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Coretta Scott King, the dear wife to the late Martin Luther King, once quoted that the members’ compassionate actions determine the greatness of a community. This concept reiterates that a crypto project is as good as the positive state of its community members.

Major brands like Netflix and Taco Bell have been known to hold interactive engagement with their communities to get user-generated content that can help improve their brands. Similarly, crypto projects hold periodic AMAs (Ask Me Anything) sessions with community members purposely for the same intent.

However, there should be a definitive strategy for an effective engagement that accounts for growth, management, and inch-perfect community maintenance. Most projects prefer to hire a crypto community-building agency for stress-free and slick results. But if you are more comfortable with a hands-on approach, no need to worry; we got you covered. Below are simplified and proven techniques that can guarantee a thriving, sustainable crypto project.

Create a Brand Story

Effective communication in creating good relationships always revolves around good storytelling. In more ways than one, storytelling serves as a human touch for projects that capture potential investors’ attention. It also widens your audience reach.

A major brand like Tesla has a good brand story having its CEO, Elon Musk, is a master of storytelling. His Tesla Powerwall presentation is an excellent example that tells a story about the company’s goals and vision.

The same tactic can be applied to growing a crypto community. A story that highlights your project objectives clearly could benefit your startup in the long run. From the story, individuals will know how your project will be of value to them as well as any society. Take Bitcoin, for example; its story stems from the evolution of freeing society from the shackles of centralized banking systems.

Leveraging Social Media

Due to the astronomical advances in the online industry, a plethora of social networks have been launched, each with diverse features presenting decisive results in marketing. A Gordian knot arises when selecting the right platform to grow and manage your community.

Rather than focusing on which platform has the most users, crypto marketing aficionados recommend assigning each platform a designated objective. For instance, Twitter is popular for announcing and giving updates on the project’s latest developments. Discord serves as an interactive platform among the users, while Telegram offers real-time customer support. Reddit necessitates a suitable arena for AMAs and Facebook is the ideal conversion funnel tool.

Nevertheless, one should not limit themselves to the above approach as a particular project could effectively be managed in an obscure modus operandi. It all comes down to where you can find your most active users. Also, you need to choose a platform that you are more conversant with and can use with ease. Moreover, considering the best interest of your clients, you ought to identify a platform that offers interactive features appealing to your user base. Last but not least, go for a social network that is not susceptible to hacks as recently evinced with Apecoin servers on Discord.

Community Engagement and Management

It is important to always keep your community active. There are various strategies you can employ to have consistent community engagement. You should note that these strategies produce different results depending on your chosen social media channels.

Crypto community engagement techniques such as airdrops, meme and social media contests, AMAs, Giveaways, trading races, and bounty programs are instrumental in broadening your target market whilst maintaining your initial investors. Not to mention, a proper engagement among the members increases the traction of your project, thus boosting the morale of the community.

Consequently, a well-crafted engagement strategy eases the hassles of managing a crypto community. A community administrator is tasked with staffing, organizing, planning, controlling and leading the user base. Staffing, controlling, and leading a crypto community is relatively straightforward, but organizing events and setting up the right dates for them requires stealth and precision. A decent crypto management agency experienced in concise planning is recommended here.


Despite the vast array of cryptocurrency projects, they all seem to have one common factor, the blockchain. Thus, instead of just targeting users in your niche, it could be worth your while if you expand your outreach. Who knows? You can come across a project with features complementary to yours, and the possibility of an alliance could be just what you need to take your project to the next level.

If this sounds good to you, then a crypto influencer is who you need to expand your network. As the name suggests, crypto influencers are enthusiasts highly knowledgeable in the world of digital currencies and have a significant impact on the space. That being said, an influencer can extend your outreach and even subsequently ignite hype for your project. You can check our influencers services here.


Building a robust crypto community is essential in creating a critically acclaimed brand that stands out more than its counterparts. The trick lies in forging a harmonious relationship between the project’s team and its users by incorporating the aforementioned techniques. Easy right? Well, No need to panic if you hit a snag. There are actually crypto community-building agencies primarily focused on enriching a project’s community.

Since it’s never a good idea to turn a blind eye when it comes to matters about cryptocurrencies, it’s essential to carry out due diligence when selecting the best experts and agencies to manage your crypto community. To rid you of the intensive research, CryptoVirally is by far one of the best crypto marketing agencies with the most experience and has received profound plaudits from their clients.

Not to sound doubtful of your DIY skills or anything, but crypto pundits do, in fact, recommend hiring professionals for such critical matters as this. That’s because the fate of a successful crypto project rests on the shoulders of its public image – a slight tan (negative feedback/review), and the project’s credibility is ruined.

ThereCryptocurrencies are the newest rage, and for a good reason. They provide a unique perspective on money and how it operates. You’ll need a group of individuals who believe in it and can use it to take advantage of this new system. You must build and keep a network to attract investors. A community helps you reach out to your audience and bring new people into the fold. Next, you’ll see how to best build and grow a crypto community.

Ways Cryptocurrency Impacts Value

Demand and supply determine the value of a cryptocurrency. Many things influence a currency’s popularity, including low costs and fast settlement times. The community is crucial to the success of any cryptocurrency project. In other words, it is the major source of demand and its primary social media protector when under attack.

The supply is dependent on how many people want to sell their coins and the number of coins mined. A crypto project gets managed by a decentralized community of stakeholders and other interested developers. Therefore, the stakeholders remain focused on the implementation and the project’s roadmap to achieve financial gain.

The value of crypto communities cannot be overstated. Some claim that the importance of a cryptocurrency community is comparable to the technology itself. Although these goals may appear similar, creating a vibrant, long-lasting, and devoted community of followers is not the same as developing a blockchain for dapps.

There’s no code to learn or any complicated mathematical formulae to follow. It’s more fluid and dynamic. It necessitates continuous modifications and adjustments to accommodate the ever-changing views of its community members.

Top Crypto Community-Building Strategies

1. Create a Project’s Narrative

Make a compelling narrative for your project that will ultimately describe why it exists. This tale should pique the interest of both new and old community members. It also instills in them that the project has tremendous worth and use beyond simply their own lives. There should be an endeavor to instill the team’s principles, ideas, and opinions in its members from the start.

There will always be differences of opinion, no matter how effective you are. However, if the community understands the game, there may be fewer complaints in that direction. Many naysayers become true believers after a compelling narrative.

2. Make Use of Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing has become a necessary component of any digital marketing effort. As a result, any cryptocurrency project looking to expand its user base should have a solid presence on social media. The aim is to raise awareness about their initiative, another excellent place to tell the brand’s story.

There are billions of people on the internet using social media, and they continue to expand as the world becomes more digitized and connected. Twitter, Facebook, Telegram, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Medium are the most popular communication platforms crypto enterprises utilize.

3. Incentivize Your Community

Giving incentives is one of the most effective strategies for developing a vibrant community. There are several methods to do this, including referral programs, AMA events, social media competitions, trading competitions, meme contests, rewarded social media activities, airdrops, and more.

The creator of the Tron Network, Justin Sun, is one of the most active Twitter users. With over 2 million followers, he has established one of the world’s largest crypto-related social media accounts. His popularity or infamy in making highly inflammatory remarks appears to pique the interest of the crypto Twitter community.

4. Use the NFT Community Strategy

In the creative sector, NFTs provide a clear route to making money. Creating a focused community management plan takes patience, time, and careful preparation. It would help if you had a clear picture in mind when determining your objectives. Perhaps you want to expand the user base or develop more developers for the protocol. The ideal strategy is to sit down with an inside team and figure out your goals.

5. Get Professional Help

It’s sometimes better to leave community-building activities to the pros. Above all, they have all the knowledge, connections, and know-how needed to create a community quickly and effectively. Professionals offer a wide range of services, including copywriting, community building, and management.

Others specialize in social media marketing and search engine optimization. They aid in the project’s awareness through the network effect and its value growth. Professional community builders may be a more cost-effective and faster approach to creating community. This is because they have the necessary infrastructure and procedures to introduce new members.

CryptoVirally is a platform that has a professional team to outsource from. For instance, they have a couple of specialists covering all prominent and well-liked social media sites. Discord Community, Twitter Community, Telegram Community, and other platforms are just a few of the communities they manage. CryptoVirally promises to increase your blockchain community by providing services like none other.

6. Manage Your Community

Proper management of a community ensures the project’s ongoing expansion. In general, larger communities have volunteers who keep things running smoothly. The presence of official representatives encourages users to participate in the crypto project. Above all, well-managed communities ensure the community stays in alignment with the project’s goals.

For example, Binance employs community managers to manage their telegram groups. The presence of official representatives or even project developers in social media gives a massive boost to any cryptocurrency initiative.

7. Collaborate with other Projects

The cryptocurrency and blockchain industries have grown crowded. Therefore, working with other projects allows you to provide value to your consumers. Finally, it will enable you to find new possibilities and connect with a larger network community. There are numerous methods to improve community features. You can have a hackathon, create polls, or connect with third-party applications.

Closing Thoughts

There are several alternative ways to develop a crypto community. However, the strategies listed above are the most successful and efficient. The project team may always turn to conventional cryptocurrency-related media to promote their projects. They may also enlist the help of crypto influencers to boost their social media following.

There’s also a new method of crypto community-building known as social mining. It’s described as a more sophisticated technique of growing a group of true believers. Currently, many businesses succeed from social engineering. Cryptocurrency is no different.

Social media platforms have widely contributed to the financial world’s growth by accelerating global business growth. The crypto world is one of the top beneficiaries of the social media advertising option. Every new ICO project introduces its social media page to attract attention and increase adoption.

Some groups may end up having hundreds, thousands, or even millions of followers. Due to many possibilities and the possibility of having several pages and communities, it’s crucial to leverage acceptable community management practices. Keep reading to find out the best tips for managing any crypto social media page or community.

Invite People to Join the Community

The first step towards any successful social media community management is inviting people to join the community. The more people you have following your page or participating in your group, the faster your crypto project gets adopted. But how can you, as the social media manager, invite people to your page?

Primarily, it would be best if you had an advertising campaign. First, take advantage of the most famous and trusted crypto publications, which major in publishing the latest news and events in the crypto industry.

Crypto adventure is one of the best crypto websites for advertising. It provides the latest updates, guides, reviews, etc., to help both investors and developers take advantage of crypto solutions.

On your website, you can state your social media pages on different platforms from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Medium, Telegram, etc. Twitter and telegram are the most common social media applications used by crypto companies. Having an account of the two will help in your marketing needs.

In the blogs and reviews written about your project, try to reach out to people and encourage them to join your community.

Constantly Update your Pages

After having the numbers in your community, you need to ensure good communication on the platform. Make the community active by giving them updates on your latest products.

For instance, before you list your ICO project, make the community ready. When you list your tokens to DEX like UniSwap, make sure you update the community. Sometimes, informing them before introducing a particular update will make the members feel like they are part of the project. In case of a new feature or a new product, inform the community immediately.

A dull social media group will make members leave, and your project will not get the required attention.

Ensure there is Good Communication

Any crypto, social media manager needs to ensure good communication between the team and members. Ensure the environment allows everyone in the community to share their views freely.

One way of doing that is publicly encouraging the team members to open about any changes they deem necessary. Whenever they ask questions about ICOs or post anything, the community manager should positively respond to their problems.

Encouraging team members to inform you of their needs and any other developments will create a good environment. Basically, top members should associate well with junior community members in a trustworthy and cohesive manner.

Telegram and Twitter, for instance, are useful communication tools since they allow sending and receiving messages quickly. Dialogues between community members are vital for the social media community’s growth.

Work on the Feedback

Above all, due to constant communication, you will receive feedback from the community about upgrades and better the system. You will learn of any flaws surrounding the platform, the UI, the software, and everything around it.

After getting the feedback, the development team needs to implement viable suggestions. If the community needs an upgrade, improve your system, and upgrade it. If the community is interested in a new product or service, provide them.

Accepting constructive criticism, analyzing it, and working on it will help your project’s growth. Listening and implementing makes the community trust the platform and feel like a  part of your project.

Reward the Community Members

Regular rewarding of your community members with a few giveaways will help create the right crypto environment. Some platforms decide to use bug bounty programs. A bug bounty is a program instituted where the community participates in identifying bugs in the platforms and receiving rewards in coins.

Airdrops are good rewarding programs where a platform sends a small number of coins to members’ wallets to do advertising campaigns and create awareness. Community members who use the platform will enjoy the benefits and continuously trust the platform.

Offering affiliate compensations for persons who bring new and reliable members to the platform is another rewarding community member.

Above all, rewarding people for advertising and enticing people to join the platform will make more people join the platform and, as a result, build a strong community.

Final Word

In conclusion, managing a crypto social media group and a crypto community is tussling, especially for persons lacking people skills. However, social media groups are vital since they are the best marketing tools of the 21st century, and as such, all crypto businesses use them to increase awareness and make sales.

To effectively manage a crypto social media community, you have to create a community of trust. Moreover, the manager should regularly update the page with the latest information. Create a community where communication flaws easily, and everyone has the freedom to share what they feel.

Since feedback is a vital part of communication, the operations team should regularly respond to the input and do what the community needs.

Crypto Virally is a platform designed to assist businesses to level up their marketing. It provides services like content marketing, brand development, community management. Using Crypto Virally, you can manage all your crypto social media pages and crypto groups in one single platform for better results.

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