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Buying cryptocurrency is an excellent idea for people looking to invest their money in other currencies. The crypto space has constantly been developing as new coins and projects are coming into play regularly. Currently, there are over 5,833 cryptocurrencies in the market, and with this many investment opportunities, scammers are taking advantage of curious investors.

As blockchain technology improves, crypto project founders are putting more information out there, allowing investors to make informed decisions to prevent scams. Investing in digital assets like cryptocurrencies, it is crucial to adopt a strict strategy and concentrate on understanding the key drivers of a coin’s value. This article will break down the 6 top things that people look for.

The WhitePaper

Several studies have reflected the importance of White Papers and Trial Apps as the most commonly used material for researching IT solutions (Savvy B2B Marketing, 2008). 77% of potential buyers read white papers, while 84% claim white papers have a bearing on technology procurement decisions.

An Eccolo Media study in 2013 also revealed some crucial findings. A whitepaper is the most commonly used form of material, with 49 percent using whitepaper to evaluate technology before purchases. A whitepaper is the most relevant content marketing format before cases, success stories, product pamphlets, datasheets, technical guides, and video and multimedia files.

The whitepaper is the best type of content during the presale if investors do not have information on the crypto. Sentiments from post-sales show that whitepaper is the most preferred content, as 7 out of 10 respondents look forward to receiving content from sellers after the sale.

The Team Behind the Crypto

It needs to be accessible to verify the people behind the project. Investors check profiles listed whether on Linkedin, company profiles, addresses found, partnerships, advisors, etc. Often they also ask them freely if they participate in the project’s investment.

Fitrova, an exit scam project, prided in great collaborations, but they refused to be even aware of the CEO following a check with those partners. By using photoshop, he added his picture making it look like that of the board of the bank’s representatives, Declouds, also a hoax, wanted to prove his supposed partnership.

Sometimes the founders of the crypto project boast with large whales who have already invested. Investors are diligent in checking their contribution addresses and tracking some large whales to ensure that they have already landed investors.

The Roadmap

Basically, a roadmap is a plan with estimated project completion dates showing the long-term achievements of an organization. While technical development always takes longer than promised, a roadmap gives you an idea and if it is true to its objectives.

If the roadmap states that they would deliver a mainnet in a short time, that sounds fantastic, but it may also mean that they’re focused on making a fast buck. However, this does not apply unless they began developing the crypto way before the ICO/STO/IEO, of course.


There is high volatility in cryptocurrencies because of a lack of regulatory oversight, speculation, speculation, pumping, and dumping systems. Taking a look at the cost of a coin tells its story. In general, lower market cap coins are more sensitive to pump and dump schemes.

Investors that recognize this avoid unnecessary losses. The price of a coin can correspond to other prices, stock movements, or events around the world. If Bitcoin price rises quickly, most altcoins fall in price because. That’s simply because Bitcoin is the primary coin used to trade other altcoins.

Growth in Bitcoin’s investments results in higher sales of altcoins. The number of exchanges currently traded is another significant aspect they consider. Is the coin eligible for the majority of major exchanges? Prices are greatly affected by announced coins introduced to the leading trading platforms such as Binance.

Much as with stocks, it is crucial to assess their long-term value to understand why a coin’s price goes up and down.

Total & Circulating Supply

Total coin supply is the maximum number of coins that can be mined or entered when the current coin supply is in circulation. Since miners mine most coins, or the creators hold a percentage of them, there is usually a difference. These figures are critical to assess a crypto project’s worth.

The coin supply significantly impacts the coin price due to the fundamental theory of supply and demand. The total supply of bitcoin coins is 21 million, and this is one of the factors which increases its value as time goes on. Reduced supply implies rising demand.

Technology Behind the Crypto

The critical thing is the technical solution to the actual and relevant problem proposed by the project. If it’s innovative or easier to use existing technology, when the issue the project wants to fix doesn’t need to get resolved, there’s a considerable risk that the project will fail or will raise a buck quickly. It makes no difference.

It’s generally the hardest to check. However, a quick check on popular phrases that confuse investors without describing the project will do the trick.


Safety is one of the cryptocurrencies’ main disadvantages. Digital tokens were compromised and lost millions of dollars. Those who maintained their coins in these exchanges lost nearly all.

The FDIC is not insured and will not be anytime soon. When it comes to buying, selling, and storing these coins, investors are very vigilant. The best way to maintain crypto-safety is to use a cold storage wallet to control your private keys. Your private key helps you to access the blockchain coin. For the sake of investment, it’s best to keep this critical information off-line and in a safe spot.


It is never an easy feat to start a business, especially when it is a cryptocurrency venture. Cryptos are a new business space in which financial and regulatory risks are often involved. However, tales of renown, riches, and rich IPOs tempt a great many entrepreneurs to cryptocurrencies – and all because of the wrong reasons.

In a recent study, the global blockchain market size in 2025, which is an annual growth rate of 69.4%, is predicted to rise by $60 billion. Most accounts are also in the beginning stage of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Thus, with time the market can and will change eventually.

What’s real today may not be tomorrow for cryptocurrency entrepreneurs. In that case, this is something that any hopeful business owner in the area should be aware of in terms of crypto-entrepreneurship. Visit our service page to keep up with the latest marketing services.

In the next few years, the cryptocurrency industry is set to explode. Similarly, new crypto projects will demand to facilitate the mass integration of this new technology and its advantages. The considerable innovation and information that has been created in 10 or so years are already incredible and what is about to come seems even greater. Initializing the perception, particularly of a new product or service, marketing and advertising play a significant part. It is achieved by informing people about the problem, the opportunity, and the solution. So, to cut to the chase, yes, traditional marketing can create awareness about a cryptocurrency project.

Traditional Marketing is the Way to Go

To understand whether traditional marketing is viable as a marketing method, we must first understand what it is. Hence, traditional marketing refers to a form of promotion that reaches an audience offline. For example, it could be brochures, billboards, or direct mail, among others. Here are some of the reasons why you could use traditional marketing with cryptocurrencies:

Reaches Out to Every Demographic

Efficient marketing aims to reach the biggest audience and generate the most interest with minor investment. Therefore, investing in several strategies means that you can tap into every demographic and ensure that you have the best value for your capital.

Over 89 percent of adults in the UK use the internet daily. Therefore, pay-per-click ads, social media marketing, and search engine optimization are essential when targeting the masses. However, only 4 in 10 people over the age of 75 use the internet at all. This data reflects a large proportion of the population that isn’t on social media and doesn’t search on Google.

It may be challenging to get into this audience, but offline marketing strategies may prove very successful. Printed leaflets and brochures still hit the broad audience with excellent efficiency, regardless of the “connectivity.”

Furthermore, 90% of the competition is exclusively on the internet. This can also help discern your brands on a saturated market. Furthermore, it’s never really critical to be the odd one in today’s digital world. Everyone continuously tries to rank with the exact keywords.

Can Fuse with Online Marketing

Have you ever looked at a billboard and looked at one of them? These QR codes and can act as an outline-online bridge. By putting QR codes on flyers, posters, and billboards, people can conveniently find your social media content on the respective crypto projects.

Other methods for integration offline/online include: television and radio ads, both with a high return on investment which you can use in video streaming; offline call-to-action, which can directly bring you to your website or social network (providing you have a seamless branding across the board)

So why not allow the development of your crypto marketing strategy with these not so revolutionary, tested, and proven ways of spreading your message? Maybe a VOIP Network could open a new helpline? Although this technology may seem obsolete in the SEO-driven world of today, there is a justification for resisting a time test because they work!

Cross Channel Play

Historically, many digital marketing companies and growth hackers have downplayed conventional marketing in particular events. It is now more complex than ever to develop simply by finding a hack since these techniques are constantly copied. It thus prepared the way to a gradual return to the marketing world for older conventional approaches.

Nevertheless, this does not suggest, however, that businesses spend less on digital technology. Companies recognize the value of cross-channel presence instead, and this approach is supported by over 95% of marketers. Simply put, a cross-channel implies a blend of many different channels providing a seamless experience. Using cross-channel play will enhance all the events’ scope and development by timing these promotions across multiple mediums.

It can also have a viral impact if you are lucky, especially if you do something never seen before (like a stunt). But, to succeed, marketers now have to take an overview that includes print, billboards, events, and more efficient cross-channel promotions.

Traditional Marketing May not Always Work.

Despite the great opportunity that traditional means of marketing provides, there could be setbacks that you need to be aware of before making your decision:

  • Gradually lose its audience: It would be best to watch TV or read a newspaper these days to design your campaign. While network television audiences and physical journal readers are segmented, paid television subscriptions and e-readers are undoubtedly changing how people of all ages use news and the media. Traditional media outlets learn to adapt to a new consumer generation, and financial marketers have to do so
  • Takes longer to execute and refine: It takes time to produce a print ad, and edits take a while. After that, the ad is complete, and no color, font, or word can be changed back. Digital advertising can, on the other hand, suffer changes and edits in real-time to increase its efficiency.
  • Ability to target and sub-segment as digital: Many conventional marketing strategies cannot and do not provide the same segmentation and targeting standard as can be done with digital targeting other than direct mail
  • Lack of Immediacy: Another drawback of conventional marketing is that it does not allow you to adapt as fast as new communication methods to changes in the market. When running magazine advertisements, you can need to build your message weeks or months in advance. Also, regular newspaper advertising will take several days in advance. Changing broadcast advertisements would take time and extra production costs.


Of course, several traditional marketing techniques have already demonstrated their excellence in recent decades. A large part of the world’s population has always used these techniques and established phenomena such as ad blindness. As a result, crypto marketers must develop and upgrade these conventional strategies to suit the latest modern profiles.

Our platform offers complete preparation, installation, and configuration of your campaign, social media channel posting, and dedicated campaigns with an overall reach of over 15M and advertising banners and dedicated airdrops. Crypto marketers need to learn new things and employ resources—time, money, and staff—to browse the latest and newest platforms.

However, the shiny new objects should not distract them that they give up what works best simply because it is conventional. Instead, ensure that the institution has the correct marketing mix taking past performance rates and objective categories, budget, and overall marketing goals.

The financial sector is transitioning to the digital era as more technological advancements emerge. Assets are rapidly transitioning into the tokenization age in a bid to address digital asset investments.

Besides shedding some light on digital asset investments, most business entities seek to improve specific assets’ liquidity. As for investors, their primary goal is to earn profit shares as a form of passive income.

However, the trust in investing with digital assets is equally low, especially with people’s common perception that it may not be a promising venture. So how is tokenization going to change the ongoing narrative against digital asset investments?

Tokenization Aspect

Tokenization involves converting a valuable asset into a digital token. A physical asset is usually turned into a valuable instrument that is easily tradable on a blockchain network.

Blockchain’s architecture allows these assets to be tracked and display every transaction connected with a particular asset.

Furthermore, the distributed ledger doesn’t have to host tangible assets only. In some cases, intangible assets such as patents or copyrights can also run on the blockchain as a valuable virtual asset. Blockchain’s transparency makes it the ideal instrument for most developers to establish digital assets on a public ledger.

Types of Assets Applying the Tokenization Process

Ideally, tokenization is one process that can boost an asset’s liquidity rates with blockchains’ help. Therefore, measuring the ledger’s abilities may not be possible to handle a diverse tokens category. Below is an evaluation of the most common types of tokenized assets today.

Fungible Tokens

Fungible tokens surround us every day in our trading endeavors. The token can be described as interchangeable assets, identical to each other. For instance, you can trade gold for another gold bar but not for any other commodity.

Moreover, these commodities are generally traded in a bulky manner, making it harder to invest in them. Since the gold is moving from one place to another, it involves a third-party entity, mostly banks, to oversee the gold transactions.

Nonetheless, tokenizing with blockchains eliminates the need for intermediaries as users can trade a portion of the valuable gems as digital tokens via smart contracts.

Smart contracts are self-execution programs that perform specific services as set by the transacting parties. The computer-based code initiates negotiations of the trading entities, and once they agree, a contract is formulated to act based on the agreed terms.

After that, blockchains maintain and display the transactional information of the already tokenized asset trading in the market.

Non-Fungible Tokens

NFTs are the reverse of fungible tokens in that non-fungible tokens cannot suffer interchange with each other. Additionally, the virtual tokens are highly unique, possessing different traits, features, or characteristics. Unlike fungible tokens, which are mostly ERC-20 tokens, NFTs operate as ERC-721 tokens.

NFTs are not divisible like fungible tokens. Instead, it assures investors of an asset’s ownership. Non-fungible tokens are applicable in various industries, one of them being the art industry. An artifact/piece of work is tokenized to divide it into sub tokens and sold as units by an issuing platform.

Examples of Tokenized Digital Assets


ArtisiaToken introduces you to a one of a kind art network leveraging blockchain technology. The platform strives to instill a social, cultural environment and create an investment opportunity for art lovers.

ArtisiaToken counters some of the problems faced in the art industry, one of them being the display of counterfeit art pieces. Therefore, the art-based system will ensure the verification of every artwork to maintain an authentic ecosystem.

In most cases, art pieces are hidden in a secret display meant only for a particular class of people. Through ArtisiaToken, many of these rare collectibles will be available for public display. Investors need to purchase ArtisaToken’s native currency(ARTZ) to participate and benefit greatly from the art industry.


CryptoKitties is an innovative blockchain game running on the ethereum blockchain. The digital collectible cats contain different attributes or characteristics that make them unique. Investors only need to select, purchase, and breed the rarest kittens after linking their MetaMask wallets. A successful breeder eventually profits off the game by producing a unique kitty with a higher market value.


Blocksquare adopts a distinct approach of tokenizing real estate property regardless of size and type. The decentralized system grants investors the ability to represent a real estate asset on the blockchain network as a digital token.

It further follows legal standards as it serves customers with an already running real estate portfolio. Blocksquare also partners with prominent entities such as Deloitte and CV Labs to give its customers quality and professional services. On the other hand, investors can buy and sell shares of tokenized properties residing in the platform’s blockchain network.

Blockchain’s Contribution

Lower Fees

Since blockchains remove the need for intermediaries, investors incur a lower transactional cost. In ordinary circumstances, third-party interventions usually are costly as they accumulate most of the transaction fees. Blockchains harness smart contracts’ power, which automatically performs transactional services based on the trading parties’ terms.

Liquidity and Adequate Market

The distributed ledgers are interoperable hence, opening a world full of investment opportunities. Companies can as well reach a wider audience once it establishes its services on the blockchain network. In turn, it adds more liquidity to assets that could seem illiquid.

Partial Ownership

Tokenization on a blockchain allows for partial ownership of an asset. Thanks to the public ledger, an asset can be split into smaller bits granting ownership rights to a couple of investors.


Losing ownership documents is usually an unfortunate event as those certifications ensure the digital token only belongs to you. Nonetheless, while blockchains represent the assets, ownership rights continue to be safeguard once an investor purchases the asset. It provides a proof of ownership detail mentioning an investor as the legitimate owner of the asset.

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Final Word

Tokenization is revolutionizing the financial sector with its ability to merge traditional assets into the digital world. Considering that these assets are sometimes difficult to invest on, tokenization still guarantees partial ownership of assets unthinkable of possessing.

Furthermore, blockchains settle transactions within the shortest time possible therefore eliminating any form of delays. As for both companies and investors, blockchains take them to a diverse ecosystem full of numerous investment opportunities and access to potential customers.

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Since the introduction of the concept of blockchains, there have been significant advancements in the financial world. One benefit of blockchain technology is that it’s the center of cryptocurrencies like BTC, ETH, LTC, and others raised through ICOs.

The latest trend in the blockchain world is the introduction of Security Token Offering (STO), which are tokens backed with a real asset. Experts are already suggesting that 2021 could lead to the most significant growth in the STO world.

You are probably among the innovative developers who want to launch a new STO, but you don’t understand the complexities of the crypto space processes. Keep reading to note what to do to ensure you launch your STO successfully.


As in any other business, the first step to launching an STO is idea generation. Often generating an idea requires lots of brainstorming and comparing different facets, creating a desirable investment that falls within the legal bounds. It would be best if the idea is;

  • An introduction of an original concept in the crypto world
  • A solution to existing problems
  • Has a way of gaining value, i.e., how does it gain value?
  • Posses attractive attributes

After identifying the project, the investor should draft a whitepaper addressing the new STO’s different aspects. The things you should cover include the business model, technical aspect, legal disclaimer, product details, the team members, and advisors.

Moreover, it’s at the preparation stage that the STO website is created. When creating this website, consider making it usable, convenient, and highly reliable. Consequently, ensure your project’s website adheres to the KYC and AML procedures.


At this point, you practically introduce your STO to the market to increase the awareness of the tokens. The aim of this is to increase the attention of your STO before releasing it to the public.

To introduce the project, you need to take advantage of websites that list STOs. Moreover, there are several things you are supposed to do at this point;

  • Choosing a partner exchange- It’s crucial to make partnerships with a reliable crypto exchange. There are exchanges currently designed purposely for security tokens and are regulated by the SEC. Due to that, users will enjoy top liquidity even though security tokens are often not so liquid. The exchange chosen should align with AML and KYC.
  • Moreover, during the Pre-STO stage, it’s essential to look for the best custodian platforms to provide asset collateral for your security tokens. Among them include Coinbase and Prime Trust, offering fiat, real estate documents, and collateral.
  • Start the creation of the security token. At this point, you have to prepare a funded Metamask account and create an account on Polymath. Create the token symbol and commence the creation of your new token.

Marketing the STO

Before the STO, you need to conduct heavy marketing of your STO. The reason some STOs fail immediately after launching is the lack of adequate marketing techniques. Marketing helps in identifying the target audience and making them aware of the new project.

It’s easier to market an STO than an ICO because investors trust STOs due to their tangible asset backing. Among the best ways of marketing include SEO, social media PR, and reviews.


At this point, the Security token officially launches live on the best exchange platforms. The company now sells its tokens and raises funds.

You need to make sure your investors (the crypto community) are pre-informed of how to access the token, making it easy for them to participate in the new token sale. Moreover, there should be a direct link button on the project web page, directing the investors to purchase the tokens.

You must have a predetermined contract of the expected value for the crowd sale and each token’s value. However, you need to do much more than setting the value; you need to connect and assist the investors. Here is how;

  • Leverage social media platforms to communicate to the community
  • Have an emergency helpline number to make it easy for them to contact you
  • Have forums to update the audience about the project

Post STO

Finally, at this point, you need to start by building your product as the support for your new security token. Make the product as easy to use as possible, and prove to your new investors how this product relates to the token and blockchain.

It’s essential to keep the product’s support as good as possible in the post-STO period, making your team accessible 24/7.

Final Word

The first step towards launching a successful STO is doing thorough preparations and generating an idea that will attract investors without second thoughts. Often, ideas are supposed to be solutions to existing problems in the market or the introduction of new inventions. In the Pre-STO stage, you need to identify partner exchanges to give the token liquidity, find a custodian platform and start creating your token.

When launching the STO, you need to ensure you have adequate support for the investors to achieve your crowd sale target. Marketing is vital just before you launch the STO to increase awareness and attract the right audience.

To effectively market your STO, you need assistance from the best, most reliable platforms, and that’s where Crypto Virally comes in. The platform is majoring in marketing crypto businesses to increase the adoption of the crypto world.

Launching a new crypto project, especially in the current highly competitive crypto market, is tussling. The developers and project owners are unsure if this new project will reach global adoption or survive the competition. Many serious start-ups conduct a series of advertising campaigns to reach a broad audience. One of the best ways to reach a new audience is by taking advantage of a great project review. Every new crypto project after launch tends to explain the project in detail. Often a useful review has outstanding results, especially in driving more people into the website.

But how can you write a review that will attract the right audience and assist investors in making decisions? Here are some keynotes.

Identify the Project

The first step to writing a useful project review is identifying the project. Here you identify the name of the project and the purpose of this new project. Often the question you try to answer at this point is ‘what is this project?’.

Additionally, since there are numerous types of crypto projects, you need to state what class this project falls into, wallet, exchange, a mining company, staking, etc. The purpose of identifying the project is to bring in the right audience to invest in the project.

The project’s identity may also include the registration, licensing, and the country where the project is registered. Thus, you need to put some of the information found in the ‘about us’ of your website’s project.

Explain the Range of Services

At this stage, you give information about the project’s functionality. For instance, you need to help the users understand how the platform works, i.e., automated or manual.

The audience needs to understand how to use this service from the start-up level to the earning level using this particular service.

In addition to the project’s functioning, it’s important to highlight some of this project’s best features. If it’s an exchange platform, for instance, does it support fiat, what fiat currencies are supported? Please talk about the security features it has instituted to make it resistant to manipulation or hacking. These small details will be the reason why the audience will try out the project after review.

Be Honest

Honesty is very crucial, especially when writing a crypto project review. The reviews often help investors make profound investment decisions; therefore, full disclosure of details is necessary.

Therefore, you must consider writing all the benefits that users will get from this platform in writing reviews. Please explain why the project is unique and why it’s a good investment prospect for both rookie and experienced users. If the tokens are deflationary, what makes them deflationary, etc.

After outlining the benefits and the investment prospects, explain the drawbacks of the project. It’s important to make investors aware of the risks they will go into if they decide to invest in the project. Full disclosure of the risks will attract investors who trust the project and are ready to take risks associated therein.

Have Up to Date Information

A review should contain up to date information. If there is a recent upgrade in the platform, a review should inform people of ways to take advantage of the project. Having up to date reviews about the platform is vital since it will make your audience trust the project even more.

Among the essential details that are always supposed to be up to date include;

  • The platform’s tokenization is one thing that investors find crucial when searching for the project. As such, you need to publish the most recent token economics report, including the price at presale or price fluctuations.
  • The team- in case you introduce new members into the platform, ensure the audience knows.
  • The use cases and partnerships with the project are also crucial for increasing the project’s reach.

Direct Links to the Project Site

Of course, you need to ensure the review has a direct link to the website or one of the project’s social media platforms. This link aims to give all the readers of the review a chance to use the particular platform.

The user with a link will have an easy time identifying the project, the tokens, and everything about it.

Find the Best Platform for Reviews

After creating the best review following the guidelines above, you now need to find an excellent platform to post your reviews. There are dozens of websites in the crypto world, most of them with good followership to guarantee the review has the best audience.

Some focus on individual types of crypto projects, i.e., wallets, exchanges, etc. Find one that has the specifications of your needs.

Final Word

Writing a useful crypto review is quite grappling, but it’s easy to get things right with the right guidance. This write up has discussed some of the best tips to ensuring you get the right results out of your hassle. The first tip is identifying the project and what it does to a regular crypto user.

Afterward, the user follows up by explaining how the project works and other details, especially how to join the platform and earn. However, when writing the review, it’s vital to consider complete honesty about the project. Write about the benefits and risks of using the platform, allowing people to choose the project to invest in.

To ensure you get a useful review and handle all your marketing needs, you need to use Crypto Virally. This platform has a world of marketing services for all crypto projects, including viral marketing, PR usage, and many others.

Digital asset issuance is usually an exciting moment for start-up companies who wish to reveal themselves to potential investors. It usually marks the beginning of a new tradable instrument in the crypto market. Investors, on the other hand, view the issuance occasion as a profit maximization opportunity. However, not all companies operate genuinely, which leaves investors at losses sometimes. Malicious issuers are on the rise, and it stirs a frequently asked question on the most convenient event worth an investor’s time and money. This segment will evaluate the three most common issuance events in the digital asset world, namely Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs), Initial Exchange Offerings (IEOs), and Security Token Offerings (STOs). An investor will determine the undertakings of the three processes, their legal statuses, and a few other aspects surrounding each one.

Initial Coin Offering

Commonly dubbed as ICO, Initial Coin Offering is a crowdfunding tactic to build a particular project financially. The funding activity takes place through the discharge of new digital tokens or cryptocurrencies.

Furthermore, the digital currencies/tokens usually reside on a blockchain network from where they will be issued. Pioneers like ethereum also provide a blockchain infrastructure for projects lacking a blockchain network.

In 2017 alone, there were a total of 435 ICO activities that garnered close to $12.7 million, making it a total of $5.6 billion raised in a year. Therefore, most asset issuers pursue their initial goal once they meet their funding targets of the projects.


Profit Maximization

The new tokens launching through the start-up enterprise are usually cheap during the crowdsale phase. After that, investors purchase the tokens hoping that the digital asset will sell at a higher price in the future. Profit maximization entirely depends on the success of the issuing entity as the asset penetrates the market.

Diverse Projects

ICO events unveil numerous projects which attempt to accomplish different goals in the financial industry. As a result, the cryptocurrency can introduce a fresh concept that will revolutionize the overall ecosystem.


No Refunds

In the event of financial losses, no user will be refunded their investments. Considering the unregulated nature of ICOs, there is no room for any compensation.

Absence of Regulations

The crowdsale procedures do not recognize the lawful guidance on issuing a new cryptocurrency. The absence of regulatory standards encourages bad actors who take advantage of dedicated investors.

Lack of a Track Record

Most young companies host an ICO event without revealing any proof of past performance. The only information an investor has is the issuing company’s whitepaper and a detailed description of how the digital asset works.

Initial Exchange Offering

Under this event, crypto exchanges oversee the whole IEO operation on behalf of the issuing company. Unlike ICOs, which use the project’s developers to distribute tokens, IEOs distribute the new digital assets via an exchange platform.



To some degree, assets from IEOs are safer than those from ICOs. In an IEO’s case, the exchange platform carefully scrutinizes the founding team to ensure that it works with an honest entity. The exchange further evaluates the effectiveness of the token/cryptocurrency before launching it to the public.

This legal check approach automatically deals with the recent ICO scams witnessed in the crypto space. The security aspect alone can attract multiple investors globally as they will feel safe investing with a reputable digital asset.

Solves the Marketing Concern

On most occasions, the developers in an ICO may find a challenge when looking for a massive audience. It makes it harder to build the company’s image and reveal its impressive trading instrument.

The case is different for IEO fundraisers since the exchange itself contains a large user-base, which can bring more users to the crowdfunding exercise. In return, the founding company collects a significant amount of funds as per their initial goal.

Boosts Liquidity

Once the exchanges complete evaluating the start-up entity, it will list the digital asset on its trading network. ICO procedures may issue cryptos that tend to be immature and have a higher chance of dropping in value with time.

Assets undergoing the IEO’s release schedule will ultimately gain a higher amount of liquidity since the token will be listed on the exchange.


Listing Charges

Exchanges usually charge the company for managing the whole process, from organizing the asset’s sale to listing it on their platforms. Charging the young company trying to establish itself can be strenuous as the company may not meet the required amount.

Pump and Dump

To access the token after listing, users need to have an account on the exchange ecosystem. Pump and dump risks may erupt later when investors get involved in mass buying, which raises the asset’s value and drops immensely after some duration.

Security Token Offering

STOs are the third fundraising mechanisms that companies leverage to introduce new security tokens. Furthermore, security tokens are similar to traditional securities because real assets back them.


Eliminates Scams

Tokens released through the STO process eliminates any form of scam or fraudulent intentions by an issuing company. The fundraising tool handles real-world assets making it an obligation to follow the regulatory guidelines set by agencies such as the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Ability to Hard-Code

Blockchains such as ethereum can hard-code specific guidelines, which may be slightly difficult. For instance, the asset may improve on its standards and only allow investors who follow the coded KYC procedure to trade.

Real Asset Value

Investors engaging with STOs benefit from a digital token backed by the assets of the start-up company. Besides, the tokens are divisible into smaller units, ultimately allowing fractional ownership of the digital asset. Fractional ownership makes the token affordable to everyone, from retail to institutional investors.

Widens the Trading Market

From a fundraiser’s point of view, STOs create new market opportunities for investors because nearly all assets can be tokenized. The more expansive it gets, the easier it is to gain more recognition hence opening up a global market of new, compliant, tokenized assets.


Listing Procedures

Users anticipating to trade the tokens will have to wait for an exchange platform to list them. The listing procedure may take a while depending on the exchange an issuing company chooses.

Barrier to Entry

According to the SEC’s accreditation terms, specific individuals qualify to take part in STOs. The policy points out that an individual is eligible for STOs if they have a net-worth exceeding $1 million. Additionally, investors who possessed an income beyond $200,000 two years before are equally qualified to interact with STO events.

Conducting a token sale event is never easy. Thus, leveraging marketing ecosystems like Crypto Adventure might be a good idea for you. Crypto Adventure helps build projects customized to fit their requirements at a pocket-friendly price.


Investors look forward to having a long-term investment solution on a secure and comfortable issuance event. The investor’s dream is achievable if the blockchain projects and their developers take a direct path and deliver a productive digital asset.

Exchanges are also on the frontline as they strive to observe the due diligence practices which reveal a company’s overall status. Furthermore, IEOs aim at mitigating the challenges ICOs face during and after token sales.

Whichever approach an investor chooses contains its ups and downs. The decision is entirely in your hands as you try to pursue all three crowdfunding procedures which introduce a new cryptocurrency/token.

For more information on lucrative crowdfunding activities, marketing services, ICO, IEO, OR STO listings, visit CryptoVirally to kickstart your journey.

Today, there are thousands of crypto projects competing in different industries in the cryptocurrency space. Bitcoin, the oldest crypto project, has notably seen tremendous growth in the user base and coin’s value.

Estimates indicate that there are currently over 100 million Bitcoin users globally. Gaining such a large audience is a process and, of course, requires well-thought-out marketing strategies.

Every new project developer that succeeds in their ICOs must design an effective crypto marketing campaign for their crypto startups. Read on to see the five best ways to get your cryptocurrency project out to the public.


A podcast can help one reach a large audience without necessarily moving to their physical locations. Crypto project owners can use ordinary podcasts, although adding the visual element could bear more impact. Studies show that humans are visual creatures, and 30% of the human brain is devoted to the eyes.

That said, a video podcast is even a more powerful crypto marketing option. Of course, you will need to create a compelling title for the podcast and make sure your content is relevant to the cryptocurrency industry.

The initial episode can be more about an overview of cryptocurrency or your project’s niche. The podcast shouldn’t be too vague and, at the same time, should not overemphasize your crypto project.

Additionally, you can post video podcasts on YouTube, and this increases your audience base. provides much of the necessary details about cryptocurrencies, but real crypto enthusiasts are looking for worthy crypto projects everywhere. Potential fans could be browsing for podcasts like yours on YouTube.

Currently, YouTube has over 2 billion users, so it’s a powerful platform to help your project reach the crypto community.

Guest Interviews

Some renowned financial technology experts run video blogs or podcasts, where they hold interviews with scheduled guests. It can be a good place to start your online marketing campaign. All that is needed is to secure an appointment as a guest to a cryptocurrency-related network that aligns with your project and engages an existing audience.

It would help to take some time to review their style of interviews and see how suitable they are for launching your project. You can contact the series via email or other suitable forms, and remember to focus on detailing what you can do for them first. The benefit should be mutual so showing excessive interest in marketing your new project could attract negative feedback.

Social Media and Websites

According to recent reports, about 60% of the world’s population is using the internet. Social media seems to be the greatest reason behind increased internet use, with social media users exceeding 3.8 billion people globally. These statistics make social media platforms invaluable tools for marketing cryptocurrency projects and reach the broadest audience.

Besides, the world is going digital, and social media platforms are among the most powerful online marketing tools. Facebook, which is among the most popular social networks, has multiple pages and groups where discussions about blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies, IPOs, and ICOs happen.

These groups and pages provide an excellent channel for interacting with a part of the cryptocurrency community, build trust, and promote new projects. Project developers can also share links to their websites with crucial information about the project where crypto enthusiasts can log on and learn more.


Lately, there has been a boom in cryptocurrency events, including conferences following the industry’s rapid growth. Cryptocurrency-related conferences provide project developers with an opportunity to meet a large audience that is passionate about crypto projects.

Recent event marketing statistics show that most marketers recognize the importance of in-person connections, even as the world turns digital. Marketers argue that in-person events have a significant impact on business outcomes.

Conferences support such connections and the building of relationships that can significantly influence cryptocurrency adoption. Teams with new crypto projects can assume prominent roles in major meetings and use the opportunity to launch their project and demonstrate project features and benefits.

Cryptocurrency Visionaries, Experts, and Ambassadors

The cryptocurrency industry has many influencers, educators, and ambassadors, all experts in the field. Some of them are renowned individuals trusted for their knowledge and expertise in cryptocurrencies and other crypto projects. Some also serve as freelance consultants and can be quite useful in steering new cryptocurrency adoption.

Crypto project teams can, therefore, look for popular cryptocurrency influencers and teachers and sign an agreement. The cryptocurrency community trusts them, and an ambassadorship for your brand will significantly spread awareness about your project.

Influencers and educators can also use their social platforms that most probably have a large following of cryptocurrency enthusiasts to promote your project to the public.


The cryptocurrency space is currently on the hype as one of the most profitable investment options. At the same time, it carries a reputation for insecurity following the rise of scam ICOs and mass hacking. However, cryptocurrency projects are still coming up.

Investors only need to exercise diligence and read the signs of deceptive ICOs. Project developers have the challenge of presenting their cryptocurrency projects to the public and create the right impressions. The launch is critical to the project’s success, but developers can take confidence in the above five ways of unveiling their projects.

For more information and crypto project marketing needs, developers can visit

When launching any business, it’s evident that every owner always thinks about making their sales profitable. One thing that always comes to mind is getting more people to buy the product at the best price possible. However, attracting people to trust a new product can be quite a task; thus, every business needs to consider using some of the best market strategies for reaching out. Crypto projects are no different; they should all try to leverage the best marketing strategies to increase their adoption.

But what strategies are best in marketing ICO and crypto projects? Keep reading to find out more.

Social Media Advertising

Social media’s impact on advertising is one that can’t be overlooked. Networking platforms have proven to be the best advertising tools of our time, with the crypto world being one of the top beneficiaries of social media advertising.

The most commonly used social media platforms in the crypto world is Telegram and Twitter. Almost all crypto platforms have a telegram group/channel where they communicate on a person to person level with their clients.

Telegram channels help inform the community of the latest updates, while at the same time, the community updates the developers of errors or bugs in the platforms.

Twitter is an efficient social media platform for advertising crypto work due to its hashtag feature, which helps start campaigns. A crypto platform can start campaigns on social media to advertise its product.

Bounty and Airdrop Campaigns

Bounty campaigns are highly beneficial in multiple advertising levels. It primarily is a process where a crypto platform invites third parties to participate in several activities on behalf of the project.

For instance, bug bounty programs are designed to identify bugs in developers’ software to work on them. In return for completing the given activities, the users are rewarded with coins. Mostly these programs center on technical activities.

On the other hand, airdrops involve distributing free tokens to those who register for the airdrops. In return, the users increase awareness and inform others of the great opportunities.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is among the most productive advertising strategies of our day. It involves taking advantage of influencers, persons with large numbers(millions) of followers.

However, using influencers in marketing crypto projects requires examining the influencer choice and their ability to explain the project well. The influencer must illustrate how the new project will affect their daily trading needs to the crypto community.

The developer needs to talk to the influencer and give them all-around details about the project without damaging its reputation. In addition, an influencer who has already shown past interest in the crypto world should be most preferred in ICO marketing.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is another common way of advertising any ICO project. It involves using third parties to complete all your marketing needs, and in return, they earn commissions from the number of sales made.

Take, for instance, cryptocurrency; the affiliate party may advertise to their friends or others and receive commissions on their affiliates’ profits. Affiliate marketing is quite common in the crypto world.

Leveraging Crypto Calendars and Publications

Things often happen fast in the crypto world, and if the investors are not prepared, they may lose out on ample opportunities. As such, many platforms choose to keep an up to date calendar of the projects they plan to release in a particular year.

As a developer or owner of a project, it’s essential to keep the crypto community aware of what you do and the next thing you plan to do. Failing to inform the community early enough about the project may prevent it from getting the required attention, thus deeming it obsolete.

Early information will leave the community well prepared for your product’s release. For instance, are you launching your project’s tokens’ public presale soon? Have you made the entire community aware?

Take advantage of websites that help provide calendar services, including CoinMarketCal. It’s crucial to provide monthly updates and reviews on what you have achieved on your calendar for the month.

PR and Media

Publish press releases of your project on crypto news platforms frequently to ensure the product reaches a wider audience.

There are reputable news publications that are great for marketing the ICO product. Through such websites, you can enjoy the benefits of great exposure and a broad reach.

Final Word

In conclusion, advertising a crypto project to speed up its adoption is hard, but it’s one thing any project developer cannot leave to chance. It’s a serious task that requires serious attention to details about the market and leveraging the best advertising strategies.

Among the best advertising strategies include social media crypto publications, airdrops, bounties, and crypto websites. One can get the best exposure in social media since over 2 billion social media users are today. Leveraging influencers and affiliate marketers is another way to ensure your project gets an accelerated adoption rate.

Another tool that can help all investors and developers in their crypto marketing needs is Crypto virally. It provides services like press releases, viral marketing, community management, project marketing, content awareness, graphic, and web design.

The cryptocurrency market is fast-moving and involves thousands of projects. Crypto enthusiasts could potentially add millions more in the next few years. Projects compete for public attention and seek ways such as press releases to differentiate them. The most important thing is the method of publishing. Press releases are a means of conveying a message. Therefore, the writing must be factual.

If the promotional material is direct, journalists and influential people are not interested. After all, a journalist’s job is to tell stories, not promote products. Trying to get press coverage for your crypto, ICO, token event, or blockchain requires expertise.

Alternatively, you can contact various crypto sites such as, where they can produce a custom written press release written by seasoned ICO specialists to save you the hectic writing hustle. Otherwise, here are a few writing tips to help your crypto press release rank.

An Eye-Catching Headline

The reality is that most journalists get a steady stream of PR, and you need to find a way to make your press release stand out from the crowd. The way to do this is through a catchy headline that grabs attention. Of course, you don’t want to promise something the article doesn’t offer. And you don’t want to use click bytes to get someone to click on your press release. However, it would help if you were clear about why a journalist, blogger, or social media influencer should read your press release.

Find Your Angle

It is one of the first things we often need to educate our customers about. Announcements of new cryptocurrency or blockchain companies are no longer considered new.

That’s why you need to add your hook or corner. Simply put, you need to explain to your readers why this is important. Surely you already know what makes your product unique.

Crypto products can solve common problems, meet clear needs, or open a market niche. Regardless of your point of view, be sure to write a description of your press release.

Support Arguments With Data

Objectivity is the key here. To publish your report as credible as possible, consider adding data or statistics from a third party that will help explain why your new product, service, or event is newsworthy.

For example, if your new blockchain integration project will make significant savings for a company provider chain, you can use data or statistics from a prominent business source. Something along the lines of, “The average Fortune 500 companies lose $ 10 million annually because of supply chain inefficiencies, according to Bloomberg,” will work.

Use Quotes to Bring the Press Release to Life

Storytelling is one of the best ways to interact with people and demand their undivided attention. It can be short or long quotes. They need to provide more information and allow readers to see the people behind the business.

Don’t walk around the office asking more than 20 different people for offers. Several key figures from the management team or participation in the event are ideal.

Edit for Grammar

It is a clear point. Poor grammar and mistakes can distract readers from the content and purpose of your article. Don’t let that happen. Websites skim press releases, but it’s often up to you to provide accurate content.

Quality Graphics

Photos are important to readers, especially if you want to differentiate your posts from others. You want to use high-quality graphics. It can include logos of participating companies or photos of the founders of your new cryptocurrency project, but charts and graphics also help grab attention.

When writing about the industry gap, show how big the industry is, for example, with a chart. Individuals might be tempted to create new graphics for partnerships and messages, but a familiar icon or photo often draws attention to the post.

Follow-Up Information and Social Proof

Your social proof is just as important as your point of view. It could be evidence that a major influencer or thought leader is taking advantage of your project, investing in your cryptocurrency, or joining your board of directors. It’s usually easier the longer you stay established, the more you achieve.

If you’re starting, maybe you’ve gone through an incubator or accelerated program, or the founders graduated from prestigious universities. Most readers want to know more about the news. Press releases should be brief and precise but also allow more access to interested parties.

Make sure to include information such as the project website, chat channels, and social media pages. It will help your attentive readers stay up to date.

Keep it Short

Press releases should be summaries of important announcements. It should be a brief description of the who, what, why, when, where, and how of your new product.

Ideally, you can convey all the information a journalist needs in a total of 300-500 words. If your press release is longer, the reporters will likely ignore it, and less likely that people will read it. Remember – a press release’s job is to make a journalist’s job easier, not more difficult.


You can write the most appealing press release, but it won’t be of use if people do not see it. Therefore, promoting press releases is just as important as creating press releases. You can send press releases directly to journalists and influencers, who can publish or include them in articles.

With the right approach, writing a crypto press should be fast and painless. Just follow these instructions, and you’ll be writing a professional quality press release in no time. Remember that press releases are not sales brochures.

It is advised to be objective and factual. Making sure to work from a strong perspective and present your social proof to readers. You can get a free consulting session with industry experts on press releases on Crypto Virally for further help.


What is the best way of introducing and increasing awareness of a new project? Product reviews! Product reviews are primarily a detailed explanation of the project, how it works, benefits, demerits, and in some instances, the team behind it.

They are a vital part of advertising, enabling consumers to make the right choice based on the information provided. Reviews aim at creating an environment of trust in e-commerce, with the ultimate goal of increasing product sales.

Because of product review benefits, every crypto platform today aims to leverage this marketing strategy for new projects. Currently, there are numerous product review sites. As a developer, you may wonder which platform is the best for project reviews. Keep reading to find out.

  1. CoinCentral

CoinCentral was designed in 2017 to provide support for crypto enthusiasts. Since then, it has vastly grown to hit over 650 thousand monthly readers.

This publication provides top quality content aiming to be the most trusted crypto publications in the globe. However, unlike other platforms that aim to increase their followership, Coincentral’s main agenda is providing top crypto educational content for strengthening the crypto world.

Coin Central Leverages technology to remove any financial barriers, create, inform, protect and strengthen the crypto community. Similarly, it provides some of the best reviews of crypto projects.

Any new crypto exchange and wallet can take advantage of Coincentral’s advertising power. CoinCentral maintains top journalistic and editorial standards to provide the best content.


Cryptimi is a crypto publication platform headquartered in Malta and was instituted in the year 2018. The platform has a team of top blockchain enthusiasts ready to impact their knowledge of the crypto world to the greater crypto community. In addition, it has for long proven to be among the best informational centers for the blockchain world.

A slight look at the website, you notice the home page hosting lots of information that will help any rookie trader make the best decisions. The reviews in this platform are full of essential details to ensure the information therein is trustworthy.

They highlight details about fees, payment methods, special features, security, efficiency, etc. Cryptimi is one of the best platforms that any investor should consider for crypto project review.

  1. CryptoCompare

CryptoCompare was established in 2014 and has since proven to be one of the most trusted crypto information websites. According to the website, there have been about 2.64 visitors in the past six months.

CryptoCompare has been evaluating the best exchanges and giving the best reports. Above all, there are wallets descriptions for the wallets in the crypto space.

Aside from giving their descriptions of wallets and exchange platforms, Cryptocompare offers user reviews and ranks the platforms using the star ratings. Moreso, Cryptocompare provides information about gambling and mining platforms.

  1. CoinSutra

In 2016, the CoinSutra publication is instituted by a crypto enthusiast named Harsh Agrawal. The purpose of its introduction was to provide rookie and experienced crypto users the best information about the crypto world,

Coinsutra was initially a bitcoin-only portal. It’s now known as an information platform about all cryptocurrencies. In addition, it focuses on providing the best content that will help users make the best decisions.

Currently, Coinsutra has thousands of community members globally. The platform provides tutorials, guides, and top research on decentralized finance and blockchain in general. Coinsutra often appears in Forbes, IBM, INC, Microsoft, and many other high traffic platforms.

  1. is a world-class crypto review platform designed with the efforts of a large team of international crypto enthusiasts and journalists. Above all, it aims at giving some of the best information about crypto and blockchain.

The website provides reviews about crypto projects, including customer reviews of the particular platforms. In other words, it ranks the projects from the best and thus eases investors’ decision-making.

  1. Blockgeeks

Blockgeek is a Crypto education platform designed in 2016 to provide the best knowledge about the Crypto world. According to reports, it has about 507 thousand monthly users and continuously expands.

Blockgeeks provides information and education to help and educate rookies and experienced Crypto traders. Above all, they provide a certificate for persons who complete their course, proving how serious it is to work on the platform.

Choose The Right Platform

Writing a project review is one thing, but choosing the right platform for your review is another. In other words, different platforms provide different review services at different rates.

Choosing the right platform will ensure your project reaches the right audience. For instance, some platforms focus on wallet reviews, while others prefer focusing on Defi platforms. Similarly, other platforms provide all-round reviews of all sorts of projects at fair fees.

One such crypto publication is Crypto Adventure, a content-rich platform fostering top-quality crypto reviews. Above all, using Crypto Adventure will guarantee your business growth.


In conclusion, due to the vastness of the crypto space and the number of crypto projects, every new investor needs to market their project for better results. There are many advertising techniques, but the writeup has discussed project reviews.

A project review is a step-by-step discussion of the project, what it is, how it works, the benefits, cons, use cases, etc. After writing a good review, you need to find the right platform to post it. The platforms mentioned earlier including, Coinsutra, Coincentral, Blockgeeks, Cryptocompare, Cryptimi, etc., are among the best project review websites.

What if you don’t know what words to use for your project? Crypto Virally is here for your needs. The platform has put its foot in the crypto business, majoring in providing some of the best marketing, PR, review, etc., in ensuring your project gets proper awareness. You find out more about the crypto-related dedicated services by accessing the “Our Services” section.


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