SuperSloth Chose to Amplify Brand Awareness by over 200% – Efficient Crypto PR and Influencer Marketing

In this case study, we immerse ourselves in the intricate PR (Press Release) and Influencer Marketing tactics Cryptovirally deploys for SuperSloth. By doing so, we unveil the multifaceted strategies at play. Furthermore, we highlight the triumphant outcomes and deep insights secured. The necessity for robust crypto PR and influencer marketing becomes evident as we proceed. It’s essential to recognize that effective marketing strategies are pivotal in the evolving crypto landscape. Ultimately, find out how SuperSloth successfully chose to amplify brand awareness by over 200%.


About SuperSloth

SuperSloth stands at the forefront, representing a community devoted to genuine decentralization, unparalleled security, equitable distribution, and creating a lasting real-world footprint. As it embarks on an innovative trajectory in DeFi, SuperSloth gears up to revolutionize memecoin initiatives in 2023 with the imminent introduction of its SuperSloth token ($SSLOTH). Strategically situated in Kingstown, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, SuperSloth embodies the enduring essence of the sloth, an emblem of steadfast advancement. Within the oscillating landscapes of the crypto realm, this initiative promises unwavering stability and prospective expansion.

Crypto enthusiasts keenly await SuperSloth’s debut. Recognizing the imperative of impactful marketing in such a dynamic space, SuperSloth decided to collaborate with Cryptovirally. Together, the aim is to amplify brand visibility, foster meaningful engagement, and ensure optimal PR (press release) and influencer outreach. With the right crypto marketing services and strategies, SuperSloth’s vision will undeniably resonate with its target audience.


CryptoVirally’s Strategic Blueprint

Awarded as the Best Crypto-Exclusive Marketing Agency in 2023, we meticulously identify the precise strategy for SuperSloth. During our in-depth exploration phase, we comprehend the project’s goals, discern its target demographics, and recognize its unique value proposition.

Recognizing the importance of foundational awareness, we strategize for maximum exposure. Esteemed platforms and numerous mid-tier sites become the primary targets. Consequently, we engage powerhouses such as Bloomberg, Yahoo, and Benzinga, and others like CryptAdventure and CoinMarketCap, to list a few.

Given the turbulence in the social media domain, especially with figures like Elon Musk shaping Twitter dynamics, it’s imperative to have a robust strategy. Therefore, SuperSloth seeks prime visibility on X (formerly Twitter) for organic growth. Leveraging our vast influencer connections, spanning over 5 years, we enhance SuperSloth’s online presence, registering a total impressive 250K+ impressions, adding up 2 different tweets, in under 24 hours.

Impressions Tweets SuperSloth

The total number of followers for the official X (ex-Twitter) account organically skyrocketed from 3.384 followers to well over 10.600 followers, in a matter of days.

Before & After SuperSloth Twitter

Powered by the experience and expertise of CryptoVirally, leveraging influencers to spread the word and successfully market your project can be easy. In the case of SuperSloth,  influencer marketing was a desired service. The influencers’ total followers count successfully added up to over a staggering 35 million followers who have seen the project.

As a result, the week of the launch witnesses SuperSloth’s tweets and site amassing a remarkable 320,000+ direct views. Thus, with the right crypto marketing strategies and services, brand recognition can see exponential growth.


Over 150+ Transparent Crypto Services by Cryptovirally

Navigating the vast realm of our 150+ crypto marketing packages often seems challenging. Therefore, to ease this process, we offer FREE consultations before any commitment. Once a decision is made, we prioritize client experience. Consequently, we appoint a dedicated Customer Success Account Manager after any order is placed. The CSAMs seamlessly guide and assist clients during our journey, ensuring optimal results and satisfaction.

Curious about the price tag attached to our services’ offering?

Remember, mixing and matching packages promise additional discounts. Bundled services have an extend outreach, and the strategy behind the delivery of the services always brings added value to any project.



By partnering with CryptoVirally, SuperSloth managed to swiftly achieve:

  • Social Media posts with 250K+ impressions in under 24 hours;
  • Re-Tweets of 100 Micro-Influencers, totaling over 35 million followers who have seen the project;
  • Project Awareness increase, with over 325K+ views in the first day if the campaign;
  • X (Twitter) followers organic increase from 3.3K to 10.6K followers;

SuperSloth 325K


Following the success of the first campaign, the  SuperSloth team has decided to extend the collaboration with CryptoVirally. They purchased additional marketing campaigns and chose to steadily continue their marketing efforts to amplify brand awareness without breaking the bank.

When the customers’ satisfaction is high, they will even go the extra-mile and publicly share their testimonial:

TrustPilot Feedback SuperSloth

For newcomers to our platform, we present a vast array of 150+ ready-to-buy crypto marketing solutions. Delving deep into these offerings, you can discern the perfect fit for your venture. Harnessing our expertise, we stand ready to navigate your journey towards success. In the dynamic realm of crypto, the right marketing service can make all the difference. So, without delay, explore our diverse offerings at CryptoVirally and elevate your brand’s presence. We’re here to help you amplify your project’s brand awareness.

Top Crypto Influencers to Work with in 2022

Cryptocurrencies have emerged from the shadows after nearly a decade of obscurity. The previous bull runs have persuaded investors that virtual currencies are not a thing of the distant future but of the present. Many businesses and merchants who have no prior investment experience accept cryptocurrency payments. For most people, the blockchain space is alien.

This is where crypto influencers come in – the online blockchain promoters for the general public. Influencers are a great way to keep up with crypto-related trends. Keeping pace with crypto influencers can help you know the audience you wish to grasp and amend your advertisements.

Who are Cryptocurrency Influencers?

Crypto influencers are celebrities with a sizable online following who talk about the cryptocurrency markets on social media like Twitter. Influencers discuss their predictions for the market, examine the most recent news, or evaluate cryptocurrency projects. Additionally, they might promote initiatives, share technical analysis, or grant access to trading groups that charge a fee.

The typical blockchain market influencer is an adept marketer and promoter. The term “influencer” is a compassable name in the crypto ecosystem to attract vast individuals from around the globe while recommending a specific brand. Nevertheless, there are still a sizable number of people you can follow to learn important information about the most decentralized financial markets in the world.

They have established connections with other virtual currency tastemakers, allowing you to take advantage of their extensive network and quickly find the ideal collaborators for your business. Moreover, these individuals have the abilities and knowledge necessary to market crypto products successfully. Marketing occurs through the appropriate channels, approaches, and language and their expertise in traditional marketing.

Furthermore, brands use influencers via Influencer marketing: a digital marketing strategy to increase awareness and sales. These influencers are compensated for endorsing a product to their audience, who then purchases the product from the brand.

Why Should You Follow Crypto Influencers?

Crypto endorsers will help you as they conduct thorough market analysis before transforming the results into a concise, bite-sized Twitter thread. People who need more time or money to spend many hours trying to comprehend the most recent Solana or Nomad hack may consult Twitter specialists.

In a nutshell, these individuals know your target market, how to position your products, and the best ways to communicate your message. Because they are familiar with the industry’s ins and outs, they can better plan and manage effective campaigns.

Cryptocurrency market influencers can include creators, investors, marketers, and developers. Each group aids in your journey of marketing a product in a particular area of the cryptosphere.

The drama is another factor. Even if you have no interest in picking up any knowledge from influencers, at least you can enjoy yourself. Crypto Twitter is the ideal place if you want to laugh and make money simultaneously.

Top Crypto Market Influencers to Watchout 2022

Here are the best virtual currency influencers to watch out for in 2022.


  1. Andreas Antonopoulos

A proponent of Bitcoin and a blockchain expert, Andreas Antonopoulos is well-known for his contribution to advancing public understanding of all things cryptocurrency. He is the author of Mastering Bitcoin, a manual for people who have never used decentralized technology.

Andreas frequently expresses his opinions on the direction digital assets are likely to take. He also publishes guides, articles, books, and other educational content perfect for beginners. His range can also be found on YouTube in addition to Twitter.


  1. Changpeng Zhao

Changpeng Zhao is another exchange founder worth paying attention to. He is the CEO of Binance, the cryptocurrency exchange with the enormous daily trading volume in the world. Zhao actively promotes cryptocurrency adoption through his social media networks, such as Twitter. He is renowned for regularly engaging with his community and listening to suggestions.


  1. Vitalik Buterin

Vitalik Buterin is the co-founder of Ethereum, the most crucial smart contract blockchain network in cryptocurrency. Buterin is a brilliant developer who has significantly contributed to Ethereum’s growth. Despite his eccentricities, he has a wealth of knowledge about decentralized technology. Buterin has given back to the Bitcoin community as a writer and developer. He is also a founding member of Bitcoin Magazine, which promotes crypto content.


  1. Jesse Powell

Jesse Powell is the CEO of Kraken, a cryptocurrency exchange that has been operating since 2012. He was an early crypto innovator who ventured in after Mt. Gox failed by incorporating crypto vendors into Kraken. The exchange was a trustworthy platform for investing, trading, and transferring cryptocurrency via fiat off-ramps.

Powell is a prominent crypto advocate who frequently opposes censorship and stringent regulations. Jesse Powell is the man to follow if you’re the type to fight regulatory oversight of cryptocurrency.


  1. Brian Armstrong

Brian Armstrong is the pioneer of Coinbase, a major cryptocurrency exchange based in the United States. Armstrong participated in the blockchain industry since 2013 when he founded Coinbase with $150,000 from an accelerator program. Early on, he recognized the importance of cross-border payments and even created a wallet that could store and transfer Bitcoin. Armstrong betrothed his audiences with virtual currency-related information, with more than 1 million followers on Twitter.



Influencers, as with most factors in crypto, are hit or miss. You’ll either meet an intelligent person with much to offer or a malevolent individual out for personal gain. Retain in that most individuals who do nothing but advertise and encourage projects fall into the opposite category. If you want to stay safe, follow someone who provides more than word salads and meaningless posts.

Follow Cryptovirally, a transparent and prominent crypto marketing agency, for more insight on how to choose the best social media presence for marketing your project.

Crypto Influencer Marketing – What is it and How it Works

The rise of influencer marketing has been rapid over the past couple of years, currently valued at around $13.8 billion. Due to the increasing importance of trust between brands and their potential customers, crypto influencer marketing has gained widespread acceptance in the blockchain industry.

Influencer marketing has become a powerful tool for marketers. Brands pay thousands of dollars to get their products featured on popular social media platforms such as Instagram, Snapchat, or Facebook. Even though large companies spend big bucks on these campaigns, smaller businesses also benefit from them. Still confused? Let us explain what influencer marketing is and why it can be profitable for you too.

What is Crypto Influencer Marketing?

A cryptocurrency influencer marketing campaign is a type of social media content marketing involving famous individuals endorsing a specific brand or product. Crypto project founders could do this through the individual’s advertising of a particular digital asset or cryptocurrency. This type of marketing is trendy, with around 9 out of 10 brands using it.

In most cases, the influencer will work with prominent individuals within the cryptocurrency industry to bring more awareness to a marketing campaign. Some popular sites for crypto influencers to generate traffic are Instagram, Medium, Twitter, and Youtube.

How to Start Marketing With Crypto Influencers

After reading about the various advantages of crypto influencer marketing, you’ll be eager to get started. In this section, we’ll talk about some of the most common tips you should follow to get started.

These tips help you find the best crypto influencers and develop effective campaigns. They’ll also cover various aspects, such as how to maintain relationships and track the effectiveness of your efforts.

Consider Your Goals

One of the most common challenges people face when launching their campaign is finding crypto influencers. While marketing agencies have already established lists of successful influencers, you might not be able to find them in a position to reach out to them directly.

A vital tip to remember is not to contact very prominent individuals in the industry. While endorsing a campaign from a top player is a great way to explore the popularity of your brand, it’s also unrealistic since these individuals will most likely charge a considerable amount for their services.

Instead of targeting the prominent individuals in the blockchain industry, focus on starting with smaller and medium accounts. That will allow you to find people who will not charge a massive amount for their services. In addition, you get a great deal depending on the following you are targeting.

The Platform Choice

Before you start looking for a crypto influencer, it’s crucial that you first ask yourself questions about what media platform would work best for your project. For instance, a video format would be ideal if you want to show off the benefits of your project.

A written format might be the best option if your project is time-consuming and involves a lot of paperwork. Before choosing a particular social media platform, ensure it fits your campaign’s goals and supports your project’s various features.

Locating Crypto Influencers

After choosing the platform, you’re now able to start searching for influencers who are talking about crypto. That is pretty simple, as you can easily find a variety of accounts discussing this subject using the #Crypto tag on Instagram or Twitter.

One of the most critical steps you should take when creating a list of accounts is to create a massive list of them in a spreadsheet. That will allow you to see their various details, such as their username and followers. Once you have a list of around 50 to 100 names, you can start reaching out to them.

One of the most effective ways to get in touch with a potential client is by making a proposition. You can do that by stating your price or by reaching out and asking for their advertising rates.

Wait until the responses come in, then calculate the amount of money you would be willing to spend on each follower. Write down the price you want to pay, and then use the figures in the spreadsheet to calculate the amount of money you would be willing to spend.

Before you start working with a potential client, you must have a general idea of what you should expect from them. That will allow you to build a list of the most effective influencers. You should also record their engagements and their ads’ results.

Consider an Ambassador Program

One of the most effective ways to launch a substantial digital marketing campaign is through an ambassador program. This program will allow you to establish a certain percentage of an investment or sale that you will make through an influencer. For instance, if an influencer gets a client to invest in your cryptocurrency, they will receive a small percentage of the investment.

Through an ambassador program, you can create a multi-level marketing campaign that will allow you to get in touch with various influencers who will then work on promoting your cryptocurrency. That is a great way to get in touch with new people and promote your brand without reaching out to them directly.

Create and Maintain a Good Rapport

Although you’ve already used an influencer for the very first time, you can still work with them again in the future. However, you should track the amount of traction the influencer has generated for you. For instance, by giving the influencer a personal hashtag or using a view monitoring tool, you can easily record how much engagement the influencer has generated for you.

Once you determine how much engagement they are generating for you, you’ll be able to identify which ones you want to work with once more. Then, you can reach out to the same person again and offer the same deal.

This method is a sustainable form of marketing that can be very useful for anyone looking to get in touch with a new crypto influencer. You can also expect a lot of engagement from this type of marketing.

Gauge Performance

It is essential to track the performance of an influencer to determine how effective they are and how much their outreach is.

On platforms such as YouTube and Instagram, there are detailed statistics about every post or videos an influencer has made, such as views, likes, or link clicks. You can use this information to determine how effective a particular post was.

On the other hand, if you only have one campaign going at a time, you can also compare the traffic you received from an influencer’s movement to the traffic you recorded on your sole-marketing activities over a similar period. That will give you a good idea of how much traffic you’re getting from the influencer.

Another tracking method is through affiliate links. These links are easily customizable for each influencer; hence, you can directly gauge the traffic they generate.

Consider a Crypto Marketing Agency

Finding a partner you can trust is one of the most challenging aspects of a successful crypto influencer marketing campaign. Not only does this require a massive amount of research, but it also requires you to rely on others regularly. Unlike in-house marketing efforts, which utilize social media channels, successful crypto influencer marketing involves finding a connection with individual people.

Getting used to the concept of crypto influencer marketing can be a bit overwhelming for people who are new to this industry. That is why it’s crucial to find a company that can help you navigate through this process’s various steps, such as Cryptovirally.

How to Get in Touch With a Crypto Influencer?

Over time, influencers as a mode of marketing have shown to yield more customer engagement as compared to traditional marketing approaches. Customer surveys have shown that they prefer to make product purchases based on opinions instead of advertisements, as most people find ads annoying. On the other hand, influencer advertising integrates the product naturally into their content, making it more efficient.

Although influencer marketing is a great way to promote a specific product or service, working with the right influencers is also essential to ensure that the strategy works in your favour. You need to know how to contact and work with these influencers effectively, and in this article, we shall look at how to choose the influencer shoe that fits perfectly.

Choosing the Right Crypto Influencers

Identify Your Campaign Goals

The first step in establishing an influencer marketing campaign is to set goals. That will help you determine how you want to promote your project and how you want to reach those goals. Similar to other marketing campaigns, the goals of an influencer campaign are identical to those of different forms of marketing. Notably, that will help streamline the processes for you and the influencers.

Another important factor that you should consider is to set a timeline. That will help ensure that the people you’re working with are on track to reach them.

Choose the Channel

The next step is identifying the channels you will use to promote your project. You can use various platforms to promote your projects, such as social media, blogs, and video sharing. The right channel choice will allow you to reach the right audience.

Identify Potential Influencers

After you have finalized the channels you will use for promoting your crypto project, you have to start looking for suitable influencers who will be able to promote it.

Before you start working with a potential influencer, you must have a good idea of their capabilities and goals. Having a list of these individuals will allow you to track their activities and give you a better idea of how they operate. However, it’s also essential to set your expectations right.

For instance, if you’re planning on working with a brand-owned influencer, you must have a list of their potential clients. That will allow you to focus on the right individuals for your project. Having a list of these individuals will help you keep track of their activities and give you a better idea of how they operate. In addition, having a good idea of the individuals’ capabilities and goals will allow you to make an informed decision when working with them.

Which Influencer Will You Choose?

Before starting an influencer marketing campaign, you must consider the various factors that will affect the success of your campaign. For instance, the number of followers you want to attract, the type of content you want to promote, and the platform you wish to use.

Follower Growth

If the influencer hasn’t grown, for example, every month, they might not be doing a good job and could be missing out on potential customers. On the other hand, if they have a substantial growth in their follower count, they might be able to attract more people.

Engagement Rate

The engagement rate measures the level of interaction between an influencer and their audience on Instagram. It can be calculated by the number of likes and comments an influencer has received and the follower count.

Follower Ratio

The follower/following ratio measures an influencer’s total followers. It can be calculated by comparing the number of followers they have with the number of profiles they follow. If the ratio is over one, an influencer might use a tactic known as follow/unfollow. This method can help boost their follower count, but it can lead to poor results.

Most people who follow influencers tend to leave them after a while due to their poor quality of content. That is why you must consider using social media etiquette to increase followers. However, this method won’t work if you’re not planning on using it to promote your candidates.

Prior Campaigns

One of the most important factors to consider when choosing an influencer is the past campaigns they have run. Suppose they don’t have any past campaigns. However, it could also be that the influencer is new in the game and might not have the necessary skills to carry out effective campaigns. Before hiring a candidate, thoroughly research the various crypto brands they have worked with previously.

Approaching the Shortlisted Influencers

The first step in gaining a deeper understanding of influencer profiles is to analyze them at a granular level. Once that’s done, the next step is to connect with them through social media platforms. You can do this by manually monitoring their activities and performance.

One of the most effective ways to find and connect with influencers is through a crypto influencer marketing tool. That can help you analyze and find the individuals most likely to benefit your business. Aside from providing you with all the necessary information about the individuals likely to benefit your business, hiring a seasoned marketing agency such as Cryptovirally can also be helpful.

These firms usually work with prominent individuals on various platforms. They can help you find and connect with influencers at a much lower cost than traditional influencer marketing tools. However, before you start working with crypto influencers, it’s essential to make sure that you identify the right one for your project.

How Much Does a Crypto Influencer Cost?

Before contacting a crypto influencer, you should have the following pricing tips in mind;

Negotiate for the Best Value

There are various ways to reduce the cost associated with working with an influencer. Some will offer economies of scale for bulk deals, while others will only work with you if you ask for a significant amount.

Some people are eager to get involved in an ICO to raise their industry profile or to break the news. They can also pay in an ICO token after completing the project. However, note that risks are involved, such as the multiple that may be applied to accept the token.

Working with an agency such as Cryptovirally can provide you with a variety of benefits, as they will often have a group of highly skilled influencers who are willing to help you build a strong following. That will allow you to achieve many of the same goals that you would not be able to accomplish by yourself.

Market Saturation

The rise of ICOs has caused the market to become saturated. Because of this, many influencers have increased their fees.

As the number of influencers continues to grow, the fees will eventually drop, but they still offer a good value for now. Because of this, marketers will start quantitating the value of each dollar spent on them, which will likely happen in the future.

Time of Payment 

In crypto and blockchain, influencers ask for a higher upfront payment, unlike other markets where agencies and brands require that the output be delivered first. This type of negotiation is more likely to go through risk management in a sellers’ market, where the decisions are handed to influencers.

Key Takeaways

Getting the right influencer strategy is very important for any ICO, but it’s also essential to be careful about allocating your budget. In this new market, where best practices are constantly being refined, it’s vital to ensure you’re getting the most out of your budget.

Getting through the influencer marketing process is not easy, especially in the case of digital marketing. Before you start, make sure that you thoroughly evaluate the content that you’re offering and that you estimate the expected output. After that, you can comfortably contact the influencer of choice, depending on your needs.

Best Crypto YouTubers and Influencers to Work With

Influencer marketing in crypto has gained popularity in the past few years. About 2.6 billion active Youtube users have their eyes stuck on channels of various influencers. Youtube appears as one of the social channels with the best crypto influencers. So, which crypto influencers and YouTubers can help in crypto marketing?

Ivan Liljeqvist (Ivan on Tech)

Having a follower base of over 492 thousand subscribers, Ivan Liljeqvist of  Ivan on Tech is one of the best crypto YouTubers to work with when marketing. He is a Swedish software developer who doubles on tech and crypto Youtube videos. His interest in crypto came as he saw BTC gain value from a mere $30 to $1k.

He talks about a wide range of crypto-focused topics, including Chart analysis, blockchain, and basic crypto trading. Ivan takes on the tough questions and holds great crypto discussions with Peter Schiff. Ivan also interviewed many other projects in the past, including the likes of Polygon, Secret Network, and Moonbeam.

His most popular show is “Good Morning Crypto,” which discusses weekly crypto developments and general implications to enthusiasts. Ivan can help convince his large fanbase to try out your project’s services due to his vast experience.

Mike Jenkins (Coin Bureau)

Mike Jenkins’ Channel, Coin Bureau, is one of, if not the best, crypto-focused Youtube channels today. It has nearly 2.1 million subscribers who get an in-depth insight into the crypto ecosystem. Mike runs other channels in different languages, including Espanyol and Japanese.

Mike likes discussing individual cryptocurrencies and projects, including top ones like Ethereum, Solana, Polkadot, Cardano, and many others. Listening to the channels will show you just how knowledgeable Mike is in the crypto landscape.

In the Channel, Mike posts 20-minute long films discussing tech, history, and positioning of a particular crypto asset. He even mentions the rivals of a specific project. Since Mike focuses on serious educational content for crypto, work with him to get your project reviewed and marketed.

Ben Armstrong (BitBoy Crypto)

The founder of  Bitboy Crypto, Ben Armstrong, is another Youtuber you can work with. Ben focuses mainly on crypto-related analysis. His main Channel has 1.4 million subscribers. He has several other channels, including one for Espanyol.

Ben has a personal website where he delivers daily news, project reviews, and even crypto trading tips for the average investor. The Channel gets 3 to 4 new videos daily. Armstrong does not just share his views. He invites many other experts in the crypto and financial space; hence you can get first-hand information if you are a rookie.

His popular shows include ‘Around the Blockchain’ and ‘Morning Crypto Live Show.’ In the latter, Armstrong addresses viewers’ questions over live discussions. In the Around the Blockchain show, four guests discuss the current situation of crypto. His massive fanbase and great education make him one of the most trusted crypto influencers today.

George (CryptosRUs)

George of CryptoRUs began his journey in crypto in 2013. His vast tech knowledge and experience within the crypto ecosystem make him a good information source. CryptosRUs has a large fanbase of 649 thousand.

George discusses the latest news about the crypto space and also analyses charts. He condenses most of his study into short 30 to 40-minute videos. George has Q & A sessions in most of his videos, gluing thousands of viewers.

The Channel’s founder created his NFT, ‘I Am George,’ with 1000 unique pieces available in the market. He has worked on a wide array of projects in marketing. Since he is a crypto stakeholder, the fanbase would trust his word on the projects he chooses to market.

Austin and Aaron Arnold (Altcoin Daily)

Having a large fanbase of about 1.23 million subscribers and about 122 million total views, Altcoin Daily is one of the best places to get crypto content. The Youtube channel was founded by two brothers, Austin and Aaron Arnold.

Aaron and Arnold offer extensive coverage analyzing the latest crypto news and talking to key opinion leaders within the crypto market. Their videos provide market analysis, education, and their perspectives of things. The two are Bitcoin investors constantly looking for more crypto-focused investments.

Due to the fun content in this Channel and the ability to answer the tough questions about crypto, the two brothers can serve well in marketing projects.

Influencers in Other Networking Sites

Aside from Youtube influencers, many others on social networking sites can help in crypto marketing. Tiktok, Twitter, and Instagram have thousands of reliable influencers with large fanbases. Among the crypto influencers you can contact include;

  • Twitter- Andreas Antonopoulos (@aantonop) has over 724 thousand followers on his page, where he shares insightful info on crypto.
  • Instagram- Robert Kiyosaki has over 2.4 million followers on his Instagram page, where he posts endless opportunities about the crypto space.
  • Tiktok- @cryptoprojects has over 1.4 million Tiktok followers and gives constant updates on the latest about the industry.

Once you choose which influencers to work with, be it Youtube, Instagram, Tiktok, or Twitter, research them and then make contact.

Final Word

This guide has been exploring the idea of influencer marketing within the crypto social media landscape. Many YouTubers discuss crypto, but the ones mentioned above offer some of the best insight and education. As such, they are the best influencers to work with.

To have success with Youtube influencer marketing, contact experts. Cryptovirally offers excellent services starting with researching, contacting, and getting ideas for influencer content.

Top Global NFT Influencers Driving the Market in 2022

The non-fungible tokens (NFTs) revolution exploded onto the mainstream scene in 2021 and went on to smash all records in terms of traded value.

In the past year, multi-million dollar sales of unique digital art pieces made headlines, introducing a new artistic movement with unlimited potential. Meanwhile, leading NFT marketplace OpenSea, surpassed $3B sales volume while top platforms like CryptoPunks and Axie Infinity handled NFT transactions worth millions.

Even big brands like Visa and Adidas are spending millions in the booming digital collectibles marketplace as the crypto/NFT craze gains momentum.

The main appeal of NFTs is their uniqueness and collectability that promises to open all kinds of possibilities in the digital world. Through NFTs, crypto enthusiasts, gamers, and artwork lovers can access a unique piece of the emerging metaverse in an unprecedented way.

At the forefront of this NFT revolution are influencers who play a significant role in leading the charge towards a new form of digital artwork, music, videos, and even tweets. The influencer-driven sector promises to introduce a new world of intellectual property.

The concept of art as blockchain-based assets has drawn many investors, gaming firms, and artwork houses eager to cash in on the red-hot NTFs sector. Per data from Adweek, millennials are the biggest supporters of this new technology, with around 27% of the demographic revealing they are actively investing in provably unique tokens.

This comprehensive guide pours into the most influential movers and shakers in the NFT world who are pushing the boundaries to onboard users into the exciting digital collectibles sector.

How Influencers are Spearheading the NFT Revolution

The advent of digital collectibles has persuaded celebrities, marketplace owners, musicians, and art curators to foray into NFTs to give their fans/followers a sense of personal ownership.

NFT influencers are vital in generating an uptick of interest in the sector by promoting new and overlooked projects. The impact of influencers on NFTs cannot be overstated; these market participants are the masterminds who enable investors to understand how to navigate the unpredictable industry that is getting bigger and bigger with each passing day.

These experts boost an NFT’s moonshot potential by releasing engaging influencer-generated content that offers others in the community accurate insights on upcoming projects.

Influencers who help a new NTF advertise and take flight can monetize their expertise and marketing prowess to generate a whole new form of revenue stream. Meanwhile, members of exclusive clubs built by influencers have the opportunity to own a rare collectible piece and enjoy perks such as interviews with top celebrities and business leaders.

A look at Top NFT Influencers

NFTs offer users alternative investment options, prompting crypto proponents and established brands to spend big money on the emerging asset class.

Influencer marketing on social media plays a significant role in driving engagement and creating brand awareness for legit NFT-based platforms with a long-term outlook.

Here is a look at some of the most profound crypto influencers that have had a massive impact in fostering NFT awareness and adoption.

Mark Cuban

The celebrity investor behind Shark Tank is a massive supporter of NFTs and has often promoted various collectibles to his over 8 million Twitter followers. Cuban is currently backing several NFT marketplaces, including SuperRare, Mintable, and NFT tracker Crytoslam.

The Dallas Mavericks owner also holds a massive personal collection of digital collectibles, including Bored Apes and Stoner Cats. The billionaire is creating a digital artwork gallery dubbed where NFT enthusiasts can view, buy and sell collectibles.


The Puerto Rico-based artist is a big NFTs fan and purchased a CryptoPunks digital collectible in January of 2021 for a then-record $150K. He then sold one of his pieces to payments giant Visa for just under 50 ETH in August last year.

The influencer is heavily involved in ushering in a new era of NFT-commerce. He has partnered with Delphi Digital to establish a fund dedicated to investing in NFT projects. Gmoney has also partnered with Bored Ape Yacht Club and Pixel Vault to create the Adidas Originals NFTs.


Pransky is an OG NFT supporter and collector who has made a staggering $3.64 million from his digital collectibles investments. In August 2021, blockchain analytics platform Nansen’s leaderboard ranked Pransky as the top NFTs earner. The renowned Ethereum NFT whale earns huge returns by reselling purchased digital collections.

The NFT collector runs a pseudonymous Twitter account with over 230K followers. The social media page displays a vast collection of NFTs, including several NBA Top Shots and pieces from leading crypto artists like Josie Bellinni.


Another true NFT OG and a massive proponent of CryptoPunks is punk4156. The influencer is highly active on Twitter and regularly uploads top-notch material surrounding NFTs to keep his over 124k followers in the know.

Punk4156 made headlines last year when he purchased his titular CryptoPunk for a whopping $1.25 million in ETH. The record-breaking purchase prompted American artist and NFT influencer Beeple, who sold a digital collection of his work for $69M last March, to immortalize Punk4156 in art.

The famous influencer and investor has since sold his signature collection for $10.26M, making it the largest CryptoPunk on-chain purchase to date.

Final Thoughts

The advancements in crypto and blockchain tech have led to multiple game-changing ideas that revolutionize the digital world, key among them being NFTs.

NFTs backed by blockchain technology have ruled the roost in online circles over the past year. Influencers with a large following on social platforms such as YouTube, Discord, and Twitter often leverage rare and unique digital collectibles to generate new revenue streams.

Crypto and NTF influencers also use their popularity on social media to educate and encourage their followers to invest in NFT collections. As digital collectibles continue to make waves in the crypto/blockchain industry, influencers could play a massive role in fostering NFT marketing and widespread adoption.

Matt Damon’s Viral Crypto Ad: Is the Controversial Advert False Pretense?

Marketing crypto projects is one of the most challenging tasks of every developer or project founder. However, in some cases, the choice of marketing may be completely counterproductive. One such marketing stunt was the Matt Damon advertisement.

The advert video released in late 2021 met severe social media backlash. After his video posting, social media users went in hard on Matt. Some mentioned that Matt is comparing himself to the bright minds of Science but is merely a con artist. Some investors considered the videos as a crypto scam.

The question that remains is, why did the video get so much hate? How can crypto projects choose the right influencers for marketing? This guide looks into why Matt Damon’s video is indeed an embarrassing cash grab.

Matt Damon’s Viral Crypto Ad

Matt Damon’s video got a lot of criticism on social media networks. The minute-long crypto ad was about investing using However, the video goes through some of the big moments in crypto history, showing how bravery led to big achievements.

It shows one of the Wright brothers in a plane. Later, you can see some astronauts taking brave acts of going to space. The video goes on to show some computer-generated images of outer space.

At the same time, Matt Damon encourages people to be brave and go into crypto. is a famous crypto exchange that sponsored the promotional video. The whole idea is investing in The video ends with Matt Damon saying, Fortune favors the brave.

Generally, Damon refers to investing in crypto as one of the most authentic acts of bravery. People termed this promotional campaign as a scam and an embarrassing cash grab. So, why did people criticize the video? Here are the reasons:

Celebrities Involvement in Online Promotions

Of course, using celebrities in promotions is among the most popular marketing methods. The use of celebrities can attract the masses to the project.

In the crypto space, there are lots of celebrities involved in marketing. The celebrities involved in marketing crypto include Kim Kardashian, Tom Brady, and Busta Rhymes. So, it’s common for stars to take part in crypto marketing.

But, the primary intent of celebrities in those promotions is to make an income. Celebs are less concerned about whether crypto adds value and more concerned with getting a paycheck. That is the case with Matt Damon’s advertisement. He did it for money and not because of his love for crypto.

Tricking Customers using FOMO

Another reason why this entire video and promotion seems like just a cash grab is its message. Matt Damon is tricking investors into thinking that not investing in crypto will cost them. He is playing with investors FOMO to trick them into investing in crypto.

Influencer and Viral Crypto Marketing

Influencers have large fan bases thus can convince large crowds and increase web visits. Of course, Matt Damon because of the social media influence.

In the case of Matt Damon, the project chose an influencer who does not have any real crypto investments. Matt Damon was involved in this project but is not involved in crypto. Thus, he cannot convince people to invest if he is not interested in the project or crypto himself.

Viral marketing involves spreading information about crypto by sending it viral. It could also involve the creation of Ads and using campaigns to send them completely viral. In the case of Matt Damon, it’s a combination of influencer(Matt Damon) and viral marketing.

When using either influencer or viral marketing, crypto projects should consider the following;

Choose The Right Influencer

The choice of crypto influencers is a vital aspect of marketing. Crypto projects should look for an influencer who is genuinely interested in crypto. Identify the specific social media celebrities who are vocal on crypto.

A crypto promotional video will make more sense if the participants are real crypto users. The moment they involve themselves in the project, investors can trust them more.

Crypto Promotional Videos Should be Educational

Another aspect lacking in the Matt Damon promotional video is educational content. While the video was unique, it does not state what crypto is and its benefits. Crypto is a relatively new concept. Hence education should be an essential part of marketing.

When creating a crypto promotional video, it’s important to consider the new investors. Make sure that your video educates them on crypto. The more people understand what crypto is, the better the adoption.

Final Word

This guide has been exploring the idea of crypto marketing, especially focusing on Matt Damon’s crypto viral Ad. The video received a lot of social media criticism and is indeed a cash grab.

Of course, using influencers in marketing remains a highly effective promotion technique. But, how can you make sure that your promotions are not a cash grab? By using marketing professionals.

Cryptovirally is a network designed to help in all your crypto promotional works. It combines SEO, social media, viral marketing, community management, and other highly effective marketing styles. On top of that, Crypto Virally offers highly affordable services.