like a sales pitch.

Include goals on how your content can convert leads from a buyer stage to another stage. Then, using custom URL parameters, track the conversion data. The resulting data will show you what tactics yield the best performance and how you can evolve your strategy from all the content you create.

Use Visual Content

Use infographics, videos, tables, and charts to explain essential elements. It will help the investors interested in your project grab the concept in a better way than lengthy, complex texts. Moreover, your audience will not only be able to grasp what your project is all about, but they will also have a high tendency to remember what it entails at any given time.

Additionally, visual content can boost the interaction of your crypto project’s community. Since more people understand the project, there will be more discussions about it. Your audience can easily share around the visual presentation. When it comes to cryptocurrencies, the easier your project is to grasp, the easier it is to market it.

Hiring Experienced Agencies

It’s not always an easy task to create real-time, accurate, engaging content that combines science, art, maths, and visual data. Moreover, considering crypto content creation requires specific skills in research and general crypto knowledge, sometimes it’s best to hire experts.

Partnering with a reliable crypto content marketing agency like CryptoVirally can help you build a strong business. Such agencies generate awareness, optimise performance, and engage your audience for better leads and traction. As such, employing crypto content marketing agencies improves your community growth without compromising focus on the core business activities.

These agencies also follow your preferred strategies, such as leading from one stage to another. They assist in tracking information on conversations about all content pieces created. You can learn more about your audience’s feedback and engage them. Also, these agencies can optimise your specific strategies that focus on content formats that target specific audiences, like paying customers.

Good Content, Top Market

People invested in your crypto journey will want to understand various aspects of your project. They will want to understand the business model and know what is happening with their investments. They will also need to know when to exchange Dev updates and plans. As such, it’s crucial to create engaging content that will provide all this information without being biased.

Plan your crypto content themes and topics that provide knowledgeable leadership content that addresses the problems you are trying to solve. It can be distributed through AMAs (Ask Me Anything Sessions), Video interviews, and PR. Also, aim to produce long-form contents that have well-researched ideologies. It provides leads to repurposing and creating other short-form content in the long run.

Be a calm and collected developer that is open to ideas, but remember to tell the story as it is.

The Cost to Build Your Own Cryptocurrency?

Following the inception of developments were cryptocurrencies and their wide use by the global population. These decentralized digital currencies rose in popularity worldwide, something that showcased great potential. Consequently, the modern-day world has become a hub for many blockchain apps and projects, with many stakeholders intending to get a piece of the crypto pie. As a result of the fast growth of such business models, many different digital currencies with varying traits continue to emerge in the market. Planning and implementing a proper model, development, and market strategy are necessary for such currencies to take root. Thus, for individuals or companies intending to launch their cryptocurrencies, several vital aspects, such as Cryptocurrency development strategy and marketing strategies, are considered. These, among other aspects, are integral to determining the cost to build a cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrency Development Strategy

The strategy employed with regard to the development of the cryptocurrency project is an integral part of success. This aspect generally involves creating the particular currency for the intended project within the legal framework.

Technological and Algorithm Development

This facet of the development process features the cryptocurrency’s source code, the cryptocurrency’s website, and compiling mobile wallets, amongst many other features. This process is the most basic aspect of building your cryptocurrency, and as such, it features a lot of planning and input from the project’s owner.

The process is mostly outsourced to independent companies such as Developcoins.  Therefore, due to the difference in client preferences concerning cryptocurrency complexity and the project’s complexity, costs may range from $3,000 and may even exceed $30,000.

Legal Development Strategy

In this aspect of development, the legal aspects of the process are considered. Presently the nature of the legal environment in the country of development and the world, in general, are different.

Thus, the development will involve conceptualizing the legal concept of the crypto coin in a manner that is within regulations. This development process will allow the cryptocurrency to be free of SEC prosecution and legal liability.

Marketing Strategy

Like any other product in the market, cryptocurrencies require a diverse and effective marketing strategy to grow and create profits for the project’s owner. The launch of a cryptocurrency is a unique venture that involves activities that may differ from the ordinary models.

The marketing strategy features several components vital to the public’s successful launch and uptake of the cryptocurrency CO marketing, crypto PR campaigns, and crypto press releases.

Thus, due to the use of blockchain, the launch must involve experts to promote its success. Blockchain marketing agencies can consult these experts to facilitate a smooth transition.

These blockchain marketing agencies, such as CryptoVirally, provide a wide range of necessary services. Thus, based on the nature of these strategies, costs may vary significantly.

ICO Marketing

The Initial Coin Offering (ICO) is important as it aims to draw customers worldwide. To achieve this outcome, this step features intensive marketing exercises that also aim to develop investor accounts.

The process involves advertising coin promotion activities on top of creating a community.

By creating awareness and drawing the target audience, the cryptocurrency can take root and grow into a brand that draws both investors and users from the public.

Through this action, the cryptocurrency will develop its own niche in the market and thus, gain stability. Based on the nature and the duration of this exercise, the costs may increase in the long run.

PR Campaigns

Like any product launch in the market, PR campaigns are integral to the success of a given cryptocurrency. Given that the product launching in the market is new, its success heavily relies on the public.

This reliance makes it very important for the owner of the coin to influence public perception through the management and circulation of information.

PR campaigns operate with the intention of attaining given set objectives and are carried out within a given time frame. The campaigns serve to achieve several critical functions involving the cryptocurrency in question:

Campaigns raise general awareness of the product as they target the intended market. The campaigns also educate the public, drive sales and help establish brand identity and increase credibility.

Therefore, costs may vary depending on the objectives set and the budget assigned for the campaigns.

Social Media Releases

Press Releases made through official media outlets are an important aspect of the marketing strategy of any startup. These releases typically involve dispensing information about essential products, events, and statements through a network of trusted media outlets.

This information release requires elaborate networking, something that blockchain marketing agencies are noted for.

Since cryptocurrencies are relatively new and gaining traction with time, dispensing accurate and relevant information on time is integral to success.

The importance of these releases has increased in the modern age where technology has improved information access.

Final Word

As evident from the growth of the cryptocurrency market and the emergence of many coins, creating your own cryptocurrency is a viable business opportunity.

However, developing and marketing strategies for the cryptocurrency is crucial to profit from this attractive market. This process will involve aligning marketing, development, and legal aspects to infiltrate and expand into the market. Many cryptocurrencies in the global market successfully apply such procedures.